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Young Justice

Official Name
Young Justice
Team Aliases
The Junior JLA


Team Identity



Base Of Operations

Team Leader(s)
Robin (former); Wonder Girl (former)

Current Members


Young Justice was formed when friends Robin, Superboy, and Impulse started hanging out and decided to act as a team. They were soon joined by some others, including Red Tornado, who acted as a sort of mentor for the team.

First appearance
Last appearance

Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day #3
(August, 2003)



It's unclear when the boys all first met each other--Robin and Impulse definitely met in Robin + Impulse #1 in 1996, but when Superboy met either of them is unknown at this point, but they are all shown together (with a cadre of other heroes) in Final Night #1 (1996).

Robin, Superboy, and Impulse decided to go on a camp out at the old JLA cave to get to know one another. Red Tornado was in the cave, although the boys first thought he was a statue. RT admitted that he had withdrawn to the cave because he felt cut off from humanity, but after five minutes with Impusle, Superboy, and Robin (whom he likened to the perfect example of the Id, Ego, and Superego, respectively) Red said that he felt very much human, since they were "annoying the hell out of him." Looking for some action, the team went to a nearby archaeological dig where they encountered Agents Donald Fite and Ishido Maad of the All Purpose Enforcement Squad (A.P.E.S.) where they had to deal with a professor changed by magic into Mighty Endowed. A news reporter named Ace Atchinson was on the scene and asked them if they were the "Young Justice League of America". When Impulse replied "We're young, but just us," Ace coined the name Young Justice. Also at the site the boys found the Super Cycle, which rocketed them off into the air.[1]

The Super Cycle took them all the way to Asia where they ended up in a battle with Rip Roar, who had been imprisoned by the New Gods for two thousand years. The Cycle had once belonged to him and had returned to him. Once he was freed, however, the Cycle did not want to return to him, and helped the boys and Red Tornado (who tracked them down) defeat Rip Roar.[2]

Coming back to the states, RT decided to look in on his daughter while the boys went to a Halloween party. There they met Mister Mxyzptlk, only he was considerably younger than he had been when dealing with Superman. He was still a "child," and had been drawn to Earth to study it for his thesis. The boys told him how he was supposed to end up, and he promised never to be a trickster. This had the effect of changing time, leading to Earth's devastation. So the boys had to teach him how to be a prankster by showing him the Three Stooges. It worked, and Mxy disappeared, promising to give Superman no end of grief in his future (when Mxy meets Superboy later during one of his usual visits, he does not seem to have any memory of this encounter).[3]

When the boys got back from a vacation in Spain (where they again, like they had in Asia, run into Maad and Fite of the A.P.E.S.), the boys found that the Super Cycle had brought Arrowette to the cave. She had been injured with one of her own arrows by a villain named Harm. They realized that Harm was attacking Wonder Girl and Secret, they arrived on scene to rescue the girls. A.P.E.S. was looking for Secret, so the crew took everyone back to the cave. Harm broke into the cave when they were all away, damaging Red Tornado and leaving clues for the team to follow. RT had actually been reprogrammed to attack Pope John Paul II who was in town saying a midnight mass at a local cathedral. The team stopped Harm from blowing up the cathedral and saved the Pontiff and Tornado (Harm himself was shot and killed at home by his father later that same night). When they returned to the cave, however, they found the Justice League waiting for them and wanting some explanations. The JLA felt the team was acting too juvenile. They decided to allow the team one chance to prove themselves--20 minutes for the three founders to contain a nearby disaster. The disaster turned out to be Despero, now just a spirit, who managed to possess Martian Manhunter (who was shadowing the team), but with some help from Secret (who was living up to her name as far as the League goes) defeated him. The JLA decided to allow the team to continue to operate and use the cave.[4]

The kids decided to go on a campout to get to know one another better while Red Tornado convened the first of many conferences to speak with their respective mentors/parents. Gathered in the cave were Nightwing, Max Mercury, Helena Sandsmark, Dubbilex, and Bonnie Jones. Ms. Sandsmark and Ms. Jones got into a fight because Helena felt Bonnie was just exploiting her daughter. Despite some misgivings, none of the adults wished to withdraw their respective charge from the team. During the campout, the team played truth or dare, where Superboy disclosed he was locked at age 16, though Robin still did not divulge his secret identity.[5]


Equipment: JLA monitor in the Cave
Transportation: Super-Cycle


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