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There are three kinds of experience that a player can gain: class, profession, and guild. Class and profession experience help to advance the player’s character and profession level, while guild experience helps to advance the level of the player’s guild. Class experience is gained by defeating monsters, completing quests, and using certain scrolls. Profession experience is gained by practicing your profession and using certain scrolls. Guild experience is only gained by donating experience points from members defeating monsters


Class Experience

Defeating monsters is the primary method of gaining class experience and advancing your character to higher levels. Each monster has a maximum amount of experience that can be gained by defeating it; this maximum is also called the monster's base experience. However, the only way to gain the maximum experience is to defeat the monster in a balanced fight. A fight is considered balanced under the following conditions:

  • Total monster level is not lower than 5 below total player level and not higher than 10 above.
  • For groups of monsters, the level of at least one monster multiplied by 2.5 needs to be higher than the total player level.

(Note: "Balanced" in this context refers only to character levels. Don't automatically assume that entering a fight where the character levels are balanced means that you have a "balanced" chance of being victorious.)

What follows is a more detailed explanation of how base experience is modified by the levels of the combatants.

1 player vs 1 monster

The simplest situation. The monster, like all monsters, has an experience value. LM is the level of the monster, LP is the level of the player.

  • If LM > LP + 10, modify by math
  • If LP > LM + 5, modify by math
  • If LP > LM * 2.5, modify by math

1 player vs X monsters

A bit more complicated. Since the total monster level is no longer the same as the highest monster level, have to separate the concepts. LTM is the total monster level, while LHM is the highest monster level.

  • If LTM > LP + 10, modify by math
  • If LP > LTM + 5, modify by math
  • If LP > LHM * 2.5, modify by math

X players vs X monsters

Total group experience seems to be calculated as above, using total group level in place of character level. After total group experience is calculated an additional modifier is applied for each member of the party as below, before wisdom and guild modifiers are applied.

LG = total group level


Thus, each member of the group receives a percentage of the group's total experience equal to the percentage of the total group level that is made up by their level.

Experience Awarded From Monsters

When a monster is defeated, its base experience is modified as above. The amount of experience is then further modified by the character's wisdom and guild tax (if any):

  • Character XP = base XP * (1 - guild tax) * (1 + Wisdom / 100)
  • Guild XP: see Guild Experience

The actual XP also depends on the number of stars displayed for the group, and any Fighting Challenges completed.

Experience Awarded From Scrolls

A character can also gain experience by using experience scrolls. These scrolls are global drops; you might also be able to buy them at a scroll sellroom. A character's wisdom will increase the amount of experience gained from a scroll. (Tip: Get the highest wisdom possible before using the scroll. Equip all your +Wisdom equipment and use any boost food which you may have).

Experience at different levels

For the same level mob, a level 117 will gain 1% more experience than a level 116, while wearing the same amount of wisdom. However, for any given level, being one level higher means that would need a certain percent (the exact amount does not increase in a regular manner) more exp than you previously did to level up; by level 198, you require a painful 7% more experience to level up than you did did at level 197. Hence, it is important to obtain optimum wisdom bonuses on your gear towards the epic levels. The difficulty of levelling increases dramatically from level 182 onwards.

Profession Experience

See the Profession page.

Guild Experience

See the Guild page.

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  • Experience calc
  • Specific Experience Calculator

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From the RuneScape Wiki, the wiki for all things RuneScape

A player levelling up.

Experience, commonly abbreviated as Exp or XP, is a measure of progress in a certain skill. It is usually obtained by performing tasks related to that skill. After gaining a certain amount of experience, players will advance to the next level in that skill, which can result in new abilities, among other things.


Gaining Experience

The old style (prior to Level-up Messages update) of a player reaching level 70 in Mining.
The skills interface after the interface update.
The skills interface prior to the interface update.
How a level 99 in a skill appears after the interface update.

Experience in a skill is obtained by performing a task related to that skill. Experience can also be gained by performing a task unrelated to the skill, such as completing a quest, participating in a random event, or playing a minigame or miniquest.

