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image:Germany.gif Xerena
Type: Open PvP
Online Since: February 15, 2006
Location: Germany
Server Save: 8:00 CET

Top players by skill area:
Level – Magic Level – Fist – Club – Sword – Axe – Distance – Shielding – Fishing

List of Game Worlds.



Additional Info

  • The highest level on Xerena is William the Punisher.
  • Ferumbras was killed today the 24th july 2009 for the first time after his second appearance on this world.
  • Ghazbaran has been killed twice.
  • There is a war between Maori and Kamikaze.

Xerena Rares

The one and only abyss hammer on xerena was looted by Plockarn, and is currently owned by Nargoriel, stolen from Crucify by Bar'tex.

Owned by Nargoriel.

First and only one owned by Kiras Resah.

Looted by Chris Silverarrow and owned by Hulabaloo. Nargoriel seems to own 1 too stolen from crucify, and Ralver got another one.

Owned by Nargoriel as shown on his house.

1 was Looted and is owned by Falcon Morales, 2th Currently owned by Mefioo.

Owned by Nargoriel as displayed on his house.

1 Looted? and owned by Colleri, 2 one owned by Swood Lupofrius, 3th and 4th owned by Nargoriel.

Gotten from The Elemental Spheres Quest. by Gnistarn, Colleri is currently the holder of this crossbow after Gnistarns hack.

First recived by Nargoriel. Gnistarn had one but lost it in one of his many hacks, Sara Grim got it as 3rd and Megajohnsson as 4th, Fruis also got one, Mofioo owns the 6th shield and Ancient Saatana owns the 7th.

The first was recived by William The Punisher which lost it during a hack made to Master Skuller by Fruis who traded it for a necromancer shield, Colleri , Shin Puna and Samek Emberius got one.

Owned by Blokkah Malice.

Owned by Engel der Finsternis as shown on his house.

Reasons to play here

  • Normal prices, you can try selling your items to players instead of to npc's.
  • International, you can find players from Sweden, Poland, Germany, England, Spain, Portugal, The Netherlands and many other nationalities here.
  • One of the younger servers, you can give it a try to out-level them all.
  • Above average amount of players online during the day which results in faster spawns.


You might get power-abused by a player who is in a war guild.

If you choose Carlin as first city, you might get power-abused and thiefed by Alex Xibas well known for his scams and pk's in Amazonia north of Carlin .

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