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Yang Fang Leiden
Artwork by Yoshitaka Amano
Sprite(s) Yang's SNES menu portrait GBA menu portrait Yang's DS portrait Yang's portrait in The After Years
Yang's battle sprite Yang during battle in the Mobile Phone version Yang's The After Years battle sprite
Japanese name Yang Fang Leiden
Kana ヤン・ファン・ライデン
Romaji Yan Fan Raiden
Voice actor(s)
Tessho Genda
Voice actor(s)
Jackson Daniels
Job Monk
Skill Kick, Power/Focus, Gird/Brace
Birthplace Fabul
Age 35 (Final Fantasy IV)
52 (The After Years)
Height 6'0" (1.82 m)
Weight 168 lbs (76 kg)
Laterality Ambidextrous
Final Fantasy IV Character
"The mustached warrior monk of the military nation of Fabul."

Yang Fang Leiden is a playable character in Final Fantasy IV. He is a Monk from the kingdom of Fabul, and is among the highest ranked and most respected of their number. Despite this, though, he is a humble man, and so does not bask in his glory, but rather always tries his best to be respectful. He is generally well disciplined, but has trouble sleeping in, requiring the intervention of his wife and her trusty frying pan to wake him up.



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Final Fantasy IV

Yang meeting the party.

Yang is first seen on Mt. Hobs where he is battling several of Golbez's monsters. He is the last surviving defender, the rest of his men dying from the assault. Seeing his trouble, Cecil Harvey, Rydia, Edward Chris von Muir, and Rosa Joanna Farrell offer their help in defeating the most powerful of these monsters: the Mom Bomb. They eventually succeed, and Cecil warns Yang that this attack may have been a diversion so that Golbez, using Baron's Red Wings, may attack a defenseless Fabul in order to steal the Crystal of Air. Yang initially does not trust Cecil, as he is a Dark Knight. However, the others vouch for him, and Yang accepts Cecil's help in going back to Fabul. Once the party reaches Fabul, they talk to the king there, and warn him of the impending attack by Golbez. However, the king also does not trust Cecil due to his being a Dark Knight. However, Yang and Edward vouch for Cecil's loyalty. Yang, Cecil, and Edward are then ordered to lead the defense. However, the war does not go well. The three are forced to retreat to the Crystal Room. There, they meet Kain Highwind, who has been missing since the incident in Mist. However, Kain is now a servant of Golbez, and defeats Cecil in a one-on-one duel. Golbez then enters, and wounds Yang and Edward, steals the Crystal, and takes Rosa as a hostage. Rydia then heals the rest of the party. The party then has a strategy conference, where they decide that in order to rescue Rosa, they need an airship from Baron. Cecil told the party that Cid Pollendina would provide them with one. However, they needed to think of a way to sneak into Baron. Yang asked his king for a ship which could be taken to Baron, and the king obliged. However, on the way, the ship was attacked by Leviathan, and Yang, Cecil, Edward, and Rydia were blown off the ship.

Yang washes ashore somewhere near Baron. However, he has amnesia due to the Leviathan attack. He was then enlisted as an officer in Baron, and lead the guards at the inn. When Cecil, along with Tellah, Palom, and Porom approached Yang, he ordered the guards to attack Cecil, and then attacked him himself. However, Cecil was able to snap Yang back to reality, and Yang realized that he was under the control of the king of Baron the whole time. Yang then rejoined the party, and found the Key of Baron in his pocket, which the party then used to enter Baron Castle via the Ancient Waterway.

Yang's DS CG model

Cecil's party reached the castle, and met up with Baigan there. Baigan tells Cecil that he is not under Golbez's control, and that he is loyal only to the King of Baron. He offers to help Cecil, and Cecil accepts the help. However, Palom and Porom smell a monster in the area, and point Baigan out as the monster. Cecil's party then fights Baigan, and Palom and Porom warn Cecil to tread lightly around Baron. Cecil then proceeds to meet the king, who is upset that Cecil became a Paladin. However, when Cecil mentions the king of Baron's true name, the king lets out that he killed the real king, and Cecil then demands that the king reveal himself. It turned out that the king was in fact Cagnazzo, the Archfiend of Water. Cecil's party then fought Cagnazzo and won. Cid escaped prison after this, and greeted Cecil enthusiastically. Cid then joined Cecil's party. However, Cagnazzo had one last trick up his sleeve. When Cecil tried to escape, the walls began to cave in. Palom and Porom had to save Cecil's party by petrifying themselves. Tellah tried to heal them, but to no avail. Cid then took them to his newest airship, the Enterprise.

