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Planet of origin


Average length

0.5 meters

Hair color

White [1]

Ysalamiri were furry, lizard-like tree-dwellers (on average, about 50cm in length) native to the planet Myrkr, most known for their ability to repel the Force by creating a Force-neutral bubble. This ability evolved in response to predation by the Force-sensitive Vornskrs. Several ysalamiri together would expand their Force-neutral bubble by exponential distance – sometimes kilometers.



"I hate those things."
Jaina Solo, complaining about the ysalamir's ability to repel the Force
Ysalamir on Myrkr.

Adult ysalamiri grew up to 90 or 120 centimeters and hatched their young from bubble-like eggs.

Ysalamiri sank their claws into the Olbio trees on which they lived and drew nutrients. It was very difficult to remove a ysalamir from its tree without killing it, although Talon Karrde's smugglers found a way, enabling Grand Admiral Thrawn to do it as well. Thrawn used ysalamiri for defense by attaching them to a back harness or a nutrient frame which allowed him and his men to remain safely inside the ysalamiri's force repelling bubble. He used this trick to gain the attention of cloned Dark Jedi Master Joruus C'baoth and accelerated the Spaarti cloning process without the usual side-effects (which occurred when similar Force imprints interfered with one another).

Ysalamiri did not actually negate the Force; since all existence was infused with Force energy[2] this would not be possible. Rather, they projected a Force bubble inside which it is completely neutral and unable to exert any influence. A single bubble measured up to 10 meters in radius; groups of ysalamiri could extend this radius by kilometers, depending on how large the group was.[3]

Miriskin was a commodity supposedly made from ysalamir skin.

Ysalamiri in culture

Having long admired the tenacity of the ysalamiri, the Jedi Order named a form of lightsaber combat, Makashi, after the creature.


C'baoth tries to attack Thrawn with Force lightning while a ysalamir repels his attack


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