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A pair of Ysanna.
"Every one of these people could be a potential Jedi!"
Luke Skywalker

The Ysanna were a tribe of Force sensitive Humans who lived on Ossus.



Born from the survivors of the Cron Supernova's effect on Ossus, the Ysanna survived through sheer mettle and the luck bestowed to them by their Jedi bloodline, on a devastated planet with a caustic atmosphere, full of electrical storms, and the danger of fierce predators. They eked out a simple existence as hunters and gatherers, while remaining aware of the ancient task bestowed upon them by their ancestors - to protect the secrets of the Jedi.


Rejoining the galaxy

Main article: Dark Empire II

Shortly after the return of Emperor Palpatine in 10 ABY, Luke Skywalker and Kam Solusar arrived on Ossus in search of ancient Jedi artifacts. They soon came upon the Ysanna, who attempted to kill the two intruders. The fighting between the two groups came to a halt with the arrival of Imperial forces led by Executor Sedriss. The Ysanna fought back, defeating most of the Dark Troopers and stormtroopers, leaving Skywalker and Solusar to deal with only Sedriss and another member of the Dark Side Elite.

A Ysanna nomad on a riding beast.

The battle had turned in favor of Skywalker and Solusar, when Sedriss took the young Ysanna Jem hostage and backed against the inert Ood Bnar, a tree-like Neti Jedi Master who had been dormant since the Battle of Ossus. Suddenly coming to life, Bnar attacked Sedriss and killed the Dark Jedi along with himself.

Okko, the tribe's chief and greatest shaman, allowed Skywalker to take Jem and her brother Rayf to train as Jedi, but was reluctant to introduce the rest of his people to the new Jedi teachings. However, the Ysanna would not remain isolated for much longer, as the Empire now knew of their whereabouts, and confrontation was brewing. Jem died on New Alderaan, Rayf was killed on Onderon, and Okko and two others were later trapped in carbonite by the forces of Palpatine, who was seeking to use the tribe as a means to halt the genetic decay of his last clone.

At the same time Skywalker and Solusar explored Ossus, the Dark Jedi Travgen was hiding on the world. He had been present on Ossus since 9 BBY, after escaping the Jedi Purge. Travgen hid from the intruders, and thus escaped their notice. He had already enslaved several Ysanna tribes by this time. The fate of Travgen and his subjects is as yet unknown.

After the planet was opened to the general public, the world once again teemed with life. The Ysanna were now the hosts of a great number of archaeologists, historians, and all forms of academicians from all over the galaxy who studied, scrutinized, analyzed and discovered new things about Jedi and Sith history.

Society and culture

Their Jedi heritage of knowledge and wisdom lost through generations of hardship and ignorance, the Ysanna degenerated into superstition. Their use of the Force diminished to nothing but simple tricks performed by unintelligible wizards, known to them as Ysanna magic. Their superstition built upon the remaining Jedi and Sith artifacts left on the world from its speedy evacuation. The Ysanna wizards used various Sith masks in battle to intimidate their enemies, and when protecting the Jedi ruins from trespassers, graverobbers, tomb raiders, or anybody that would walk on their sacred ground. They had a polytheistic religion.

Despite their drastically lessened knowledge of the Force, the Ysanna managed to preserve some Force techniques that were lost to the Jedi Order over the millennia, including the ability to form Force Ghosts.

Unique use of weapons

Ysanna tribesman firing Force guided projectiles.

Armed with elementary slug throwers that they augmented with the Force, the tribespeople defended themselves from the varied creatures of Ossus and ultimately became as fierce as their predators. Eventually, these creatures would become the domesticated mounts of the Ysanna when they went into battle and traversed their world.



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