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A Intelligence and Strength Xelor build.


Rate 1:1 2:1 3:1 4:1 5:1
Vit 1~∞ - - - -
Wis - - 1~∞ - -
Str - 1~50 51~150 151~250 251~∞
Int 1~100 101~200 201~300 301~400 401~∞
Cha 1~20 21~40 41~60 61~80 81~∞
Agi 1~20 21~40 41~60 61~80 81~∞

These two charateristics are the main part of the build. Both of these two charateristics will take you to lvl 90 for just the main stages of it. But you may be thinking 'Why strength?' Well one of the Xelors best attacks is strength based. So Thats why strength. Then you may be thinking 'Why stength and intelligence?' Well there are no stength attacks before level 90, so that is why intelligence comes in. So first of all we will be placing all of our charateristic points into intelligence to 150, taking us to lvl 40. Then we will be swaping and placing all of them into strength, taking us to lvl 90.


Xelor class spells
Icon Name Level Element Short description
File:Hammer Skill.png Hammer Skill 1
Boost the amount of damage inflicted with weapon.
File:Hand.jpg Hand 1 image:fire.png
Deals a moderate amount of fire damage.
File:Slow Down.jpg Slow Down 1 Causes the opponent to lose AP.
File:Dark Ray.jpg Dark Ray 9 image:fire.png
Deals a large amount of fire damage, linear.
File:Teleportation (Xelor).jpg Teleportation 13 Allows the Xelor to travel to another square within range. Usually used for retreat, but sometimes to get close to a fleeing opponent.
File:Xelor's Sandglass.jpg Xelor's Sandglass 21 image:fire.png
Deals fire damage and a small AP loss
File:Temporal Dust.jpg Temporal Dust 26 image:fire.png
An AoE (Area of effect) Fire spell that deals moderate damage and AP loss
Image:Xelor-Icon-Spell-Devotion.jpg Devotion 42 Grants AP to the xelor and any others standing in a cross 2 squares in each direction. The AP lasts for only two turns.
File:Xelor's Punch.jpg Xelor's Punch 90 image:earth.png
Does a high amount of damage.

So these are the main spells you will be leveling with. There are 9 which you should level, leaveing you with the ability to level 1 more spell before level 101.


Here will depend upon the money you have. You could start with a adv set (adveture: give40+ to every charateristic) Or you may want to go with a piwi off incarnam or the boone set giving you some nice damage for your level. Then from here you could move onto a gobball set. This is the best set for mid lvl rnaged charaters. Giving you 1AP for full set it is perfect till higher lvls. To get this set you can either buy (that is were the money come in) or you could drop. I drop my set withing a week in the gobball corner, so it is quite a quite set. From here, for this build, you will be using a 6 peice, or 5 if you are going to use the kam amulet for the 8AP, Treeset. This set is excelent for the str hybrid as you wont have to boost your str loads! We will not use the staff but swap it with a hammer so you get you damage bonus. From her up to higher lvl syou should make you own set. I think you should contain str, intel and a mix of wisdom to acomidate fro all your spells.

Order of leveling spells


level 1-11

We will first max out Counter.

Level 11-21

Here, we will save our points and then max out Hand.

Level 21-31

Here we will max out dark ray. this will fit in nicely with Xelors Sandglass. Also when you don't have the line were you want to attack, Hand will be able to do it without the linear condition.

Level 31-41

Max out Hammer skill. This is the most useful level to levelup Hammer Skill, as you will obtain your main hammer at lvl 35. The mighty Toh'Lo Hammer. Get this hammer as soon as possible!

Level 41-51

Devotion is our next spell to max. Giving you the ability go gain extra AP as well as gaining your friends extra AP. Great skill to have.

Level 51-61

Temporal Dust is up next for being leveled. Having and area of effect it is a good spell but not great. Used mostly in Player V Monster it isn't much in Player V Player.

Level 61-71

Here is the first of the two non-damageing spells, Slow Down. Great in Player V Monster and also Player V Player, this is a must have! At level 5 taking 2 AP from the target is great, delaying their attacks for your to come.

Level 71-81

Now for the second to last spll we are to level, Teleportation. You may say that it should be leveled earier on in the leveling order, but it is not used that offen realy. So leveling it here is for emerganceys anyway. So here is the best place for it. (Message from the creater: Been thinking about this for a while and i persoaly think that there could be a better spell to fill this place. This spell must be a descion upon your self. Read the spells descriptions carfully and decide which will help you in the long run.)

Level 81-91

Here we are saving the points for the Xelors best spell! Xelors Punch! With high damage and the 100 strength charateristics points, on top of your set effects, this will be awsome!

Level 91-101

So you are now reaching the elite players, but dont not raise anymore spells. Save up all your points and bring up the spells you want to level 6. I personly would say take:

  • Hand
  • Teleportation
  • Xelors Punch

Leveling Guide

This article uses material from the "Xelor/Intelligence/Strength" article on the Dofus Wiki wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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