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Yew roots are the remains of a yew tree planted in a tree farming patch. Players need level 60 Farming to grow this tree[1], and cannot obtain roots from chopping down a wild yew tree.

Players must plant a yew seed in a plant pot filled with soil, water it with a watering can, then wait for the yew sapling to germinate. Players must then plant the seedling in one of five tree patches that exist in RuneScape[2], and wait for it to grow to maturity. Paying a gardener the required fee of 10 cactus spines[3] is highly recommended, since yew seeds cost approximately 119,200 coins on the Grand Exchange. Finally, players must chop down the tree using an axe (yielding yew logs), then dig up the roots using a spade.

Yew roots (like all tree roots) can be used to make supercompost for use in Farming[4], but this is a waste of the item, since it is much more valuable for use in Herblore; it is used as the secondary ingredient in a toadflax potion(unf) to make an extra strong anti-poison potion[5]. Players need level 68 Herblore, but gain 155 experience points when they do so.


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