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A First officer (aka Executive officer, XO, and Number One) is the second-highest ranking officer aboard a starship or space station, usually a Commander or Lieutenant Commander. He or she takes command if the commanding officer is unable to. If the first officer is also unable to take command, the second officer is in charge. One ships assigned to the Starfleet Corps of Engineers, such as the USS da Vinci the First Officer is concurrently the leader of the team.


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  • Lieutenant Commander Spock of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701)













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XO Malone
Image of XO Malone
Name XO Malone
Ring name(s) Half Man, Half Amazing
Mr. High-Definition
The XO Experience
XO Malone
Billed height 6 ft. 1 in.
Billed weight 225 lbs.
Born July 23, 1983 (age 26)
Chicago, Illinois
Billed from
Trained by
Debut 2007
Retired April 5, 2009

XO Malone (born October 31, 1976) is a retired American professional wrestler and boxer. He is most known for his time in the GameFAQs Wrestling Federation.

During his short career, he was known for his undefeated streak and later for forming The Movement with Damian DeNiro. He is a former GWF Intercontinental Champion, defeating The Contender. He also held the GWF International-Xtreme Championship, defeating Debolt Dragonsbane. He is also a former ECHW World Television Champion, defeating Shane Xzavery and Robert Garland in a ladder match. He remains the only World Television Champion in ECHW history.

He is also a former World Tag Team Champion, having won the GWF World Tag Team Championship with Damian DeNiro, holding it for 35 days. His tag team partner, Damian DeNiro, had been a double champion at the time, holding the United States Heavyweight Championship. The reign ended prematurely for Malone when DeNiro turned on him and put him out of action, pinning him for the belt and awarding it to common enemy The Reprobate.


Professional wrestling career

Eash Coast Hardcore Wrestling (2007)

XO briefly wrestled in ECHW, where he won the ECHW World Television Championship in a three way dance ladder match, defeating Shane Xzavery and Robert Garland. He was the only Television Champion in ECHW history, as the promotion soon ceased operation.

GameFAQs Wrestling Federation (2007-2008)

Early career

Malone wrestled in GWF for over two years and captured several mid-card championships during his stay. He defeated Debolt Dragonsbane for the International-Xtreme Championship. He later lost the championship to Michael Smart. He would then bounce back by capturing the Intercontinental Championship from The Contender.

The Movement

Malone's career would then reach new heights shortly before GWF Rise and Fall III, as he formed a tag team called The Movement with Damian DeNiro. DeNiro, already a United States Champion, would shortly become a double champion, as they defeated Kevin McAullife and Shelton Splash for the World Tag Team Championship. The tag team became a stable when DeNiro and Malone recruited up and comer Stan Vishis, who had been in the running for the International-Xtreme Championship. The stable would hit a speed bump when the ever increasing greed of Damian DeNiro got the best of him. DeNiro became so needy of fame and fortune that he turned on Malone, put him out of action and pinned him for his half of the World Tag Team Championship. Rather than hand the other title over to Movement prodigy Stan Vishis, DeNiro chose to enlist The Reprobate as his partner. Rep, already having a large stable of his own, joined forces with DeNiro and Vishis, creating GWF's biggest supergroup to date. Rep had already held the GWF World Interbrand Championship at the time, which made the New Movement the first group in GWF history to hold the World Tag Team Championships along with a second set of singles titles. The group went on without Malone until the closing of GWF.

Return to GWF (2009)

After being pinned by DeNiro, Malone had retired from active competition. In early 2009, nearly a year after his final GWF appearance, it was announced that a GWF reunion tour had been planned. Damian DeNiro had only signed on for the first of the five events, the Sunday Brunch Anniversary Show. It was announced on that DeNiro would wrestle two matches, first to defend his World Tag Team Championship with Rep against former Movement member Stan Vishis and Baron Trotter, and then again against a mystery opponent. After successfully defending the belts, DeNiro received his comeuppance when Rep turned on him, physically assaulting him. This led to DeNiro laying lonesome in the ring, as Malone would then return as DeNiro's mystery opponent. After putting up much of a fight, DeNiro was finally pinned by Malone. This would be DeNiro's final major wrestling match, and XO's final match with a major star. A few weeks later at the second (and final) Brunch event, Never Before Seen, XO was pinned by Movement prodigy Stan Vishis.

In wrestling

  • Finishing moves
    • The XO Experience (Tourture rack into a double knee backbreaker)
    • Just Another Victim (Dragon clutch)
  • Signature moves
    • The Remix (Running knees to opponent in corner)
    • The Long Kiss Goodnight (High impact running dropkick)
    • Status-Quo (Cross-armed lungblower)
    • The Fallout (Elevated reverse DDT backbreaker)
    • Back to the Future - (Rock bottom backbreaker in to complete shot)
    • Backbreaker variations
      • Short suplex backbreaker
      • Body slam backbreaker
      • Pendulum backbreaker
      • Standing clothesline backbreaker
      • Snap backbreaker
      • Leg capture backbreaker
      • Half nelson backbreaker
      • Welcome to Chicago, Motherfucker! (Double underhook backbreaker)
      • Backdrop on to guard rail or announce table
      • Apron Backdrop
  • Managers
    • Mint E. Fresh
    • The Sinister Minister
    • Stan Vishis
  • Entrance themes
    • "Second Coming" by Juelz Santana

Championships and accomplishments

  • Eash Coast Hardcore Wrestling
    • ECHW World Television Championship (1 time)
GameFAQs Wrestling Federation
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ST Expanded

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Spock, first officer of the USS Enterprise.

On ships, the first officer acts out the captain's orders and advises him or her. In Starfleet, this function is usually accompanied by the rank of commander or lieutenant commander. First officers may also be referred to as executive officers.

The first officer is nominally responsible for the smooth running and organization of a ship or starbase, and will often be head of his/her own Executive Department/Division, whose officers and crew - primarily with the yeoman designation - manage many of the day-to-day administrative tasks for the XO. (The Exec. Dept. would, for instance, provide the captain with a personal assistant).

Notable First officers

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