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Yu-Gi-Oh! - Episode 183

Yu-Gi-Oh! - Episode 183



Japanese translation

(Battle of the Gods)


Rise of the Great Beast - Part 1

Episode number


Japanese air date

10 December 2003

Japanese opening


English opening

Season one theme

Japanese ending

These Overflowing Feelings Don't Stop

English ending

Season one theme

Episode listing Yu-Gi-Oh! episode listing - season 4
Previous A Duel with Dartz - Part 6
Next Rise of the Great Beast - Part 2


Featured Battle #1: Yugi + Seto + Joey vs. Dartz & The Great Leviathan - Part 2

Battle continues from previous episode.

"Dark Magician Girl" transcends from the monster world into the human world, offering her support to Yugi, Seto, and Joey, along with all other Duel Monsters.

They all attack The Great Leviathan, with no success.

A Glimmer of Light into a Sea of Shadows

The Great Leviathan seizes the bodies of Yugi, Seto, and Joey and absorbs them into its body.

Battle of the Gods

The three Egyptian Gods rise high in the sky to battle The Great Leviathan. Yami's spirit detaches itself from Yugi and follows them to lead the battle.

The body of The Great Leviathan falls down into the ocean. All the souls trapped by the Orichalcos are set free.

Featured Battle #2: Yugi + Yami vs. Dartz & The Great Leviathan's Spirit - Part 1

The Darkness of the Human Soul

Atlantis starts falling apart and sinking back into the ocean. Yugi, Seto, and Joey rush back to the inter-dimensional portal, but Yugi and Yami's spirit stay behind to face... Dartz and the spirit of The Great Leviathan, who has not yet been defeated!

Battle concludes next episode.

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Facts about Yu-Gi-Oh! - Episode 183RDF feed
English episode name Rise of the Great Beast - Part 1  +
Episode number 183  +
Episode season number 4  +
Episode series Yu-Gi-Oh!  +
Japanese air date 10 December 2003  +
Japanese episode name 神神の戦い  +
Screenshot Yugioh183.jpg
Translated Japanese episode name (Battle of the Gods)  +

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