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Xizor Transport Systems
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Manufactured spacecraft

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Prince Xizor

Xizor Transport Systems (XTS), also known as Xizor Transport Company, was a major shipping conglomerate owned by Prince Xizor with its corporate headquarters located on Coruscant. One of their most commonly used ships was the AEG-77 Vigo.


XTS manufactured a number of spacecraft design for large-scale transport and trading operations, including container transports, the XQ4 Platform, and a wide variety of modular cargo containers.

The profits from XTS helped finance Xizor's Black Sun operations and provided a front for credit laundering. It also allowed Xizor to gain contacts within the Galactic Empire, by winning a number of lucrative Imperial contracts for defense projects, such as the second Death Star.

It was said that the credits made from the XTS alone was enough to make Xizor a wealthy being, however, added to the profits of Black Sun Xizor became one of the wealthiest beings in the galaxy, surpassed only by the Emperor and Darth Vader.

Some of the XTS starships were destroyed above Coruscant when Darth Vader destroyed Xizor's skyhook, after Xizor attempted to defy the Dark Lord of the Sith.

Asador Leen was a known crew chief.

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