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Yew tree
Yew tree
Members only? No
Woodcutting level 60[1]
Woodcutting experience 175[1]
Farming level 60[2]
Farming experience 7,150.9[2]
Examine A splendid tree.
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Yew trees are one of a variety of trees that are interactive scenery found in various places. They are mostly used for Woodcutting to gather logs used in Fletching and Firemaking, but also play a role in Farming and Construction.


Yew trees in Woodcutting

Players in Catherby chopping Yews

All players with hatchet (that they can use) and level 60 or higher Woodcutting can chop down a yew tree to obtain 175 experience[1] and yew logs. A rune or dragon hatchet is preferred. As with all trees above normal trees and achey trees, yews can yield multiple logs when chopped. The respawn time for yew trees is 60-98 seconds. Locations that yew trees can be found in are usually extremely crowded with players, and it is often difficult to find an empty world. Yew trees are also marked with a rare tree mark on the mini-map.

A yew tree in RuneScape Classic

Presently, there is high demand for logs to be used in Fletching and, to a lesser extent, Firemaking, even though there has been quite a range in the recent price of yew logs. As such, it is rare to see a vacant tree. Macros commonly targeted yew trees due to their high value, especially in free to play. As a result, nearly all yew trees had a constant population of macros around them. However, ever since the new trading system update of 2 January 2008 (designed to detect macros), most yew trees have few, if any, bots cutting one. Yews are still extremely hard to cut in free-to-play worlds; players could consider cutting yew trees for logs in PvP worlds in order to decrease competition for logs, although there is the risk of dying. The best place to cut yew trees in free-to-play is just north of Varrock's palace, where three trees can be found. For members, one of the best spots is the yew grove west of the Catherby bank due to a close bank and a high number of trees, but the spot is always extremely crowded with players and it is often near impossible to find an empty world. If one completes the Legends' quest, the three yew trees just outside the guild are rarely cut. Legends can bank inside the guild. Another great place to cut yews at is Melzar's Maze, as you can set your house at Rimmington, house teleport there, and then, when your inventory is full, use the Explorer's ring 3's cabbage teleport to get back to Draynor. (Or use any other teleport that doesn't take up inventory space.) Another good way to this is to bank at the deposit box in the customs office in Rimmington (shows up as "locker" in game) but you can only do this if you have completed the quest Rocking out Though yew trees are a slow way to profit, compared to soft clay and steel bars, it is the only method where you could do something else while waiting for your inventory to fill up, like watching a movie, or reading a book.

Tree Locations

Yew Trees in Edgeville.
A Yew Tree ent behind Varrock palace.

Yew trees can be found in the following locations:


Free-to-play areas

  • 1 in the Lumbridge graveyard.
  • 1 north of Port Sarim near the stone wall separating Port Sarim and Draynor Village.
  • 1 next to the church in northern Varrock.
  • 1 south of Varrock, east of the Champions' guild, north of the east farm in Lumbridge.
  • 2 in the ruins in Edgeville.(Very Often crowded)
  • 3 in the forest south of Falador.
  • 1 east of Varrock, close to the Earth Altar.
  • 3 On the lawn behind Varrock Castle, east of the Grand Exchange (A good place to cut because it is near a bank and Grand Exchange) (Often crowded)
  • 4 west of Lumbridge.
  • 4 near Rimmington and south of Melzar's Maze. (Far from bank, though usually crowded and you can use Explorer's Ring 3 to cabbage-port near Draynor where theres a bank, saving walking time.)
  • 3 east of Varrock Palace, below the Wilderness

Member areas

  • 2 in Zanaris.
  • 3 south-east of the Legends' Guild entrance.
  • 3 south of Seers' Village bank in a church courtyard/graveyard. (Although it is close to a bank, it is not recommended to chop here as it is often crowded.)
  • 7 located around the Gnome Stronghold. (3 west of the bank, 4 in south-east corner.)
  • 7 near Port Tyras past a few Dense Forests and a Tripwire trap. (4 just south of the tripwire.)
  • 8 in a grove south-west of Catherby, east of the Flax Field, and directly south of the Beehives (also where players arrive after using the Camelot teleport or teletab). This location is handy to its proximity to the Catherby bank, but may occasionally be busy.
  • 10 gathered in the woodland Hunter zone.

A great way to chop yews is to complete the Defender of Varrock quest up to the point where the Armoured Zombies are attacking Varrock Palace. This makes this area a quest zone, meaning only you are in it. However, you can still chop the 3 Yew trees in the palace, making it a great place to chop.

Also, if you have completed Fairytale II - Cure a Queen, to a certain point, you can use the fairy rings to go to the Legends' Guild(Code BLR) where there is 3 yew trees with virtually no one cutting them, and you can bank in Zanaris. The only let down is that you lose one inventory space because you have to wield Dramen/Lunar Staff.

Yew trees in Construction

Members can also plant a bagged yew tree in the garden of their player-owned house at level 60 Construction[3]. This requires a watering can, but grants 141 experience in each of Construction and Farming[3].

Although this is a yew tree, it cannot be chopped down because it is bagged.

Yew trees in Farming

A farmed yew tree.

Members can grow a yew tree by planting a yew seed in a tree patch at level 60 Farming. They gain 81 experience for this, and a further 7069.9 for checking the tree's health when it has grown[2]. A Gardener will require 10 Cactus spines as payment to look after your yew tree. Cutting down a yew or magic tree is a hard task in the Falador Diary.


  • The yew tree in non-fiction is a coniferous tree, similar to a pine tree. In RuneScape, the tree looks more like a broad-leaved tree, such as the sugar maple.
  • A strong yew can be found in Lumbridge Swamp, which provides a shortcut for members to the western shores of Al Kharid. Strong trees can not be cut.
  • Possibly because of the Runetek update, the chopped yew still has it's shadow appearing. This may be a bug and has yet to be fixed (This is now only affecting some trees)
  • There are three yew trees in the place where the Beekeeper random event takes place, though they can not be cut.
  • To re-use the space for farming tree patches. If you've already planted a Yew tree you can cut it and then use a Spade on it to dig out its roots, then plant a new tree of your desire.


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