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Location of Petshop in Yanille
Location of PetShop in the Taverley

Pet shops are part of the Summoning skill. There are two pet shops:

The Pet shop owner in Taverley is male, and the one in Yanille is female.

They opened on the day of the release of the Summoning skill. Previously it was a hidden update, and when examining the door it stated that it was to open soon.



Upon completion of Wolf Whistle, it is possible to buy certain types of pets from this shop. It is also possible to purchase food for your pets that were caught by the hunter skill, such as a Gecko. The shop does not supply pets that are not related to the Summoning skill (cats, fish or pet rocks) nor any food or equipment for them.

The incubator is used to hatch eggs which are obtained as a random drop from monsters, or obtained from a nest. (Note: you cannot use the incubator to hatch a plain chicken egg or a cockatrice egg.)



Item Price
Nuts 10 (price will get bigger per 50 bought)
Flies 10
Beetle bits 10
Spirit shards 25
Spirit shards pack* 125000

* a box containing 5000 spirit shards

Other items in shop

Examine information:

Both locations:

  • Pet shop (sign) 'They know how much the puppy in the window is.'
  • Counter 'There are a lot of pet supplies here.'
  • Collars 'Made by the A. Wilson Company.'
  • Hay 'It's good for bedding and stuffing.'
  • Pen 'Keeps the puppies out of trouble.'
  • Pillow 'It's covered in hairs.'
  • Dog baskets 'Enough baskets for any dog's needs.'
  • Ball 'Fetch!'
  • Scale 'Things are cheaper by the pound.'
  • Incubator 'It incubates eggs.'

Taverley only:

  • Pet shop owner 'The man of the pet shop.'
  • Shelves 'Lots of things for a growing pup/fish.'
  • Labrador 'A Labrador puppy.'
  • Terrier 'A terrier puppy.'
  • Dog basket 'It's a basket for dogs.'
  • Birdcage 'Sure it's gilded, but would you want to live in it?'

Yanille only:

  • Pet shop owner 'The lady of the pet shop.'
  • Shelves 'Lots of things for a growing pup/kitten/fish.'
  • Bulldog 'A bulldog puppy.'
  • Dalmatian 'A dalmatian puppy.'
  • Cat basket 'It's a basket for cats.'
  • Fishtank 'Lots of little fishies.'
  • Cat 'It seems to be sat happily on the counter.'

Before Summoning skill introduced:

  • Door (Yanille) 'Closed pending the grand opening.'


  • Before the release of the skill, the Yanille pet shop owner would come out of the shop and walk a bulldog every few minutes.
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  • Just days before Summoning was released, crowds of people waited outside the Pet Shop waiting for the release of Summoning.
  • A few days before the release of the skill it was possible for players to get the door open using a glitch, however not get in.
  • When you examine the sign it says "They know how much that dog in the window is". This is a reference to the old song by Patti Page called "(How much) is that doggie in the window".

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