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Yao Guai
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The Yao Guai are a species of mutated bears. Strong, fast and deadly, Yao Guai are among the most fearsome creatures in the wasteland.



Chinese name

In Chinese, Yao Guai (妖怪) simply means "monster". In mythology, they are physical incarnations of the spirits of mistreated animals, or fallen divine animals. During gameplay, there is evidence that there were Chinese soldiers who made it to the American mainland during the Great War, so it is possible that its Chinese name comes from this influence.


Although generally found alone, Yao Guai, when found in pairs, exhibit a gentle, familial bond toward one another, provided they do not feel threatened by the observer's presence.

Yao Guai attack nearly any other animals or people they encounter, including Deathclaws.

They can be found in groups wandering The Capital Wasteland. They can be found mostly on and around rocky and hilly places.

Yao Guai have an underground den, the Yao Guai Tunnels (not to be confused with the Yao Guai Cave)

Combat behavior

Yao Guai attack via running pounces and slashes. Like all creatures that have pounce attacks, they can't pounce with a crippled leg.

They have really high Perception, and so can become aware of you even when not in a direct line of sight.

If you have the Animal Friend perk, they will no longer attack you or your party unless provoked. They can even fight for you after you get the second rank. Even without obtaining the second rank of the perk, the Yao Guai are hostile towards a number of other troublesome enemies.


Yao Guai corpses contain Yao Guai Meat, which not only carries a respectable health benefit but also grants the player a damage bonus for a short period of time.


SPECIAL Level Hit Points XP Combat skill Attack damage Special damage
ST, 7 PE, 5 EN, 5 CH, 5 IN, 5 AG, 3 LK 7 220  ? 50 75 (claws)
100 (leap attack)


  • There are some Wasteland Scavengers that managed to tame Yao Guai.
  • According to a Fallout 3 load screen, these strange beasts are descended from the D.C. area's black bears.
  • When one is extremely close to a passive Yao Guai (especially if it lies down to rest), they can be heard to have a wheezing, raspy breath.
  • A Yao Guai named Ruzka lives in the far northwest of Point Lookout.


Behind the scenes

  • Three Dog's advice on Yao Guai is simply: "Don't feed the Yao Guai". This is a reference to the adage "Please don't feed the bears," a saying commonly found on signs in parks in areas populated by bears.
  • The name Yao Guai is similiar to Yogi, the name of a Hanna-Barbera character (and, incidentally, also a bear).


  • Probably due to an extremely stiff ragdoll, Yao Guais have been confirmed occasionally to fly several dozens of feet vertically into the air when killed. The Combat Shotgun and Lincoln's Repeater are exceptionally good at sending them flying upon frontal decapitation. This phenomenon has been confirmed on all three platforms. An example on the PC version can be found by clicking on the following link:
  • Similarly, killing a Yao Guai in V.A.T.S. while it is pouncing will result in the creature flying off into the distance at high speed.
  • If you lure a Yao Guai into the river and it comes back out of the river, it will sometimes still be moving using the swimming animation .


Creatures in the Fallout games

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