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Yu-Gi-Oh! - Episode 024

Yu-Gi-Oh! - Episode 024


クリボー増殖! 驚愕の結末

Japanese translation

(Multiplying Kuribo! The Shocking Conclusion)


Face Off - Part 3

Episode number


Japanese air date

3 October 2000

English air date

20 April 2002

Japanese opening


English opening

Season one theme

Japanese ending

Energizing Shower

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Back at the duel, Yugi Summons "Kuriboh" then activates "Multiply", creating a wall of "Kuribohs" that no monster can penetrate. He then uses "Living Arrow" and "Polymerization" to fuse "Mammoth Graveyard" with "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon". However, since they can't properly fuse, "Mammoth Graveyard" will decrease Ultimate Dragon's ATK by 1200 during Yugi's End Phase. With its ATK down to 900, Yugi Summons "Celtic Guardian" and attacks one of the Ultimate Dragon's heads. Seto then moves the ledge of the tower, threatening to jump if Yugi attacks (he says he might fall from the shock waves in the English dub). He activates "Monster Reborn", Special Summoning "Blue-Eyes White Dragon". Yami attacks, but Yugi manages to hold him back, unable to watch Seto fall to his death. Seto attacks, destroying "Celtic Guardian" and winning the duel. Seto, now having 10 star chips, enters Pegasus' Castle while Yugi is left traumatized by what just happened in the Duel.

Featured Duel: Yami Yugi vs. Seto Kaiba - Part 3

Continued from previous episode.

Yami's turn
Yami Normal Summons "Kuriboh" in Defense Position (300 ATK / 200 DEF) then activates "Multiply" to create a wall of "Kuribohs" to protect his Life Points.

Kaiba's turn
"Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon" attacks, but fails.

Yami's turn
Yami activates "Living Arrow" then "Polymerization" to fuse "Mammoth Graveyard" (1200 ATK / 800 DEF) to "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon". Since "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon" is a living monster, it cannot properly fuse with the undead "Mammoth Graveyard" (they can't fuse anyway). Because of this problematic situation, "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon" loses ATK equal to that of "Mammoth Graveyard" during Yami's End Phase (Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon: 4500 → 3300 ATK).

Kaiba's turn
"Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon" attacks, but fails.

Yami's turn
Yami draws then ends his turn ("Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon": 3300 → 2100 ATK).

Kaiba's turn
"Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon" attacks, but fails.

Yami's turn
"Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon's" ATK decreases during Yami's Standby Phase instead of End Phase ("Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon: 2100 → 900 ATK"). Yami Normal Summons "Celtic Guardian" in Attack Position (1400 ATK / 1200 DEF). "Celtic Guardian" attacks and destroys "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon's" middle head instead of the entire monster. (Kaiba 900 → 400 Life Points).

Kaiba's turn
Kaiba moves to the edge of the tower and claims to jump if Yami attacks. He activates "Monster Reborn" to Special Summon "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" (3000 ATK / 2500 DEF).

Yami's turn
Yami calls Kaiba's bluff. "Celtic Guardian" attacks, but Yugi cancels the attack because he is unable to watch Kaiba fall to his death.

Kaiba's turn
"Blue-Eyes White Dragon" attacks and destroys "Celtic Guardian" (Yugi: 400 → 0 Life Points)

Kaiba wins.

Featured Cards

Seto Kaiba
Yami Yugi
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English air date 20 April 2002  +
English episode name Face Off - Part 3  +
Episode number 24  +
Episode season number 1  +
Episode series Yu-Gi-Oh!  +
Japanese air date 3 October 2000  +
Japanese episode name クリボー増殖! 驚愕の結末  +
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Translated Japanese episode name (Multiplying Kuribo! The Shocking Conclusion)  +

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