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Yarael Poof
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27 BBY[2] (8), Coruscant

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2.64 meters[1]

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Chronological and political information

Rise of the Empire era

Known apprentices

Roron Corobb

"Master Poof sacrificed himself not only to preserve billions of lives, but so the Republic itself would live on. I can think of no more fitting tribute than this: He gave his life for a cause he believed in."
Mace Windu

Yarael Poof was a Quermian Jedi Master who served on the Jedi Council during the twilight years of the Galactic Republic. He trained Roron Corobb as his Padawan. While he carried a lightsaber, Yarael Poof preferred to use his mastery of mind tricks to avoid conflict.



Yarael Poof's lightsaber.

Poof was a consummate master of Jedi mind tricks and could use the Force to mislead targets by conjuring false images in their minds. His connection with the Force was admired by all, and he was invited to be a member of the Jedi Council—a position he accepted. Yarael Poof was powerful and skilled in the rare art of battle meditation, which helped him to give courage to an army while the opposing army suddenly was mentally weakened.[3] As a member of the Jedi Council, Yarael Poof was also adept in a combat situation.

He was a member of the Quermian species, a race of sentient invertebrates related to the Xexto of Troiken. His long legs, body and neck caused him to stand some three feet taller than other humanoid species. Hidden beneath his traditional robes were four delicate arms which granted Yarael Poof remarkable dexterity. Poof's sensitive olfactory glands were located in his hands. He had two brains, one located inside his skull and the other in his chest cavity. He was the most senior of four Quermian Jedi in the years running up to the Invasion of Naboo.

The Jedi Master was present when Qui-Gon Jinn brought young Anakin Skywalker before the Council for training. He trained at least one Padawan himself, an Ithorian named Roron Corobb.

Poof was at the Jedi Temple with fellow Council members Depa Billaba, Oppo Rancisis, Yoda, Yaddle and Even Piell during the Yinchorri attack on the Jedi Temple. Wielding a yellow lightsaber, Poof survived the brief skirmish between the Jedi and Yinchorri.

Master Poof is stabbed by Ashaar Khorda.

In 27 BBY, Yarael's finest hour came after a chain of events that started with a crisis meeting of the Jedi Council. Mace Windu briefed the gathered Jedi luminaries that a threat had emerged that needed immediate action. A radical Annoo-dat General named Ashaar Khorda was planning to strike at one of the Republic's key worlds—Alderaan, Corellia or Coruscant. Most terrifying of all, the Council learned that Khorda had obtained an ancient artifact from the planet Seylott that was so powerful it could destroy a planet. A member of the Council would be chosen to watch over each of the planets.

Oppo Rancisis would go to Corellia, Eeth Koth to Alderaan and Mace Windu volunteered to watch over Coruscant. But Yarael Poof suggested he be given the task of watching over Coruscant. He reasoned that General Khorda's powerful artifact would create a disturbance in the Force, and so his particularly sensitive Force connection would be invaluable. The Council agreed. He did not have to wait long. Sensing a disturbance in the Force in the lower levels of Coruscant, Yarael started homing in on the source. On his way to the bowels of Coruscant, Poof came across a young boy being pursued by a gang of thugs. Such was the Quermian's sense of compassion that he made time to help the boy and created an apparition of a fearsome rancor to scare off the gang.

Before long, Yarael found himself within Coruscant's central power generator. Before him was Khorda, clutching a carved object that Yarael sensed was the source of the Force disturbance. Realizing how close the object was to releasing the power, Yarael stepped forward and demanded that Khorda and his followers surrender. At the same time, two bounty hunters appeared and demanded the same thing. Khorda's followers opened fire on them, forcing Yarael to resort to violence.

Master Poof dies after disabling the Infant of Shaa.

Poof and the two bounty hunters, Zam Wesell and Jango Fett, defeated the terrorists, and Yarael obtained the artifact. He was about to use his Force powers to deactivate it when Khorda plunged a knife in his chest. Fett shot Khorda in return. Although he could have saved himself, he used his last ounce of Force to deactivate the artifact—thus saving Coruscant at the cost of his own life.[2]

A funeral was held for him at the Jedi Temple's Pyre, attended by members of the High Council and three Quermian Jedi. Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker also attended.

Yarael Poof's place on the Jedi Council was filled by Coleman Trebor.

Powers and abilities

Yarael Poof was gifted with illusions, with a talent for projecting images into the minds of others. As a Quermian, Poof also did not have a spinal column; thus, he could contort his body in ways few other species could match. He also possessed the ability to trigger fires by manipulating the molecules of combustible objects. Poof was also a master of Jedi mind tricks and one of the few Jedi who used Battle Meditation.

Yarael Poof carried a yellow lightsaber during a Yinchorri attack on the Jedi Temple and a blue lightsaber at the time of his death. There is little knowledge on Poof's lightsaber skills but he proved proficient enough to survive the Yinchorri attack.

Behind the scenes

Yarael Poof concept art.

Yarael Poof would have been cast in Attack of the Clones, but George Lucas found this character too difficult and expensive to be animated, so he removed him from the Council. He imagined the Battle of Geonosis to be a battle where all the Council members would attend. Poof's absence in Episode II also helped avoid any confusion between his species and the newly-introduced Kaminoans.[4]

Poof, or possibly his twin brother, appears to anonymously be in the background of a scene involving a gathering of the Jedi Council in Star Wars Republic 53: Blast Radius. He can also be seen sitting on the Jedi Council in Star Wars Republic 61: Dead Ends.


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