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Yu-Gi-Oh! - Episode 042

Yu-Gi-Oh! - Episode 042



Japanese translation

(The All-Powerful Shadow Ghoul)


The Ties of Friendship

Episode number


Japanese air date

13 February 2001

English air date

12 October 2002

Japanese opening


English opening

Season one theme

Japanese ending

Energizing Shower

Episode listing Yu-Gi-Oh! episode listing - season 1
Previous The Wrath of Rebecca
Next Legendary Heroes - Part 1

The Ties of Friendship is the 42nd episode of the second series of Yu-Gi-Oh!. It is a continuation of the previous episode, The Wrath of Rebecca. It aired in the United States on Kids WB! on October 12, 2002.



The Duel between Rebecca and Yugi continues and Rebecca repeatedly accuses Solomon of stealing her grandfather's Blue-Eyes White Dragon, getting on everyone's nerves.

Solomon tells the story of how he met Arthur Hawkins. It was at an archaeological dig in Egypt years ago. Arthur was reading some Egyptian hieroglyphics and notice they resemble Duel Monsters, making him believe that ancient Egyptians used these monsters in battle for power and control. Unfortunately, no one believed him, but he never gave up on his research. One day, Solomon and Arthur were in a tomb when the roof caved in, trapping the two men. There was only enough water for one person, so they decide to Duel for it. In the end, Solomon surrenders, even though he could have won, because he knew Arthur would need the water more than him. He notices the duel between Rebecca and Yugi is going in the exact same way as the duel he had.

In the end, Yugi does surrender. Solomon shows the Blue-Eyes White Dragon, which has been taped together. Rebecca rages out of control, but Arthur arrives. He shows Rebecca the top card of Yugi's Deck, which was Soul Release. It would have allowed Yugi to remove up to five cards from either player's Graveyard. This would have dropped her Shadow Ghoul's ATK to 2300, allowing Yugi's Dark Magician to destroy it to win the Duel. Arthur explains that Yugi deliberately forfeited to teach Rebecca about the Heart of the Cards and that there is more to life that winning. Rebecca apologizes and to prove their friendship, Yugi gives her the The Ties of Friendship card he got from Pegasus the previous episode.

Featured Duel: Rebecca Hawkins vs. Yugi Muto - Part 2

Duel continued from previous episode.

Yugi's turn
Yugi Normal Summons "Catapult Turtle" in Attack Position (1000 ATK / 2000 DEF). Then, he activates Magic Card "Brain Control" to take control of "Millennium Shield" until the end of this turn. He then tributes "Millennium Shield" to activate "Catapult Turtle's" effect. Rebecca receives 0 damage because "Millennium Shield" has 0 ATK. "Ring of Magnetism" is destroyed when "Millennium Shield" was tributed. "Summoned Skull" attacks then destroys "Cannon Soldier" (Rebecca: 1300 → 200 Life Points).

Rebecca's turn
Rebecca activates Magic Card "Judgment Blaster". She discards 5 cards from her hand to destroy every monster on Yugi's side of the field. She then Normal Summons "Shadow Ghoul" in Attack Position (1600 ATK / 1300 DEF). "Shadow Ghoul" gains 100 ATK for every card in Rebecca's Graveyard. Since she has 11, "Shadow Ghoul" gains to 1100 ATK ("Shadow Ghoul": 1600 → 2700 ATK).

Yugi's turn
Yugi Sets a monster.

Rebecca's turn
Rebecca activates Magic Card "Stop Defense" to switch Yugi's Set monster, "Dark Magician" (2500 ATK / 2100 DEF), into face-up Attack Position. "Shadow Ghoul" attacks then destroys "Dark Magician" (Yugi's: 1000 → 800 Life Points).

Yugi's turn
Yugi activates Magic Card "Swords of Revealing Light" to prevent every monster Rebecca controls from attacking during her next 3 turns.

Rebecca's turn
Rebecca draws then passes.

Yugi's turn
Yugi activates Magic Card "Monster Reborn" to Special Summon "Dark Magician" in Attack Position.

Rebecca's turn
Rebecca Normal Summons another "Cannon Soldier" in Defense Position (1400 ATK / 1300 DEF).

Yugi's turn
"Dark Magician" attacks then destroys "Cannon Soldier" ("Shadow Ghoul)": 2700 → 2800 ATK).

Rebecca's turn
Rebecca draws then passes. At the end of this turn, "Swords of Revealing Light" is destroyed.

Yugi's turn
Yugi draws then surrenders.

Arthur reveals that Yugi's last drawn card to be Magic Card "Soul Release". Yugi could have activated it to remove 5 monsters from Rebecca's Graveyard to decrease "Shadow Ghoul's" ATK to 2300. Then, "Dark Magician" would have attacked then destroyed "Shadow Ghoul" to decrease Rebecca's Life Points to 0, but he let her win.

Featured Cards

Yugi Muto
Rebecca Hawkins

Changes to the English Version

  • In the Japanese version is a brief moment where Yugi wonders if Bakura was the one who attacked Pegasus. But the Millennium Ring was lost.... The Ring is removed from the US version, and Yugi's musings replaced by Joey's voice over.
  • The Japanese writing on top of the hospital is removed in the US version. It says, "Domino Hospital."
  • Yami Bakura licking the Millennium Eye is cut out from the dub.
  • The words "TO BE CONTINUED" are added at the end of the dub episode.
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English air date 12 October 2002  +
English episode name The Ties of Friendship  +
Episode number 42  +
Episode season number 1  +
Episode series Yu-Gi-Oh!  +
Japanese air date 13 February 2001  +
Japanese episode name 必殺のシャドーグール  +
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Translated Japanese episode name (The All-Powerful Shadow Ghoul)  +

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