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Xuanlong Assault Rifle
Attack statistics
dmg/attack: 12
DPS: 96
attacks/sec: 8
# of projectiles: 1
spread: 1.5
crit dmg: 12
crit chance: x 0.125 (unmodified: 1)
ammo type: 5.56mm
ammo per shot: 1
ammo capacity: 36
shots/reload: 36
skill: Small Guns
AP: 23
item HP: 400
repair: Chinese Assault Rifles
weight: 7
value: 400
quests: Jiggs' Loot
base id: 000C800E

The Xuanlong Assault Rifle is a uniquely modified Chinese Assault Rifle.



  • Xuanlong is a top-tier, general purpose automatic firearm. Chambered in the same 5.56mm as other assault rifles, it is the most powerful weapon in this class: in DAM, DPS, and magazine capacity.
  • Xuanlong has the same AP cost, Spread, and Critical Multiplier as all other assault rifles. It has the same high durability of the Chinese Assault Rifle (more durable than the R91 and the Infiltrator). The rifle can be fully repaired with Chinese Assault Rifles.
  • Though spare parts for this weapon are more scarce for lower level characters, the Xuanlong has the highest base damage of any automatic Small Gun, as well as the highest non-critical damage per second of all Small Guns. It also benefits from a 36-round magazine, 12 rounds higher than all other assault rifles. As Xuanlong is also durable, chambered in a common cartridge, and is relatively easy to repair, it could be considered one of the most valuable weapons for a Small Guns inclined user to find.

Related Quests


It is found on Prime's body in the diner near the Jury Street Metro Station. Prime will not spawn until the aforementioned quest is completed.



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