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Yu'Shaa looks to the Coruscanti Sky
"A prophet? Does he see things, this prophet? Things that are to be...And does he see his own death, I wonder?"
Supreme Overlord Shimrra

Yu'shaa was the name taken by Nom Anor when he disguised himself as the Prophet leader of the Jedi-worshiping Yuuzhan Vong heretics after being exiled from the intendant caste.



"Yu'shaa" was a word from an ancient tongue, rarely spoken in the Yuuzhan Vong society except in the older worldships. The word had connotations for all castes, no matter which god they worshipped. He chose it as a deliberate insult to Supreme Overlord Shimrra and the ruling classes, meaning as it does "The Prophet." While he used the name Ammorn as his alias for unofficial contacts with the Shamed Ones, Yu'shaa was the only name he was known by in his official capacity. During his time as prophet, he relayed several "visions," including one in which the allegorical grasses of the galaxy rose up and joined together to topple an evil, mqaaqit-eyed shadow that fought the galaxy, and another that unwittingly foretold the upcoming arrival of Zonama Sekot in the Yuuzhan'tar system.

He left Yuuzhan'tar to travel to the famed planet, and reversed allegiances there, leaving and betraying the heretics and Zonama Sekot alike in exchange for Shimrra's favor and the rank of Prefect. However, when the Shamed One rebellion occurred as the conditions of his prophecy were unwittingly fulfilled, he donned his ooglith masquer one final time and led the charge against the Supreme Overlord's Citadel.

Nom Anor was presumed dead after the Battle of Yuuzhan'tar, and it is unknown who, if any, took up the mantle of Prophet in his place.

Behind the scenes

Nom Anor possesses a large following who insists he is not dead, and some support is lent to that theory because the audience does not specifically witness his death: rather, he is last seen on a ship that breaks up and dies. However, it is safe to assume that he did not reemerge as Prophet subsequent to The Unifying Force but before the Dark Nest Trilogy because his identity was suspected and his presence certainly would have been commented on. The name "Yu'shaa" is very similar to the Hebrew "Yeshu'ha," which means "salvation," as well as one of the many names for Jesus. It also resembles the Japanese "yuusha" (勇者), meaning "courageous person" or "hero".



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