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The title of this article is conjectural.

Although this article is based on canonical information, the actual name of this subject is pure conjecture.

A number of capital ships used by the alien Yevetha of the Duskhan League were described as "cruisers" and "battle cruisers"; collectively, they can be thought of as Yevethan cruisers.

Some of these ships at least may have been of native Yevethan design, but it seems that most, if not all, were probably of Imperial type, reflecting the Yevetha's capture of Imperial assets during the rising that accompanied Black Sword Command's withdrawal from the Koornacht Cluster in 4 ABY.

The designation "cruiser" is given to two of the ships which took part in the early stages of the Great Purge, the Liberty at Polneye and the Star Dream at New Brigia. Another Yevethan ship, the Purity at Doornik-1142, is called a "battle cruiser".

Both Liberty and Star Dream were armed with heavy beam weapons capable of carrying out orbital bombardments, while Liberty had anti-starfighter turbolasers and Star Dream had a sizeable hangar, capable of deploying at least one broad-hulled cargo shuttle and several military drop ships packed with troops. Purity had precise laser weapons, and a holonet transmitter.

Liberty at least was probably an Imperial design, inasmuch as available evidence suggests that all the ships used at Polneye were Imperial types. Moreover, in contrast to the native Yevethan thrustships, which bore names like Aramadia, Tholos and Rizaron, the names of these "cruisers" connect them with the ex-Imperial and Imperial-designed ships of the Black Fleet, which were known in Duskhan League service by names like Glory of Yevetha, Beauty of Yevetha and Devotion of Yevetha, often referred to simply as Glory, Beauty and Devotion.

Ultimately, however, it is not clear what class any of these ships belonged to.

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