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Yew logs

Yew logs are logs obtained from cutting yew trees, which requires at least level 60 Woodcutting  for players to cut. They give 175 experience when cut with a regular hatchet, 350 experience when cut with a Sacred clay hatchet, and 385 when cut with a Volatile clay hatchet. Players can burn these logs with the Firemaking skill, and they give 202.5 experience when burned. Members can also use these logs for Fletching. They are the best type of logs available to free players and they are a good way to make money for them as well. One full inventory of Yew logs gives exactly 4900 Woodcutting experience (9,800 with sacred clay hatchet; 10,780 with volatile clay hatchet). Yew tree locations are relatively few and scattered and also tend to be crowded in free-to-play worlds. However, in a members' world there is a much better chance of finding a less crowded location.

Yew logs can also be used to travel to Castle Wars on the Balloon Transport System.

Yew trees were also popular targets of macroing programs due to the large profit their logs attract when offered for sale. These macros could be commonly found being used in F2P worlds, especially south of Falador, north of the Varrock Castle, the forest between Lumbridge and Draynor Village, and south of Melzar's Maze.

Yew logs and the economy

Yew logs are often in high demand from players who are trying to train Fletching. Yew logs increased in price due to Jagex's updates aiming to eliminate the use of bots. The value of yew logs is mainly driven by the high alchemy value of Yew longbows (768 coins), which will pay almost completely for the yew logs and the nature runes needed to alchemy them, assuming you supply your own bowstrings.

With the advent of the Grand Exchange, trading Yew logs became easier, but much more competitive. Yew logs began to rise in price as buyers offered higher than their median fair market value on the Grand Exchange. This rapid climb led to the Grand Exchange price adjustment, which attempted to quell the price of them.Yew logs are as of now the best way to make money with woodcutting since magic logs regardless of being more money each are far slower than yews.

When the Trade and Drop update occurred on 10 December 2007, yew-cutting bots were nearly eliminated from the game. This caused the price of yew logs to drastically rise in the days immediately following. However, when many people began selling at the lowest possible price, the yew log market crashed, causing a sudden price drop of more than 100 coins.

Later, yew log prices began to rise again, eventually reaching an all-time high of 560 coins each in September 2009[1]. The yew log price now remains steady at 451 coins, however, their prices are still extremely volatile.


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