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Yliaster, literally meaning the first chaos in the matter of all things is the group of Star Guardians who are said to bring peace to the world.

According to Rex Goodwin, Yliaster started roughly 3,000 years ago in the Andes in South America and all who have sworn loyalty to Yliaster govern all things controlling society. Although Goodwin had stated that Yliaster's goals are for the good of mankind, skeptics such as Sayer believe that Yliaster plans to use the Crimson Dragon for world domination.


First season

Rex Goodwin leads the group during the first season in the form of Sector Security. They are the ones responsible for organizing the Fortune Cup and use it as a setup in order to expose and gather all of the Signers, in which to help them fulfill their roles as the heroes against their counterparts, the Dark Signers. They also share some connection with Professor Fudo, who entrusted Rex with 3 of the Five Dragon cards that Yusei, Jack, and Akiza now possess.

It has been revealed that, 17 years ago, a mysterious individual said belonging to this group appeared to Goodwin's older brother, Roman. This man told Roman that the research project had to be continued even if it meant getting rid of Professor Fudo. Also he told Roman to look into the light of the Enerdy system. So that the then long ago choosen Signer, could witness the battle between the Crimson Dragon and the Earthbound Immortals. After that the mysterious individual then simply vanishes within a sandstorm.

Second season

On this new season beginning from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's - Episode 065, three mysterious People arrive at the crash site of a strange meteor, where they are questioned by Lazar; Lucciano informs him that they are his new bosses, apparently all sharing the title of Director of Sector Security.

Their purpose is unknown from the start, however, with the appearance of the female Turbo Duelist, Sherry Leblanc, a part of their purpose had been revealed. For one matter, she solemnly believes that Yliaster is responsible for the death of her parents.

And in the other hand, she reveals that Yliaster is seemingly involved with the prestigious tournament known as the World Riding Grand Prix. According to Placido's Group, their using the WRGP and the duelists themselves, in order to find those who have some kind of mysterious power, and so that in the end when those powers are released a "greater power" will be born.


Infinity Trio

The New Main Antagonists

Three people seem to act as a seperate group from the main organization: Placido, Lucciano, and Jose. The origins of this small group is unknown. Some hints as to their goals have been revealed, such as "the Circuit" and its completion, and that Placido has his own goals. Their names coincide with the Three Tenor's names: Lucciano Pavarotti, Jose Carreras and Placido Domingo.

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