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"Some say the coral implants ruin our slaves. Only the weak ones."
Yuuzhan Vong slaver

Surge-coral (Yorik-Kul in the Yuuzhan Vong language) was an organic device used by the Yuuzhan Vong. Surge-coral was implanted into slaves, which would then allow the slave to receive mental commands from a yammosk or a dhuryam. This, however, came at a cost, since the wearer would eventually lose their sentience and become mindless beings. Slaves that had lost their minds were used as cannon fodder to absorb blaster fire on the battlefield. Surge-coral also caused its wearers to grow thin and vanish in the Force. Eventually, the Shapers developed surge-coral that was less detrimental to the slaves, which only caused pain instead of turning them into drones.

Jacen Solo was implanted with surge-coral after he was captured by the Yuuzhan Vong, which eventually allowed him to sense the Yuuzhan Vong through the Force.

By 137 ABY, Sith Lady Darth Maladi of the One Sith had created a strain of Yorik-Kul that, after implanted, would grow when exposed to Force lightning, causing extreme pain and even death.


Deliah Blue and Jariah Syn, affected by slave seeds.
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