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You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head

location: Underworld
given by: Mister Crowley
other npcs: Dave
Ted Strayer
Allistair Tenpenny
reward: T-51b Power Armor and/or 300-700 caps
base id: 00014EA1
You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head

requirements: Complete You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head
gamerscore: 20
trophy type: Bronze

You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head is a Fallout 3 quest. It is also an Xbox 360, PC achievement and a Playstation 3 Trophy.



Allistair Tenpenny once hired five mercenaries--Mister Crowley, Tara, Dave, Jeff Strayer and Dukov--to find a rare weapon in Fort Constantine. In order to increase his share of the reward, Dukov trapped Mister Crowley, (a ghoul), in a room with feral ghouls. Crowley, who survived the trap, is now a resident of Underworld. Tara died in Fort Constantine and the three remaining men escaped and finished the mission.

Objectives and Walkthrough


Starting the quest

Talk to Mister Crowley in the Ninth Circle or at Carol's Place in Underworld. He gives you the task of finding and killing Dave (at the Republic of Dave), Ted Strayer (in Rivet City), Dukov (at Dukov's Place), and Allistair Tenpenny (at Tenpenny Tower). He says they are ghoul-haters, and he wants them each killed with a shot to the head (as zombies are killed in fiction). For that purpose, he will give the PC a Sniper Rifle and five .308 Caliber Rounds. Crowley offers 100 caps per death by headshot as payment. He says that "word will get around" if Tenpenny is killed, but he wants proof for the others: "something personal... like a key or a ring."

  • Crowley will only pay 25 caps for any killing method other than a head shot, but you can lie about the act and get the full price by passing a somewhat difficult Speech check. This does not apply to Tenpenny; he must be shot in the head by you to get the full reward, since word of his death would spread rather quickly.
  • Killing anybody (besides Tenpenny) will land you with bad karma.

Crowley's true motives

Bribing or passing a speech check with any of the named NPCs in Underworld--Ahzrukhal, Carol, Doctor Barrows, Winthrop, Patchwork, Tulip, or Quinn--will raise doubts about the targets' bigotry. Under questioning, Crowley will admit that he actually wants a special key from each target except Tenpenny. He still wants Tenpenny killed with a shot to the head. Instead of 100 caps per headshot, he will sweeten the deal by offering 100 caps up front plus an additional 100 caps for each key. Mister Crowley's objective is the suit of T-51b Power Armor still stored at Fort Constantine. You can learn about Fort Constantine and the Power Armor from Crowley (with a speech check). Other than the additional reward, the conditions of the quest do not change by learning this.

Tenpenny's counter offer

Tell Allistair Tenpenny that Crowley sent you to kill him. Tenpenny will offer 300 caps if you agree to kill Crowley instead.

  • Tenpenny pays the 100 caps up front, so it is possible to double-cross him and just pocket the caps.
  • Killing Crowley and returning to Tenpenny for the reward ends the quest.
    • Killing Crowley after accepting the counter offer will not result in Karma loss.

Getting the keys

The keys may be collected in any order. They may be delivered to Crowley one at a time or all at once.

Three of the keys can be obtained by speech checks, pickpocketing, or by looting the key from the owner's corpse. The fourth key is found in Fort Constantine on Tara's corpse.

Ted Strayer

Jeff Strayer is dead, but his son, Ted Strayer, is now in possession of his father's key. Ted lives in Rivet City.

  • Ted can be paid for his key.
  • He can be convinced with a speech check.
  • He can be threatened (Strength 6+ or Toughness perk).

Dukov can be found at Dukov's Place.

  • Dukov can be paid for his key.
  • The Black Widow perk can be used to convince him to give up the key.
  • Male characters with the Lady Killer perk can persuade Fantasia to get the key.
  • Cherry will retrieve the key if the player accepts her quest.
  • With a successful speech check, Dukov can be intimidated into giving up the key.

Dave can be found at The Republic of Dave.

  • With a speech success, Dave will accept the player as a "Wasteland Ambassador" and present his key as a gift.

The final key is located on Tara's corpse, in the Fort Constantine Bomb Storage. Tara's key is not necessary for completing the Crowley sections of the quest, but it is necessary for getting to the Power Armor.

Obtaining the T-51b Power Armor

T-51b Power Armor in stasis.
Deliver the Keys to Crowley

Kill Allistair Tenpenny and give Mister Crowley all three keys to collect your reward. He will then proceed to Fort Constantine to retrieve the armor. He will return to Underworld after a few days (provided he did not get killed in the Wasteland). At this point you can kill him or use reverse-pickpocketing in order to obtain the armor (he will be wearing it).