  • When a player rubs a lamp from a random event gift, the player gains experience equal to the level of the skill they select times 10. (E.g. a player's Woodcutting level is 50; they rub the lamp, choose Woodcutting, and receive 500 Woodcutting experience.)
  • When a player reads the Book of knowledge from the Surprise Exam random event, they receive to their chosen skill their current level times 15. (E.g. if a player's Attack level is 50, they would receive 750 experience from reading the book if they chose Attack.)

Players who help others using the Assist System can earn a maximum of 30,000 total experience every 24 hours, although the experience may be shared among many skills. Some skills cannot be shared through the Assist System (namely gathering and combat skills - Attack and Mining).

Players can continue receiving experience after level 99 in a skill: up to a maximum of 200 million experience. Once a player reaches this limit, they can continue using the skill but receive no additional experience. The maximum total experience is 4.8 billion (4,800,000,000) when a player has 200 million experience in all 24 skills. Currently, no player has reached this.

Until the Skills Interface update (on 12 November 2007), players with a level 99 skill could view the experience it would take them to earn level 100. However, even when "level 100" was "reached", the actual level remained at 99.

The experience gain rates one may obtain varies very much between skills. For example, with 99 agility it is difficult to get much over 70k agility xp per hour without brawling gloves, while making summoning pouches can give over 800k summoning xp per hour.

Exponential Growth

The amount of experience needed for the next level increases by approximately 10% each level. For example, 83 experience is required for advancement to level 2, while 91 experience is then required for advancement to level 3. The difference between 83 and 91 is 8. 10% of 83 is 8.3, which is approximately 8.

Note that a 10% growth factor may seem slow, but, as with all exponential growth, it expands rapidly to a massive 13,034,431 experience needed for level 99. Level 85 requires one quarter of the experience needed for Level 99 and Level 92 is the halfway mark, requiring 6,517,253 experience. This clearly demonstrates the experience gap that grows rapidly at higher levels. To gain 7 levels, one must gain all of the experience they gained to get to their starting level; thus, 92-99 is the same as 1-92.

The varying amount of experience needed to get from one level to another can cause some surprising experience rates to get from one level to another. For example, getting from level 98 to 99 is equal to getting from level 1 to level 75. However, it is worth noting that higher level activities in many cases award more experience than lower level ones, evening out the actual amount of time spent leveling at high levels compared to low levels a little.

Starting from level 28, the experience of getting to next level is approximately equal to 10% of experience of current level. It is still decreasing though, but much slower than the rate before level 28.

Combat Experience

Combat skills

To calculate the experience gain for combat skills, a simple equation can be used:

Experience earned math
where d = damage dealt to an opponent

This equation does not work for some opponents such as random events which give significantly less experience.


To calculate the experience gain for Hitpoints, another simple equation can be used:

Experience earned math
where d = damage dealt to an opponent

Monster Experience

An upper bound to the number of monsters required to level up a combat skill can be calculated as follows:

Number of monsters math
where E = experience required to level up
and H = monster's number of hitpoints

Note that this only gives an upper bound because monsters may recover some hitpoints during the battle, in which case more than H hitpoints are dealt.

Relationship with Level


The equation below calculates exactly the minimum experience needed for a given level:

Experience Required math , where L = current skill level
Note that math means the greatest integer less than or equal to x.

In computer code this could be written as (an example is given using the PHP language):

function getXP($lvl)
    $total = 0;
    for ($i = 1; $i < $lvl; $i++)
        $total += floor($i + 300 * pow(2, $i / 7));

    return floor($total / 4);

The above equation can be approximated with minimal rounding error as:

Approximate Experience Required math , where L = skill level

This approximation can then be used to find the maximum additional experience required to level up:

Additional Experience Required to Level Up math , where L = current level

You want to find the experience that it would take to level up from 28 Strength to 29 Strength:

Additional Experience Required to Level Up math

So it would take at most 1207 experience points to get from level 28 to level 29.