Cecil could not escape on the Enterprise without an encounter with the Red Wings. Kain issued an ultimatum to Cecil. Cecil would either get Kain the Crystal of Earth in Troia or Rosa would die. Cecil had no choice but to go to Troia. There, he learned from the Epopts that the Dark Elf, a monster who lives in Lodestone Cavern to the north, had stolen the Crystal. He also found Edward who was recovering from the Leviathan attack. Edward gave Cecil a Whisperweed because he was too weak to help Cecil out.

Yang fighting Cecil

Cecil's party then headed to Cave Magnes to meet with the Dark Elf. However, the cave was covered in a magnetic field, and Cecil and his friends could not equip metallic weapons or armor. The Dark Elf was thus able to defeat Cecil. Edward was able to sense this, and began to play a melody on his harp. The Whisperweed reacted to this, and the Dark Elf lost control of himself. As a result, he became weak, and Cecil could attack him with his sword. He was then able to reclaim the Crystal of Earth. He and his party then headed back to Troia, where Kain contacted him and made him get on the Enterprise. Kain then guided Cecil's party to the Tower of Zot, where Golbez was holding Rosa prisoner. Golbez told Cecil's party that he wanted them to "receive" the reward, and made them come to him. Cecil's party then climbed the tower, and had to fight The Magus Sisters at the top. After the fight, they met Golbez, who took the Crystal and would not free Rosa. Tellah then attacked Golbez out of vengeance for Anna, and began casting spells on Golbez. However, they had no effect. He then cast Meteo on Golbez, severely wounding him. Cecil then rushed forward to strike, but Golbez knocked him down. Golbez then told Cecil that it was not over, and escaped. However, his control of Kain was broken. Cecil's party surrounded Tellah, who was dying due to the effects of him casting Meteor. He asked Cecil, Yang and Cid to avenge Anna for him, and then died. Cecil's party then talked to Kain, who was free of Golbez's control, and took the party to Rosa. Cecil then saved Rosa, and shared a kiss with her. Rosa and Kain both joined after. However, they could not escape the tower without fighting Barbariccia, the Archfiend of Air. Rosa then cast the Exit spell and the party was warped to Cecil's room in Baron.

Cecil's party was now worried, as Golbez now possessed all four Crystals. However, Kain spoke of the Dark Crystals, which were in the hidden in the Underworld. These Crystals had only been rumored to exist, but Golbez knew they existed. Kain then explained that Golbez needed the Crystals to open "the way to The Moon." Cecil then decided that his party had to head underground to protect the remaining Crystals. Kain then showed Cecil the Key of Magma, which could be used to enter the Underworld. Cid told the party that the Enterprise was back in Baron due to a remote control feature it had. The party then headed for the town of Agart and threw the Key of Magma in the well, which opened the way to the Underworld. The party entered the Underworld via the Enterprise, however, they were too late. The Red Wings had already begun battling with the tanks that the Dwarves used for war. The Enterprise was damaged in this battle, and Cecil's party had to seek help from the Dwarves in their castle. There, they met King Giott, the ruler of the Dwarves. He asked the party for help, and they agreed. However, Cid had to take a leave of absence in order to repair the Enterprise and wrap its body in Mystic Silver, which could be used to help the Enterprise withstand the intense heat. Yang sensed something in the Crystal Room behind the throne, and Giott opened it up for Cecil's party to check out. There, they found Luca's dolls, together known as the Calcabrina, under Golbez's control. Cecil's party defeated them. Afterwards, Golbez himself showed up. He put the party in a magical hold in which they could not move. He then Summoned a monster, the Shadow Dragon, which proceeded to eliminate each party member one by one except Cecil. However, the Mist Dragon appeared and defeated the Shadow Dragon. Cecil was then able to move, and Rydia suddenly appeared and defeated Golbez. The party, Cecil and Rosa in particular, were happy to see Rydia, and she offered her help, which Cecil accepted. Golbez, now weakened to the form of a hand, was able to steal the Crystal and escape.

It was then decided that the party head for the Tower of Babil in order to get the other Crystals back. The party sneaks in, and finds Dr. Lugae, a scientist under Golbez working with Rubicante, the Archfiend of Fire. Rubicante was teleported somewhere unknown, and Cecil's party disrupted and defeated Lugae. Afterwards, the party found the key to stopping the Super Cannon. When they reached the Super Cannon, however, its operators would not go down without a fight or making the cannon unstoppable. Yang had to stop the cannon himself, and he was left for dead.

