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From Halopedia, the Halo Wiki

Video from YouTube can be shown on any Wikia page using simple code. The video is not uploaded to Wikia, but embedded. This means it is stored on YouTube, then called from there to be viewed on Wikia.


Adding a YouTube video

To add a YouTube video, you need the id code for the video. The easiest way to find this is to look at the URL of the YouTube page for the video. The string of letters and numbers after "v=" in the URL is the id code. So for the URL: the id code could be DLFDzC_ok8c. If you aren't sure what you use, you can add the whole url in place of the id code. Please also make sure the video is appropriate for everybody, 13 or up.

YouTube videos are embedded with the code:


The id code for the video you want to show goes between the two tags:

<youtube>id code</youtube> 

"id code" is the code from the URL. So an example might be:


Changing the size of the video

You can change the width and height of the video box, to a maximum of 425x350 pixels. If you specify width and height, and those settings are not in proportion to the YouTube screen, then you will have empty space around the video. In most cases, the width determines the screen size in this situation.

  • Width is controlled with width="xxx", where xxx is the number of pixels. The default is 425 pixels.
  • Height is controlled in the same way with height="xxx". The default is 350 pixels.

A full example would be:

<youtube width="200" height="200">DLFDzC_ok8c</youtube>

This gives you:

Adding a caption

You can add a caption to a video using the image thumbnail styles. This example will add a video with a width of 200px, float it to the right of the page, and add a caption at the top. Simply edit the ID and CAPTION.

<div class="thumb tright"  style="width:200px;">
<div class="thumbcaption">CAPTION</div>
<youtube width="200" height="200">YouTube ID</youtube>


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There are a variety of ways to display videos on your wiki page.


Help:Video Embed Tool
This new feature makes it easier than ever to embed videos from other sites (including YouTube and Metacafe) on your wiki.

Other video tools

Help:YouTube extension
The YouTube extension allows you to embed video from YouTube and several other sites.
Help:Images and Video extension
A video tool in testing.

Video demos

See Help:Video demos for online walkthroughs of how to use wikis.

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From Lostpedia

List of videos available on YouTube
Note: Please do not post any videos that are considered spoiler content, including Ryan Ozawa's Lost Updates. Thank you.

Bernard and the tailies discover a crate from Melbourne Walkabout Tours.
Addicted to Lost: Eko and Locke watching Robert Palmer in the Swan
Rachel Blake at the Comic Con 2006 panel.
Screenshots of William T. Kilpatrick interrupting and then getting kidnapped.



Deleted scenes

See main article: Deleted scenes
For videos, see: YouTube videos/Deleted scenes

DVD Bonus Material

See: YouTube videos/DVD bonus material

Episode clips

See: YouTube videos/Episode clips

Find 815

See main article: Find 815
For videos, see: YouTube videos/Find 815

The Lost Experience

See main article, The Lost Experience
For videos, see: YouTube videos/The Lost Experience

Lost Moments

See main article Lost Moments

Lost University

See: YouTube videos/Lost University

Lost: Via Domus

See main article: Lost: Via Domus
For videos, see: YouTube videos/Lost: Via Domus

Media Appearances

See: YouTube videos/Media appearances


See: YouTube videos/Promotional

Fan-made (Fanon)

CGI Recreations

See: YouTube videos/CGI recreations

Fan-made Music Videos

See:YouTube videos/Fan-made music videos
See:YouTube videos/Fan-made music videos/Character videos
See:YouTube videos/Fan-made music videos/Shipper videos

Fan-made Parody

See : YouTube videos/Fan-made parody

General Fanon Spin-off Videos (Series)

See: YouTube videos/Fanon spinoffs


See : YouTube videos/Mistakes

Scam/Hoax DHARMA Videos

See : YouTube videos/Hoax DHARMA videos

Miscellaneous (Non Fanon Source)

See : YouTube videos/Miscellaneous

"TV Recap Theater" for LOST

These are sketch comedy recaps of the show, where Louisa May Arbles reports the incidents on and off the island from Station 13: The Eye.
See : "recap for Season 4 - Shape of Things to Come"
See : "recap for Season 4 - Something Nice Back Home"
See : "recap for Season 4 - Cabin Fever"
See : "recap for Season 4 - There's No Place Like Home Part 1"
See " "recap for Season 4 - There's No Place Like Home Part 2 & 3"

See also

This article uses material from the "YouTube videos" article on the Lostpedia wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

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