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Yu-Gi-Oh! - Episode 037

Yu-Gi-Oh! - Episode 037


反撃開始! マインドシャッフル

Japanese translation

(Counterattack! Mind Shuffle)


Yugi vs. Pegasus: Match of the Millennium - Part 3

Episode number


Japanese air date

9 January 2001

English air date

28 September 2002

Japanese opening


English opening

Season one theme

Japanese ending

Energizing Shower

Episode listing Yu-Gi-Oh! episode listing - season 1
Previous Yugi vs. Pegasus: Match of the Millennium - Part 2
Next Yugi vs. Pegasus: Match of the Millennium - Part 4

Episode Summary

Yugi tries to counter Pegasus' Millennium Eye by Summoning Dark Magician and using Magical Hats. However, Pegasus can still read his mind and figure out which hat he is hiding under. Tea reminds that he, too, has magic, the magic of the Millennium Puzzle.

Yugi and Yami devise a plan to counter Pegasus' Millennium Eye by repeatedly switching control of Yugi's body each turn. They will not even tell each other what cards they lay on the field, making Pegasus unable to figure out their strategies. This works as Pegasus attacks two Hats and misses. When Pegasus Magical Neutralizing Force to destroy the Magical Hats, Yugi activates Living Arrow, fusing it with Pegasus' card to destroy Toon World. When Toon Summoned Skull attacks, he activates Mirror Force to destroy all of his monsters and drop his Life Points to 600.

Pegasus decides to take the duel up a notch by sending it to the Shadow Realm. Meanwhile, Tristan and Bakura are cornered in the dungeon when Bakura uses Man-Eater Bug to attack Pegasus's guards and sends them to the Graveyard with Morphing Jar. Tristan realizes that Bakura is really the spirit of the Millennium Ring and that he wants to use Mokuba's body for himself. He threatens that if he doesn't give him up, he will kill him like he did the guards.

Featured Duel: Maximillion Pegasus vs. Yami Yugi - Part 3/Yugi Muto - Part 1

Duel continued from previous episode.

Yami's turn
Yami Normal Summons "Dark Magician" in Attack Position (2500 ATK / 2100 DEF). He then activates "Magical Hats" to Special Summon 4 Magical Hat Tokens in Defense Position (0 ATK / 0 DEF); hiding "Dark Magician" within 1 of them. At this point, realizing that the Millennium Eye is giving Pegasus too big of an advantage, Yami decides to do a "Mind Shuffle" with Yugi in order to prevent Pegasus from knowing which cards Yami/Yugi sets face-down.

Pegasus' turn
"Toon Summoned Skull" attacks then destroys an empty "Magical Hat Token".

Yugi's turn
Yugi sets 1 card and switches minds back to Yami.

Pegasus' turn
"Toon Summoned Skull" attacks then destroys another "Magical Hat Token".

Yami/Yugi's turn
Yami switches minds with Yugi. Yugi sets 1 card, then switches minds back to Yami.

Pegasus' turn
Pegasus activates "Magical Neutralizing Force". It destroys the remaining "Magical Hat Tokens"; revealing Yami's "Dark Magician". "Toon Summoned Skull" attacks "Dark Magician", but Yami switches minds with Yugi, who then activates his 2 Set cards. First, Yugi activates "Living Arrow" on "Magical Neutralizing Force". It allows him to destroy "Toon World". Since "Toon World" was destroyed, all of Pegasus' Toon Monsters return to their 'normal' versions, which are now vulnerable ("Toon Summoned Skull" → "Summoned Skull" (2500 ATK / 1200 DEF) ("Toon Mermaid" → "Red Archery Girl" (1400 ATK / 1500 DEF) ("Manga Ryu-Ran" → "Ryu-Ran" (2200 ATK / 2600 DEF) Second, Yugi activates "Mirror Force" to reflect "Summoned Skull's" attack right back and destroy every monster on Pegasus's side of the field, inflicting damage equal to the ATK difference between the reflected attack and each of the destroyed monsters to Pegasus' Life Points (Pegasus: 2000 → 600 Life Points). At this point, Pegasus turns the duel into a Shadow Game.

Duel continues next episode.

Featured Cards

Yami Yugi/Yugi Muto
Maximillion Pegasus
Yami Bakura
Facts about Yu-Gi-Oh! - Episode 037RDF feed
English air date 28 September 2002  +
English episode name Yugi vs. Pegasus: Match of the Millennium - Part 3  +
Episode number 37  +
Episode season number 1  +
Episode series Yu-Gi-Oh!  +
Japanese air date 9 January 2001  +
Japanese episode name 反撃開始! マインドシャッフル  +
Screenshot Yugioh037.jpg
Translated Japanese episode name (Counterattack! Mind Shuffle)  +

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