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Ymir can refer to:

  • Ymir (Fallout 2), a character in Fallout 2
  • Ymir (Fallout 3), a character in Fallout 3

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Final Fantasy

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Final Fantasy VI Enemy
Ymir (Head/Shell)
Japanese ユミール
Romaji Yumīru
SNES Name Whelk
PS Name Whelk
GBA Name Ymir
"Hold it! Think back to our briefing......
What about it?!
Do you recall hearing about a monster that eats lightning......
.....and stores the energy in its shell!
Right. So whatever you do, don't attack the shell!
Biggs and Wedge

The Ymir, also known as Whelk, is a boss in the game Final Fantasy VI. It is the first boss in the game and somewhat ironically, has the last boss name alphabetically. In order to defeat it, only one of the two parts need to be defeated. The head is the easier part to kill (by a long shot), and every ten seconds it hides in its shell. Ten seconds later, it pops out again.

In the Final Fantasy VI Advance version, its original name, Ymir, was restored; there is suggestion from this that the creature can be considered as an elemental of sorts in that Ymir (in mythology) was the being whose body parts made up the world upon being slain.


The head attacks with its physical and an attack called Slime, which inflicts Slow on a character. Attacking the shell prompts it to counter with Megavolt, which will take a large chunk of HP from the entire party. However, it can only use this ability six times. Still, it is best not to attack the shell at all, and focus on the head. While the head is out, Biggs and Wedge should use an elemental beam and Terra should use Magitek. While the head is hiding, all three party members should use Heal Force to recover.

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Marvel Database

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Character Template Help
Real Name



Mitra, Lir ("half-brothers"), Bori, Mannanan ("nephews"), Morrigan ("niece"), Atali (daughter), Ice Giants, Frost Giants (progeny), Utgard-Loki, Loki (descendants)


Base Of Operations


1000' "



Unusual Features
Since Ymir is an Ice Giant whose body continually generates intense cold, Ymir's body is always thickly covered with snow and ice.


Marital Status

Monarch of the Ice Giants

Ymir is one of the oldest deities in the Asgardian cosmology.

Place of Birth
Above the Well of Life in the dimension of Asgard

First appearance

Journey Into Mystery #97
(October, 1963)



Ymir was the oldest and most powerful of the Frost Giants, an otherdimensional race of enormous humanoid creatures. The huge size, durability, and colossal strength of the Frost Giants made them formidable foes to the gods of Asgard over the millennia.

Ymir was the progenitor of the entire race of Frost Giants, although he differed considerably in appearance from many of his current descendants, such as Utgard-Loki. Ymir and many of the first members of his race were also known as Ice Giants. Like the other Ice Giants, Ymir was covered with snow and ice, and constantly generated intense coldness from his body. The later generations of Ymir's race, such as Utgard-Loki, did not generate cold, and were not covered with ice and snow, and were therefore known simply as Frost Giants. Nonetheless, the great size of the Frost Giants was dependent on cold temperatures, and members of the later generations of Frost Giants, unable to create coldness from their own bodies, would shrink in size if exposed to sufficient heat. Continued exposure to such heat would melt such a Frost Giant entirely.

Except for the fire demon Surtur, Ymir was the oldest known being in the "Nine Worlds" of the Asgardian cosmology. It was said that millennia ago warm air from the otherdimensional realm of fire, Muspelheim, crossed a dimensional barrier into the location of the magical Well of Life, Tons of ice from Niffleheim, the otherdimensional realm of ice and cold, formed above the Well of Life. It was said that in time the warm air from Muspelheim caused these tons of ice over the Well to transform into the living, sentient Frost Giant Ymir. Another being appeared from the ice, the enchanted cow Audumla. Audumla fed off the ice itself, and Ymir subsisted on the milk Audumla produced. Some claimed that Ymir's first child was a female named Atali.

Ymir went to live in Niffleheim, which he populated with the race of Ice Giants. (The more recent generations of Frost Giants lived instead in the realm of Jotunheim.) At some point before 10,000 BCE, humans began to worship Ymir and his first daughter as deities. Among these humans were the Vanir people whose members would include Ulysses Bloodstone, Niord Worm's Bane, and possibly Raa and the Maha Yogi. Legends tell of Ymir imprisoning a group of vampires. The young god Odin and his brothers Vili and Ve fought a war with the Ice Giants and slew Ymir. According to Asgardian legend, Odin, Vili, and Ve created the Earth and sky from Ymir's corpse, but this part of the story is clearly untrue.

Ymir, however, succeeded in regenerating himself, and led the Ice Giants in war against Asgard at some later time. Odin created a chasm containing an interdimensional nexus through which Ymir's army plunged into Muspelheim, where the native demons took the Giants prisoners. Odin then entrapped Ymir himself within a circle of flame within a volcanic area. It is not known how long Ymir remained there.

In recent times a member of the mystical cult called the Sons of Satannish used the so-called Spell of Fire and Ice to bring both Ymir and Surtur to Earth, where they began wreaking havoc. Earth's Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Stephen Strange, used the Crystal of Conquest, which contained part of the mystical power of the demons known as Santannish and Mephisto, to transport Surtur and Ymir magically into each other's presence at the very instant they were lashing out with their weapons. Ymir and Surtur thus struck each other's weapons, creating a mystical "implosion" in which each being temporarily cancelled out the powers of the other, and each was returned to his home dimension, Surtur to Muspelheim and Ymir to Niffleheim.

Powers and Abilities


Ymir possesses vast superhuman strength, greater than that of any other Frost or Ice Giant. He is extremely long-lived, and possibly immortal. His body greatly resembles ice in various ways, and if it was not for his ability to generate intense cold from his body, Ymir would melt when exposed to high temperatures. Ymir's body is extraordinarily resistant to injury, and although it can be shattered, as ice can, Ymir can cause the fragments of his form to reassemble.

Ymir continually generates extreme cold from his body in an unknown, perhaps magical fashion. If he so chooses, Ymir can cause anything he touches, including the air, to freeze.

Strength level

The extent of Ymir's strength has never been measured, but it is at least in the Class 100 range; hence, he can lift (press) over 100 tons.



Extra-dimensional teleportation, usually under his own power.


Ymir carries an enormous, ice-covered club, which he uses as a weapon. Possibly the club is entirely composed of ice.


  • Although intelligent and capable of speech, Ymir is not particularly cunning, and attempts to win his battles through brute force.


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Star Wars Fanon

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The Star Wars wiki of fan invention.

Ymir was a planet of grasslands, rivers and lakes. It was considered a pleasant world. Ymir was settled by several thousand refugees escaping the oppressive government on Idania. The planet was located in the Jarkolis star system. It hosted a small population spread amongst single-family settlements and small communities with large land holdings. Its sentient population consisted primarily of simple farmers of several species. When they settled on the planet, the original colonists scattered themselves and built their homes, communities and enclaves from parts of the starship. Native wildlife included bluhorns and sun vipers. By the time the planet has rediscovered by the Idanians, the planet had no industrial settlements or advanced technology. The population of the planet was 334,000.

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