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Brief overview

In 2157 Captain Kurt Wilson commands the Pioneer (NX-10) to the planet Vorkado to investigate a possible collaboration between the Romulans and the Tholians to create a weapon to win the Earth-Romulan War.

Memorable quotes

"That’s your explanation for everything! Oh the Xindi did it. The Xindi created that spatial rift in the Janus sector. The Xindi caused the temporal implosion on the Qwestern star. Oh it was the Xindi that caused a whole Denobulan
…vessel to disappear leaving only a cybernetic eyepiece were you gonna say? If I remember correctly I blamed that on something much worse.
— Bedginfield critisises O'Neil's unusual theories.

Background information

  • The episode was originally Time's Legacy, Part 1 of three episodes however when the season finale was trimmed down to two episodes, Yesterday's Pioneer was used to fill in the gap.


  • This episode is the first to mention the planet Galax Prime which would feature in later seasons.
  • It is also the first episode to mention peace talks with the Romulan Empire however, Ria also recalls T'Pel's brother's attempt to ignite war not helping the proceedings, a reference to the earlier episode "Destiny of Freedom, Part 2".
  • The Pioneer NX-10 docks at Moebius station orbiting planet Moebius II. This planet would later be visited in "Moebius".
  • This episode introduces several new characters that may make future appearances:
  • The following information about the Earth-Romulan War is also established:
    • Not long before the events of this episode, the Battle of Galorndon Core had taken place, apparently won by Earth. This victory is also implied in the Star Trek: Voyager episode VOY: "The Thaw"
    • With the breakout of war the "Daedalus project" had been accelerated.
    • The Kzinti were friendly to Earth and would be threatened if the Romulans took control.

See also

Battle of Gliese 581, Battle of Vorkado, Gliese 581 system

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