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"You All Everybody" is the sole hit song by the band Drive Shaft. The lyrics and music were (in the show) composed by Charlie Pace.

The band reworded the lyrics to "You All Every Butties" for an advertisement for Butties baby diapers.



You all, everybody
You all, everybody
Acting like you're stupid people
Wearing your 'spensive clothes
You all, everybody
You all, everybody
You all, everybody

Butties Diapers commercial

Main article: Butties Diapers

"You All Every Butties" is a version of the song featured in "Fire + Water".


  • "You All Everybody" bears a striking resemblance to the song "Rock n' Roll Star" by Oasis - a band that seems to be in the same style as Drive Shaft.
  • "You all everybody, acting like these stupid people wearing expensive clothes" comes from an inside joke amongst several of the writers. Apparently, a woman said this on The Phil Donahue Show and it stuck with them because it was funny. The whole story can be heard in the Lost Season 1 DVD Extras under Backstage with Drive Shaft. Originally (according to the same featured extra above), Dominic Monaghan sang the tune in a falsetto voice inspired by Prince's song "If I Was Your Girlfriend".
  • Jude Christodal and Chris Seefried are credited for writing this song.
  • Former leading fan podcast The Transmission used the song's title for its listener feedback section
  • The song can be heard in episode "The Awful Truth" of Alias, playing in the background at a party Sydney Bristow attends. (The episode aired January 12, 2005.)
  • The band Gatsbys American Dream used the title for the opening track to their Self-Titled CD.
  • A tribute band to LOST took the name You All, Everybody. You All, Everybody's MySpace page
  • OtherTalk, a Lost fan podcast, uses a clip of the song over top of other sound clips from the show as its opening theme.

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