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Yu-Gi-Oh! - Episode 078

Yu-Gi-Oh! - Episode 078



Japanese translation

(Attack Me! The Fated Last Turn)


Friends 'Til the End - Part 4

Episode number


Japanese air date

23 October 2001

English air date

19 July 2003

Episode listing Yu-Gi-Oh! episode listing - season 2
Previous Friends 'Til the End - Part 3
Next Shadow of a Duel


Major Events

  • Joey is under Marik's control. (Téa was also under Marik's control but she was released once the rules were explained and she unknowingly trapped herself.)
  • Both players are chained to an anchor above the Dueling site. When a player's Life Points reach 0, his opponent's key will be unlocked, allowing him to remove the chains. The loser is dragged into the sea forever.
  • If anyone attempts to stop the Duel, the crate above Téa will be released (it would most likely kill her, however, this is omitted in the dubbed english version, but the fact that this would happen was obvious).
  • Joey uses cards given by Marik.
  • Yugi takes over during the Duel.

Featured Duel: Joey Wheeler vs. Yugi Muto - Part 3

Duel continued from previous episode.

Joey's turn
Joey activates Magic Card "Meteor of Destruction". He pays 500 Life Points (Joey: 1100 → 600 Life Points) to inflict 1000 points of damage to Yugi's Life Points then breaks free of Marik's control. Yugi activates Trap Card "Mystical Refpanel". Yugi, not wanting to see Joey die, decides to target the effect of "Meteor of Destruction" at himself (Yugi: 1000 → 0 Life Points). Joey's key box opens. When Joey realizes "Meteor of Destruction's effect can force 1 of the opponent's monsters to attack (not real life effect), he orders Red-Eyes B. Dragon to attack him (Joey: 600 → 0 Life Points); Yugi's key box also opens.


With the help of Serenity and Kaiba, Yugi, Joey, and Téa are all saved.

Changes to the English Version

  • The fairy in "Mystical Refpanel" has been given a dress in the US version.
  • In the dub Kaiba knew the card he threw at the rare hunter is the Blue Eyes White Dragon, in the JPN version he didn't.
  • Also cut from the dub, Kaiba throwing the "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" card at the rare hunter's hand.
  • The card stuck on the rare hunter's hand as he tries to grab the remote is erased from the dub.
  • Cut from the US version Kaiba retrieves his card from the Rare Hunter's hand, sees that it's the Blue-Eyes White Dragon, and thinks to himself, "I'm such a good drawer".
  • Cut from the US version is a short sequence of Joey losing the last of his air, and wondering if he's going to die.
  • Mai slapping Joey is cut from the dub. However in the next scene Joey has his hand to his face from where Mai slapped him.
Facts about Yu-Gi-Oh! - Episode 078RDF feed
English air date 19 July 2003  +
English episode name Friends 'Til the End - Part 4  +
Episode number 78  +
Episode season number 2  +
Episode series Yu-Gi-Oh!  +
Japanese air date 23 October 2001  +
Japanese episode name ボクを撃て!運命のラストターン  +
Screenshot Yugioh078.jpg
Translated Japanese episode name (Attack Me! The Fated Last Turn)  +

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