  • Reverse-pickpocketing will be difficult, because the armor has a DR of 50.
  • Crowley may get stuck in bomb storage, even if he had all the keys. You need 100% lockpick skill to open the door.
  • You can kill Crowley in the Ninth Circle, and loot the armor when he returns from Fort Constantine. Nobody becomes hostile.
Retrieve the Armor Yourself

Proceed to Fort Constantine after obtaining the keys. Fort Constantine is located near the northern edge of the map, east of Raven Rock. When you arrive at the fort you will encounter some Brotherhood of Steel Outcasts fighting Protectrons and Mister Gutsys. Go to the small house called "The CO Quarters" and head downstairs. In the basement you will find a dead Wastelander by an open safe. The door by the safe requires Strayer's key, and allows you access to the Launch Control Bunker. Don't forget to grab the "Bobblehead - Big Guns" from the safe! Continue down to the bomb storage, where you will find Tara's body, on the opposite of the two Very Hard locked doors. Go to the nearby door and open it with your key and disable the stasis field to acquire the T-51b Power Armor and T-51b Power Helmet.

If you choose this solution, Mister Crowley can still be found in Carol's Place in the Underworld, and does not become hostile. He refuses to interact with the PC anymore, however, only repeating his line: "You stole what was rightfully mine...".

Deliver the Keys to Crowley and Retrieve the Armor Yourself

Kill Allistair Tenpenny and give Mister Crowley all three keys to collect your reward. Then follow Crowley on his long journey to Fort Constantine. He will require a lot of protection from enemies in the Wasteland or else he will die along the way. Crowley will become hostile upon reaching Fort Constantine, at which point you can kill him to retrieve the keys.

If you don't want to follow Crowley, you can give him the keys and pickpocket them back. You can also go to Fort Constantine first if you've been there already, open all the doors but don't grab the armor, and give Crowley the keys to get the reward. Then fast travel back and grab the armor.

  • If you have Broken Steel installed when giving the keys to Crowley, he will not appear outside the Museum of History. You can fix this problem by waiting by the entrance and skipping 2 in-game hours. Crowley should appear at the entrance and proceed to Fort Constantine.
  • Using the method of opening the doors first, handing over the keys to Mr. Crowley then fast travelling back and taking the T-51b power armour and helmet before Crowley gets there, causes him to become hostile and track the player. Whilst following you Mr. Crowley can even enter areas such as Point Lookout (by swimming there) if he survives the journey to and from the fort.

Completing the quest

The quest is marked as completed and the Achievement/Trophy given under any of the following conditions.

  • The player delivers the keys from Dukov, Ted Strayer, and Dave to Mr. Crowley.
  • The player acquires the Power Armor in Fort Constantine.
  • The player kills Crowley after having been hired by Tenpenny.
  • The player picks up (if previously dropped) or equips (him/herself or his follower PC) the Winterized T-51b Power Armor that was gained from the Anchorage Simulation. (glitch)


Obtaining T-51b Power Armor [1]


  • Killing Crowley in the Wasteland will not make the residents of Underworld hostile. Nor will killing him quickly or silently.
  • If you encounter Crowley on his way back to Underworld from Fort Constantine, he will thank you again and ask you how you like his new armor.
  • Crowley's trip from Underworld to Fort Constantine is scripted, so if the player gives him the keys then acquires the T51b Power Armor anyway (via either method detailed above), he will still eventually show up and be hostile as noted.
  • If you did the Tenpenny Tower Quest in such a way that the Ghouls take over the tower, then Allistair Tenpenny will likely be dead by the time you reach him, if he isn't dead before the quest even starts. In the event of this happening, while you cannot take up Crowley's request to kill Tenpenny, you can still take credit for the death, though you will get the minimum amount of caps due to it not being via head shot.
  • Investigating Mister Crowley's original story will provide 7 (relatively) easy speech challenges with the named ghoul citizens in Underworld, giving you 14% of your goal toward the Silver-Tongued Devil achievement. This quest, combined with at least three other unrelated speech challenges, makes Underworld a good place to knock out the achievement. You do not need to complete all of the speech challenges to ask Mr. Crowley about his true intentions.


