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Xintal Linojj was a Boslic Starfleet officer with long purple hair. Linojj served aboard the USS Enterprise-B in the early 24th century.

In 2311, she held the rank of lieutenant commander and served as the Enterprise conn and second officer.

She was capable of commanding Enterprise for extended periods of time, and served as acting captain of the ship for close to one month while Captain John Harriman and Commander Demora Sulu were both on leave.

Linojj was personally disturbed by the conquering of the planet Koltaari by the Romulan Star Empire, as the Boslic homeworld of Cort was occupied by the Romulans during Linojj's childhood.

Following the Tomed Incident, she was promoted to the rank of commander and served as the Enterprise's executive officer under Captain Demora Sulu. (TLE novel: Serpents Among the Ruins)

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