Cecil waking Yang up

However, Yang was rescued by the Sylphs who lived in the Sylph Cave. They took care of Yang. When Cecil's party found him later, they went back to Fabul to tell his wife. She gave them a frying pan to hit Yang with in order to wake him up. When they hit Yang, he was happy to see Cecil, and Edge and he got into an argument. When Yang requested to help the party, the Sylphs would not let him, and they offered Rydia their power instead. When Yang recovers, he commands a tank in the battle against the Giant of Babil, after which he goes to the Tower of Wishes in Mysidia to pray for Cecil. In the Game Boy Advance version of the game, he becomes playable here again.

In the ending, Yang takes the throne as the king of Fabul, and then attends Cecil and Rosa's wedding.

In the English localization of the DS version, Yang is pronounced [jɑːŋ], not [jæŋ] as is more common for the word yang as it is typically used in English.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

"Taking his place as the king of Fabul, he upholds the teachings of the royal dynasty and leads the people of Fabul. His training as a monk remains unchanged, and he hasn't neglected his personal discipline. His greatest desire is to be able to gently raise his only daughter, Ursula."
Yang in The After Years.

Though now a King, Yang still trains himself as a monk and remains unchanged, not neglecting his personal discipline. His only desire is to be able to gently raise his only daughter, Ursula. He was among the first to see what seems to be Kain working with the Mysterious Maiden to gather the Crystals. After their ship was swallowed by Leviathan, Yang and Ursula were found in Kaipo by Rydia's party, who woke Ursula with the ladle and knocked Yang with the frying pan. They then consequently joined them to help break a force field before confronting the Maiden in Baron. After assisting in the battle with various bosses in which the Crystals hold, they face off with the Maiden and Bahamut, who comes to his senses and pushes her back. Finally, they confronted the Creator, who pursued them through various battles before his ultimate defeat by Meteor. Yang is last seen back at Fabul, where he finally trains Ursula, reminding her that he's not going to go easy on her just because she's his daughter.


Main article: Monk (Final Fantasy IV)

Yang is fought in Baron after being separated from the party by Leviathan.

Equipment and Stats

Yang in battle in The After Years

Yang has the highest HP for the majority of the game. However, his HP stops increasing at approximately Level 60, severely hindering his usefulness. Due to him being a monk, he has high strength as well. However, his equipment choices are very limited, and the only weapons he can equip are Claws in each hand. Yang's Claws do not have any attack strength on their own (although a few give bonuses to Strength), and as many have elemental or status effects attached to them, Yang can effectively switch Claws and alter the effect and elemental damages done by his attacks without compromising his attack power. He can also equip most tunics and rings, and some armlets.

Musical Themes

Yang's theme is Fabul, and plays in his hometown which the track is named for.


  • Kick: Deals physical damage to all opponents. The damage done by Kick is considerably weaker than a regular physical attack, and takes longer to charge up. In the DS release, Kick is much stronger, doing damage equal to a normal attack, and any elemental or status properties on his claws will also apply to Kick. In addition, this augment could be quite useful to give to either Cecil, Kain, or Edge as this can attack all enemies and make dispatching larger enemy parties easier.
  • Focus: Yang's last special ability is Focus or Power, an incredibly useful one. Waiting a bit longer, Yang will unleash a physical attack at twice power. The Discipline Armband changes this to Deadly, which does three times damage instead. This ability does not appear in the SNES version of the game. In the DS release, Yang may use Focus up to three times, increasing the strength of his blow more each time, and Focus' boost is also applied to the damage done by Kick.
Yang's Brace ability
  • Brace: Using this command allows Yang to go in a defensive stance taking minimal damage against all attacks. This ability does not appear in the SNES version of the game.
  • Cover Counter: This ability functions similarly to Cecil's Cover ability. When covering an ally, Yang will take damage for them, and he will also counter the attack with one of his own. Yang has this ability in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years.

Yang can also use the following Band abilities:

  • Twin Wing Frenzy: Yang + Ursula (Event)
  • Oboro Trap: Yang + Edge (Event)
  • Explosive Kick: Yang (Kick) + Gekkou (Shuriken)
  • Fist Dance: Yang (Attack) + Edward (Bardsong)
  • Sylph Protection: Yang (Attack) + Rydia (Summon)
  • Five Star Crimson Palm: Yang (Attack) + Ursula (Tenketsu)
  • King's Quad: Yang (Attack) + Edge (Attack) + Cecil (Attack) + Edward (Bardsong)


Yang, in yin and yang, is the word for one half of the two opposing forces in Chinese philosophy, and is described as "bright positive masculine principle" in Chinese dualistic cosmology.

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