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Species: Human
Gender: male
Born: 23rd century
Died: 2257
Affiliation: Federation, Starfleet
Occupation: officer
Previous Assignment: science officer, USS Enterprise (2252)
Final Assignment: helmsman, USS Farragut (2257)
Insignia: sleeve insignia.

Yu was a 23rd century Human male. By the early 2250s, Yu was serving in Starfleet as a sciences division officer assigned to the USS Enterprise as science officer.

In 2252, Yu was assigned a mission to planet Delta Aurigae III. Ensign Spock was assigned to take over the bridge science station during Yu's temporary absence. (TOS - Constellations short story: "Chaotic Response")

In "Chaotic Response", Yu is mentioned only in a hallucinatory memory of Spock's, and thus may have only been an invention of his imagination.

By 2257 Yu was serving aboard the USS Farragut as the ship's helmsman. In that year, Yu was at his station on the bridge when the Farragut came under attack by a dikironium cloud creature whilst in orbit of Tycho IV. Yu was killed along with all other personnel on the bridge, except Ensign Konerko. (TOS - My Brother's Keeper novel: Constitution)

The Yu who appeared in Constitution may be a different person to the one mentioned in "Chaotic Response", but with no confirmation either way, they are assumed to be the same person.


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Final Fantasy

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Yu Hayakawa (ユウ・ハヤカワ, Yū Hayakawa) is one of the main characters in Final Fantasy: Unlimited. He is the "younger" twin brother of Ai Hayakawa. When they reached twelve-years old, their parents, the geologists Joe and Marie left their island home of Sadoshima in Japan for their second trip to Wonderland; the first one resulting in a best-selling book on its flora and fauna. Their parents did not return after a long time, which prompted the twins to go look for them. Yu wears a Chocobo feather on his ear to keep the Chocobo Chobi close to him. This seems to be a reference to Choco Billy, a character from Final Fantasy VII.


Yu is the quieter of the two twins, unlike Ai, who is the louder and more outgoing. The pinion Yu wears in his hair enables him to sense the feelings of Chobi and other Chocobos. Though he managed to find their parents, Yu was also the first of the heroes to meet Chaos face to face. The ordeal made Yu silent, not wanting Ai to know what he learned.

Yu seems to be good with animals, treating them gently and kindly. He bonds with Chobi almost right away, though, much to Ai's chagrin, the chocobo seems to be smitten with her as well. In "Frog: The Smallest Great Adventure," Yu is the only one seems to show Cid in his frog form any sympathy, protecting him and trying to keep him as a pet.

By the anime finale, it was revealed that Yu and Ai are not ordinary human, but were products from Chaos itself, that came into being twelve years ago after ChaosGunDragon's destruction and found within Wonderland. As a result, Yu and Ai are the ones who evoke Kaze's MaGun and played an important role in the Earl's defeat. Unfortunately, the Hayakawa twins became targeted by Guadium as the Earl's successors, the Chaos Rulers. This is further worse as Yu's frustrations on not being able to fight Chaos.


Yū is Japanese for courage, and also evokes the English "you", matching with his twin Ai ("I").

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