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Average height

1 to 1.5 meters


4 arms

Famous members

Xexto were natives of the planet Troiken, where (like Ewoks and Wookiees) they lived in arboreal villages. Gasgano the podracer was a member of this species.

Xexto should not be confused with the similarly long-necked and larger Quermian species (such as Yarael Poof), although Quermians were distantly related to the Xexto.


Biology and appearance

Xexto spoke the language Xextese. Xexto had 24 fingers and 6 arms (two were used as legs). Their eyes were normally purple. Their skin could range from chalk white to pale yellow. Their brain was split between two parts of their body; the part located in the skull controlled primitive emotions and basic body functions, while another portion in their chest controlled higher functions such as creative thinking and logic.

On their homeworld, the primary predator of the species were vicious challat eaters, which were defied through both agility and cunning.

Xexto admired thrill-seeking and taking big risks. Despite this, Xexto were fairly level headed and cool tempered.


Due to the difficult terrain and dangerous predators found on Troiken, the Xextese have grown to admire and encourage risk-taking, and questioning a Xexto's bravery is one way to make him or her very angry. Despite their risk-taking nature the Xexto tend to be well mannered and even-tempered.


A Xexto

The Xexto were first discovered during the Galactic Republic in 17,000 BBY, by an Arkanian geneticist looking to continue illegal research outlawed by the Galactic Senate. At the time the Xexto were loosely organized into hunter-gatherer tribes on Troiken. The geneticist relocated a portion of the population to the nearby Quermia and commenced experimentation. This experimentation lead to a new species called the Quermians. Eventually the geneticist abandoned both species, fearing the wrath of the Old Republic.

Although vastly different in size, the Quermians continued to share many qualities with their smaller cousins. Both possessed their elongated necks for peering above mats of vegetation, while (from a purely sociological standpoint) both races preferred to hide their second set of arms under clothing for decorum's sake.

Neither of the species would remain primitive, and were developing technologically advanced civilizations by the time Republic scouts contacted them. Both the Quermians and the Xexto joined the galactic community soon thereafter.

During the time of the Stark Hyperspace War, most Xexto hated both the Stark Combine and the Republic.

Behind the scenes

The Xexto species was first introduced in The Phantom Menace, with the podracer Gasgano. The conceptual maquette of Gasgano was designed by Richard Mills and Robert E. Barnes, and his appearance in the film was computer generated.


A Xexto with a Quermian.
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