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You Spoony Bard! is a quote from Final Fantasy IV, and one of the most well-known and recognized quotes in the entire series. Well-known for its outright silliness and used as an example of poor translations, it has even entered popular culture and been referenced outside the Final Fantasy fandom. The line itself is spoken by Tellah as an insult to Edward Chris von Muir.



Tellah speaks the quote
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In Final Fantasy IV, Tellah is on a journey to Damcyan to recover his daughter Anna, who eloped to the kingdom with a bard (Edward in disguise) against Tellah's wishes. Upon Tellah, Cecil and Rydia arriving at Damcyan, the castle is bombed by the Red Wings airship fleet. In the castle's throne room, the three find Anna lying mortally wounded, when the bard steps into the room. Tellah flies into a rage and attacks him, during which time he shouts various insults, including "you spoony bard!"

The original English translation of Final Fantasy IV for the Super NES is often misattributed to Ted Woolsey. Woolsey is well-known for his work translating Final Fantasy VI, where similar silly and non-sensical lines, such as "son of a submariner!" were used. However, Final Fantasy IV's translation was actually credited to Kaoru Moriyama, K. Okahisa, and H. Takahashi. The word "spoony" means "enamored in a silly or sentimental way". Thus, Tellah's usage of the word to refer to Edward is actually correct, though the term is considered archaic, and Tellah's use of such a mild insult given his anger is unlikely.

Other Appearances

The quote in the DS release

The line has become so well-known, it has been kept in all the remakes of Final Fantasy IV, even though the Playstation, Gameboy Advance and Nintendo DS releases of Final Fantasy IV were re-translated entirely otherwise. In the DS release, "Tom Retranslattery" in the Developer's Office comments on the line being kept after re-translation; "The Sand Ruby wasn't a ruby and the Twin Harp, as it were, was no harp at all. Turns out the bard really was spoony though - we checked!"

Various other Final Fantasy titles reference the line as well:

  • In Final Fantasy X, after the Warrior Monks have taken over guard duties in Luca, a man wearing a green tunic walks around in the circle area with egresses to the stairs and the cafe (where the little girl with the red balloon is). He says that he asked out a Warrior Monk girl in the cafe, but she called him a "spoony bard."
  • In Final Fantasy XII in Rabanastre, just outside Migelo's Sundries, a Bangaa talks of his Seeq friend counting things (originally cobblestones). However, at one point in the game he says this: "My friend says that o'er 430 revelers came through the Southern Plaza during the big fete! But even if you count the bards... 'Course, he could be countin' the spoony bards, too. That would be another matter altogether."
  • Wiegraf Folles utters "No spoony bard could spin a sweeter tale!" during the battle at Fovoham Windflats in Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions.

Outside Final Fantasy

Though it is largely an in-joke to fans, numerous other references to the line have sprung up in popular culture.

  • In Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations the Judge exclaims "I-I'm a spoon!? I'm no spoony bard, I'll have you know!".
  • The popular internet video game and movie reviewer Noah Antwiler uses the name "The Spoony One", and calls his website The Spoony Experiment. Antwiler has stated that the name is taken from the Final Fantasy IV line.
  • The webcomic Adventurers!, which parodies the tropes and genre conventions of JRPGs including Final Fantasy, has a character almost call the resident bard a spoony bard in this strip.
  • The music group The Spoony Bards is named after the catchphrase. They play video game music, and thus have a reference to video games in their title.


The following is a transcript of the conversation in the original Super NES release of Final Fantasy IV.

original: きさま あの時の吟遊詩人! きさまのせいでアンナは!
literal: You, the bard of that time! As for Anna, it's because of you! (Note: The word used for both instances of "you" is "kisama," one of the rudest ways to say "you" in Japanese. Because of its harshness, one might say "kisama" is akin to "you bastard" or "you son of a bitch.")
SNES: You're the bard! You did this to her!
original: きさま よくも娘を・・・・
literal: You, how could you, my daughter... (Again, "kisama" is used for "you.")
SNES: You swindler!
original: ちがうんです!
literal: It is different!
SNES: Please! Listen!
original: なにがちがうと いうのだ!
literal: Say what is it that's different!
SNES: You spoony bard!


Other scripts

The dialogue was considerably shortened for all subsequent releases. In all three, Tellah cries "You spoony bard!" at the beginning of the beginning of the cinematic battle with Edward, rather than at the end. The rest of the fight proceeds much as the original Japanese dialogue in the Super NES release.

PlayStation dialogue

Tellah: You! You're that bard!!
Edward: No! Wait!
Tellah: DIE!
Edward: P-Please! Listen!
Tellah: SHUT UP!
Edward: Forgive me! Please!
Tellah: Take this!!
Edward: Aaagh!
Anna: Father! Stop!

Advance dialogue

Tellah: You! You're that bard! Anna ran away because of your treachery!
Tellah: You spoony bard!
Edward: No, wait!
Tellah: Die!
Edward: P-Please! Listen!
Tellah: Shut up!
Edward: Forgive me, please!
Tellah: Take this!
Edward: Agh!

Nintendo DS dialogue

Tellah: You - you're that bard! You're the one responsible for this!
Edward: No! Please-
Tellah: You spoony bard!
Edward: Please, things are not as you believe!
Tellah: I see quite well how they are!
Edward: I beg you, hear my words!
Tellah: Choke on your words!
Edward: Please, I implore you!
Tellah: Know this pain - Anna's pain!
Edward: But, Anna and I-
Anna: Edward, Father, please stop this.

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