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Yu-Gi-Oh! - Episode 107

Yu-Gi-Oh! - Episode 107



Japanese translation

(Saint Jannu's Trinity Attack)


Mechanical Mayhem - Part 2

Episode number


Japanese air date

21 May 2002

English air date

6 December 2003

Episode listing Yu-Gi-Oh! episode listing - season 3
Previous Mechanical Mayhem - Part 1
Next Settling the Score - Part 1

Featured Duel: Duke Devlin + Tristan Taylor + Serenity Wheeler vs. Nesbitt - Part 2

Duel continues from previous episode.

Serenity's turn
Blaming herself for Tristan's loss, Serenity becomes unable to duel. Duke decides to pass her turn.

Duke's turn
Duke activates "Dimensionhole" to remove "Dark Assailant" from play for 1 turn ("Machine King": 3400 → 3300 ATK / 2000 DEF). Duke activates "Dimension Dice" and "Dice Dungeon". Using "Dimension Dice's" effect, Duke tributes "Yaranzo" and "The 13th Grave" to Special Summon "Orgoth the Relentless" in Attack Position (2500 ATK / 2450 DEF). With 2 less Machine-Type monsters on the field, "Machine King's" ATK drops. ("Machine King": 3300 → 3100 ATK). "Orgoth the Relentless" attacks "Machine King", thus activating "Dice Dungeon's" effect. Duke rolls a die and gets a 6, doubling "Orgoth the Relentless'" ATK ("Orgoth the Relentless": 2500 → 5000 ATK), while Nesbitt rolls a 1, reducing "Machine King's" ATK by 1000 ("Machine King": 3100 → 2100 ATK). "Orgoth the Relentless" destroys "Machine King" (Nesbitt: 4000 → 1100 Life Points).

Nesbitt's turn
Nesbitt moves his Deck Master, "Robotic Knight", to the field (1600 ATK / 1800 DEF). Nesbitt activates "Recycling Plant", sending "Machine King" and "Robotic Knight" to his Graveyard to Fusion Summon "Perfect Machine King" in Attack Position (2700 ATK / 1500 DEF), making it his new Deck Master. "Perfect Machine King" gains 500 ATK for every Machine-Type monster on the field (four), and another 500 ATK from "Clockwork Night" ("Perfect Machine King": (2700 → 4700 → 5200 ATK). "Perfect Machine King" attacks "Orgoth the Relentless", thus activating "Dice Dugeon's" effect. Nesbitt rolls a 5, cutting Perfect Machine King's ATK in half ("Perfect Machine King": 5200 → 3850 ATK). Duke rolls a 1, decreasing his Orgoth the Relentless' ATK by 1000 ("Orgoth the Relentless": 2500 → 1500 ATK). "Perfect Machine King" destroys "Orgoth the Relentless", which destroys "Dice Dungeon" card (Duke: 2500 → 150 Life Points).

Serenity's turn
Serenity has given up hope, until Joey, Yugi, and Téa appear on the upper deck of the dueling platform and offer her their support. She then gets the courage to continue the Duel. Serenity thinks back over what Tristan taught her about the basic rules of the game on their way to the Battle City tournament, and uses that knowledge to tribute "Lady Panther" to Tribute Summon "Marie the Fallen One" in Attack Position (1700 ATK / 1200 DEF). She then decides to Fusion Summon, but finds that she does not have "Polymerization" in her hand. Her Deck Master, "Goddess with the Third Eye", tells her she can help her Fusion Summon a Fusion Monster for the discard cost of 1 Magic Card. Serenity discards Magic Reflector to activate her Deck Master's ability; fusing "The Forgiving Maiden" and "Marie the Fallen One" to form "St. Joan" in Attack Position (2800 ATK / 2000 DEF). Even though Tristan is no longer actively participating in the duel, his monsters still are: "Command Angel's" effect increases "St. Joan's" ATK by 400 points ("St. Joan": 2800 → 3200 ATK). Duke discards 2 cards to activate his "Strike Ninja's" ability, activating Tristan's face-down card: "Rare Metal Soul", which increases "St. Joan's" ATK by 1000 ("St. Joan": 3200 → 4200 ATK), equal to that of "Perfect Machine King". "St. Joan" attacks "Perfect Machine King", destroying both monsters.

Since "Perfect Machine King" was Nesbitt's Deck Master, he loses the duel.


Serenity and Duke win the duel. However despite losing, Nesbitt still claims Tristan's body.

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English air date 6 December 2003  +
English episode name Mechanical Mayhem - Part 2  +
Episode number 107  +
Episode season number 3  +
Episode series Yu-Gi-Oh!  +
Japanese air date 21 May 2002  +
Japanese episode name 聖女ジャンヌ三位一体の攻撃  +
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Translated Japanese episode name (Saint Jannu's Trinity Attack)  +

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