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Xim's empire
Political information
Type of government


Founding document

25,130 BBY

Head of State

Xim the Despot

Head of Government

Xim the Despot

Executive branch

High Command

Societal information


Historical information
Formed from

Kingdom of Cron

Date of establishment

25,130 BBY

Date of fragmentation

25,096 BBY

Date of dissolution

25,096 BBY


Pre-Republic era

Xim's empire was the massive empire created by Xim the Despot's conquests, and which fractured apart on his death.


The empire had its origins in the Kingdom of Cron, a fiefdom carved out during the Cronese Sweeps by Xer VIII, the pirate who became Xim's father. Based on Argai and containing at least thirteen other planets, it was the first territory ruled by Xim when he came into power in 25,130 BBY.

The first ten years of Xim's reign were known as his Expansionist Period. During this time he conquered much of the Tion Cluster, including the Livien League in 25,130 BBY which was established within it. At its height, Xim's empire included thousands of worlds and stretched from the Radama Void to the Maw. Xim established a secret police, the GenoHaradan, and used terror tactics including mass executions to maintain order. He also pioneered the construction of war droids to bolster his combat forces. Xim used orbital fortresses during his campaigns. At the height of the empire's power, Xim held palaces on Argai and Raxus, great vaults on Dellalt, and a monolithic statue on Desevro.

However, Xim's swath of conquest would soon bring him into conflict with the Hutt Empire, the preeminent power in the galaxy and already a historic enemy of his Tionese subjects. For some time, they had quarreled over control of the Si'Klaata Cluster. It was during this period that the orbital fortress now known as Terman Station was placed near Sriluur in the Periphery. In 25,105 BBY Xim decimated the Hutt colony world of Ko Vari. However, shortly after, the Hutts under Kossak in turn destroyed an entire fleet of Xim's at the First Battle of Vontor.

Shortly later, a second battle was fought at Vontor, with an inconclusive result. This led to the Hutts imposing the Treaty of Vontor on the Vodrans, Niktos, Klatooinians, and Weequay, gaining those species' services as mercenaries. In the 25,100 BBY third battle for Vontor, Xim's forces were totally decimated, with his treasure ship, the Queen of Ranroon, being one of the few forces of his to survive. Xim was captured and taken to Nal Hutta, where he died a prisoner in Kossak's palace.

Following the death of Xim, his empire quickly collapsed. The Kingdom of Cron reasserted its independence, and new states such as the Jaminere Marches and the Honorable Union of Desevro & Tion were quickly formed out of the former territory of the empire. The GenoHaradan would continue to exist for at least the next 20,000 years, evolving into a criminal syndicate. Xim would continue to be a hero of the Tionese people for millennia, despite his brutish ways.


The extent of Xim's empire.



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