  • Pathing Issues, patched PC version. Mr. Crowley often gets "stuck" while traveling, particularly when swimming.
  • Mr. Crowley may appear at your Megaton house and follow you inside. When speaking with him he acts as if he's still in Underworld ("Good to see you," "Hey"). However, once he exits the house and you speak to him as he exits Megaton, he begins saying, "You took what was rightfully mine," without becoming hostile. He then disappears from the game. (Confirmed on Xbox 360)
  • If for some reason you kill or take a key from one of the targets before you get the quest, Crowley will act as if you have already accepted the quest, give you the caps and tell you to go for the next person on the list.
  • Taking Ted Strayer's Special Key before meeting Crowley may result in being unable to begin the quest.
  • After accepting Allistair's offer and killing Mr. Crowley, Allistair may not have a speech option to finish the quest.(Confirmed XBOX360/PS3/PC) If this happens, you can:
    • Repeatedly talk to Tenpenny and he will eventually recognize that Crowley is dead and give you your reward.
    • Take the T-51b Power Armor from Fort Constantine and complete the quest. If you do this, you will miss out on the reward for killing Crowley.
  • Killing Tenpenny before you accept this quest may cause Mr. Crowley to give you only 25 caps as a reward (even if you scored a headshot).
  • If you kill Dave, Ted Strayer, or Dukov and their body disappears before you nab their key, you can no longer complete the quest. However the keys can be obtained via the console commands. See Dave's Special Key, Dukov's Special Key and Ted Strayer's Special Key for the item codes.
  • Mr. Crowley may ask for a key you have already given him. If this happens, you will need to pickpocket Crowley to get the key back, and then give it to him again.
  • Even if you completed this quest in a non-violent way, Three Dog may report in his Galaxy News Radio Broadcasts that you did murder Crowley's targets. This may have something to do with lying to get the full reward. (Confirmed on ps3, and XBox 360)
  • A speech check allows you to get the location of Fort Constantine from Mister Crowley. You can use this check twice: once before completing the quest, and once after.
  • If you have Bloody Mess and/or the body's head explodes, it will not be registered as a head shot, and you will not be able to receive the full 100 caps for the kill. There is a small chance the body will not explode with the Bloody Mess perk, so it might take multiple attempts for it to register as a clean head shot. (confirmed on Xbox 360,PC)
  • If you succeed in the speech challenge with Cherry to get her to steal the key from Dukov there is no facial animation and no voiced dialogue you can only read her response in text. Once her response is over you can hear the voiced dialogue again with her talking to Dukov and everything continues as normal.
  • The quest will complete itself sometimes when switching to a different quest, granting the achievement and registering that you have killed people that you have never met. (Comfirmed on PS3)
  • If you kill Tenpenny, then kill Mr. Crowley, you will not fail the quest. It will tell you to talk to Tenpenny, and then to talk to Crowley, making it impossible to finish the quest. (Confirmed on all consoles)
  • In dialogue with Tenpenny, you may not have an option to say that you killed Crowley. In this case, the only way to finish the quest is retrieving the power armor from Fort Constantine. Killing Tenpenny does not work.
  • Tenpenny says he will pay you, but for some reason you do not get anything in your inventory.
  • Pip-Boy may not acknowledge you talked to Tenpenny, making it impossible to finish your quest.
  • If you completed at least the Operation Anchorage DLC and continue until the Waters of Life quest upon exiting Tranquility Lane The bug will occur and tell you that you finished "You Gotta Shoot'em In the Head." (Confirmed on all Consoles)
  • It is possible that after completing the quest, Crowley can show up in the mobile crawler in the broken steel add on but not hostile towards the player even if he took the armor. (Xbox 360 confirmed)
  • It is possible that Crowley may randomly appear while you are waiting and be hostile towards you after the quest. This happens if you unlock the doors but give Crowley the keys and run back to take the armor before he gets it. Killing him in front of people doesn't make anyone hostile. (confirmed PC)
  • Sometimes Crowley will end up getting stuck behind the main door to the underworld in "the museum of history" labeled part, thus, causing you unable to get the keys back if you gave him the keys. This can be fixed by traveling to Fort Constantine and waiting for 24 hours for Crowley to show up as if he traveled there he will then turn hostile. If he isn't there wait a little bit without useing the wait feature. (Confirmed PS3)
  • Crowley may show up in random places, ie Knick Knack's shop in Little Lamplight, and be marked as an enemy but not attack. He will also shout things like "Get Out!" and "Yeah!" but not be able to be talked to.

Behind the scenes

  • The title is a reference to a line from the original Dawn of the Dead.
Quests in Fallout 3

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