The following table shows the relationship between level, the experience required for that level, and the experience difference from the previous level:

Level Exp. Exp. Diff Level Exp. Exp. Diff Level Exp. Exp. Diff Level Exp. Exp. Diff
1 0 N/A 26 8,740 898 51 111,945 10,612 76 1,336,443 126,022
2 83 83 27 9,730 990 52 123,660 11,715 77 1,475,581 139,138
3 174 91 28 10,824 1,094 53 136,594 12,934 78 1,629,200 153,619
4 276 102 29 12,031 1,207 54 150,872 14,278 79 1,798,808 169,608
5 388 112 30 13,363 1,332 55 166,636 15,764 80 1,986,068 187,260
6 512 124 31 14,833 1,470 56 184,040 17,404 81 2,192,818 206,750
7 650 138 32 16,456 1,623 57 203,254 19,214 82 2,421,087 228,269
8 801 151 33 18,247 1,791 58 224,466 21,212 83 2,673,114 252,027
9 969 168 34 20,224 1,977 59 247,886 23,420 84 2,951,373 278,259
10 1,154 185 35 22,406 2,182 60 273,742 25,856 85 3,258,594 307,221
11 1,358 204 36 24,815 2,409 61 302,288 28,546 86 3,597,792 339,198
12 1,584 226 37 27,473 2,658 62 333,804 31,516 87 3,972,294 374,502
13 1,833 249 38 30,408 2,935 63 368,599 34,795 88 4,385,776 413,482
14 2,107 274 39 33,648 3,240 64 407,015 38,416 89 4,842,295 456,519
15 2,411 304 40 37,224 3,576 65 449,428 42,413 90 5,346,332 504,037
16 2,746 335 41 41,171 3,947 66 496,254 46,826 91 5,902,831 556,499
17 3,115 369 42 45,529 4,358 67 547,953 51,699 92 6,517,253 614,422
18 3,523 408 43 50,339 4,810 68 605,032 57,079 93 7,195,629 678,376
19 3,973 450 44 55,649 5,310 69 668,051 63,019 94 7,944,614 748,985
20 4,470 497 45 61,512 5,863 70 737,627 69,576 95 8,771,558 826,944
21 5,018 548 46 67,983 6,471 71 814,445 76,818 96 9,684,577 913,019
22 5,624 606 47 75,127 7,144 72 899,257 84,812 97 10,692,629 1,008,052
23 6,291 667 48 83,014 7,887 73 992,895 93,638 98 11,805,606 1,112,977
24 7,028 737 49 91,721 8,707 74 1,096,278 103,383 99 13,034,431 1,228,825
25 7,842 814 50 101,333 9,612 75 1,210,421 114,143


File:XP per level graph.PNG

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From TibiaWiki

Almost all creatures in Tibia give some experience points when they are slain. The amount of experience points earned by killing a creature depends roughly on how difficult it is to defeat that creature. It varies from a Penguin which will give 1 single experience up to the Juggernaut which will give 8,700 experience when killed. There are also a lot different kind of bosses in Tibia, which might wield even more experience (including Inquisition Bosses). There are also some creatures that give no experience at all, those are no challenge to kill since they don't fight back when attacked.

All characters start without experience points when they first enter the game, on a small island south of Rookgaard. By doing The Beginning Quest they get experience, on Rookgaard they can kill monsters which give experience, which can become a very large number. The experience is represented by a characters level. On the official website is the full experience table where is listed how much experience is needed to reach a certain level.

A player with a Premium Account will receive extra experience (+50%) while the Stamina is between 42:00 and 41:01.

Find out more about your experience by using the Experience Formula.

Double Experience

Sometimes, to compensate days in which DDoS attacks occurred or to celebrate dates like Christmas, CipSoft may establish a period in which monsters yield double the experience they would normally do when they are killed.

This has happened twice - first time from November 27th 2007 to December 4th 2007, and second time from March 18th 2009 to March 25th 2009. The first time it was added as compensation for DDoS attacks.

This article uses material from the "Experience" article on the Tibia wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

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