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Xenotech Expert
Fallout 3
requirements: none
ranks: 1
benefit: +20% damage with alien weapons
base id: xx00abb0

Xenotech Expert is a perk which is added to Fallout 3 in the Mothership Zeta add-on.

It increases the damage done with alien weapons by 20%.



To get this perk you must find a "shooting range" in the Weapons Lab (a room with an alien atomizer and an alien disintegrator next to a switch). Activating the switch closest to the door summons Brahmin, while activating the far switch teleports abductee enemies to a second range. Raiders, Deathclaws, Giant/Albino Radscorpions, Yao Guai and Sentry Bots are available. Killing, or simply watching the enemies kill each other, will unlock the perk. It may be necessary to hit the switch multiple times before the trigger is fulfilled for the perk.

Affected weapons

This is a list of weapons that are affected by Xenotech Expert. All alien weapons are affected except the Electro-Suppressor.


  • The Electro-Suppressor is not affected by this perk.
  • Be advised you can get the unique weapon "Destabilizer" (Alien Disintegrator with 90-91 DAM rating depending on condition) in this same room, on a shelf to the right of the previosly mentioned button used to spawn Brahmin.


  • Sometimes the left Switch will also summon brahmin, instead of other creatures, and makes the perk unattainable (the switches stop working). You can try to reload you're last saved spot but no promises that it will fix the glitch.
  • It is possible for the perk not to trigger, even after several switch activations. To remedy this, simply save and then load the save. After loading, activate the switch again and the perk should unlock.(Confirmed on PS3.)
Mothership Zeta (add-on)
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