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Xav Verivax was a playboy freighter captain and occassional smuggler living in the Cularin system in the times before the Clone Wars. Although Verivax had worked for the local criminal Organization, he was mostly a freelance.



As of 33 BBY, Xav Verivax lived in the Cularin system asteroid belt. He claimed that he lived there because he liked his privacy. Retired from military service, Verivax would make runs within the system when he felt like it, but did not seem to need credits.[1]

Verivax was the captain and sole crewmember of a modified freighter, Triple Trouble, which he piloted like a hotshot. As his passengers were prone to suffer shipsickness, the safety harnesses in their sits had been extra-reinforced. Although the Trouble was very suitable for smuggling, with difficult-to-find panels, Verivax only smuggled sporadically.[2]

In 32 BBY, local crimelord Nirama hired Verivax to perform consultancy job, training his mechanics and smugglers in the difficult art of hiding merchandise in their ships. Although he enjoyed proving his superior skills and teaching the new generations, Nirama paid him for this. Nirama also asked Verivax to transport some new employees to the asteroid repair station Darkside, where he would perform his chores.[2]

Verivax reached Darkside and quickly became familiar with the local lounges. He also tried to flirt with chief tech officer Dina Mertz as soon as he left his ship. Only later he met his new students, the Trandoshan crew of the Laria Bexum. Verivax taught them how to smuggle some illegal stuff, which they did under the sliding panel in the port of the ship. As a comparative, Verivax hid some spice he was to smuggle for Nirama, under the shield controls in the bow of the Trouble.[2]

A criminal faction opposed to Nirama, The Cell, also hid twenty thermal detonators with a linking mechanism in the same compartment, with Verivax unaware of this. Fortunately, Verivax wanted to foolproof his methods, and asked his previous passengers to search in both the ships, to see if they could find the bootlegged products.[2]

Verivax attended to the SoroSuub Anniversary celebration, 31 BBY in Tolea Biqua, where he spoke with several unmarried ladies. Later reports suggested that more than one of them planned to wed Verivax.[3]

Personality and traits

Verivax was a handsome man with fair hair and well-tanned skin. He carried himself with a jaunty attitude, and had very expressive eyes. He also had an annoying air of playful superiority about him, but people put up with it. He had been challenged to duels a few times, and had never lost. He was ruthlessly efficient in combat, but quickly reclaimed his normal manner afterwards.[1]

Verivax was considered vain and brash, although his piloting skills were on par with his claims. He was also a ladies' man who claimed to have lived more than one interesting anecdote in a Coruscant bar with three girls and the same time.[2]

Xav Verivax was known to mix with the cream of society in Tolea Biqua or the platform cities of Cularin. He often did outrageous things, and even his friends did not understand him, but noone dared defy him.[1]

Behind the scenes

When the Living Force Campaign Guide was written, Attack of the Clones had not yet come out to establish that there was no standing Republic military. Afterwards, most references within the Campaign Guide to the Republic military were established to instead refer to the Thaereian military. Xav Verivax was said to have been retired from the Republic military, and thus might not have been associated with Thaere. He might have indeed been retired from the Thaereian military, or he may have served with another system's private military, or possibly with the Judicial Department.

At Gen Con Game Fair 2001, Verivax was played by Sean Hanlin.

In the adventure MidWorld, the player characters must search for pre-hidden contraband in Verivax's ship, and they could find explosives left by a third party. If the player characters cannot find the explosives, the Triple Trouble would be lost. This choice was included in the "Critical Event Summary" of the adventures, as an official RPGA poll in which the most frequent answer would become canon.



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