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X2: X-Men United
X-Men 2: X-Men United
X-Men 2


Film Details
Bryan Singer

Stan Lee, Tom DeSanto, Avi Arad, Bryan Singer, Ralph Winter

Comic Book:
Stan Lee, Jack Kirby
David Hayter
Bryan Singer
Zak Penn
Michael Dougherty
Dan Harris
David Hayter

John Ottman

Newton Thomas Sigel

John Ottman, Elliot Graham (co-editor)

Twentieth Century Fox

Running Time
133 min


$110 million

Release Date
May 2, 2003

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X-Men: The Last Stand
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Featured Characters:

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The opening scene shows a mutant by the name of Nightcrawler attempting an assassination of the President of the United States. After a lengthy battle with Secret Service agents, he is shot and disappears, leaving behind a knife with a tag that reads "Mutant Freedom Now!"

Wolverine finally reaches Alkali Lake, the facility used for experiments on mutants like him. He finds nothing but an empty dam. Meanwhile, the mutants of "Professor Xavier's School for the Gifted" visit a museum. Jean Grey is confronted by Cyclops after she demonstrates her lack of focus. She confesses to him that she has been having bad feelings about the future. In another part of the museum, Jubilee is walking around until her powers start to flare. A few women see her, but Jubilee quickly hides her powers, and walks away. In the food court, Iceman, Rogue, and Pyro engage in an altercation with two other young men. After Pyro sets one of the boys' clothes on fire and Iceman extinguishes him, everyone in the museum freezes as if time has stopped. Only the mutants are unaffected. Professor Xavier wheels in, unamused by the situation, lectures Pyro on "showing off" and decides that it is time to leave.

Wolverine reappears at the School for the Gifted and is immediately forced to "babysit" the children of the school. After some difficulty, Professor Xavier locates Nightcrawler with Cerebro and sends Storm and Jean to retrieve him. They find Nightcrawler in a church and he willingly comes along with them. Meanwhile, Cyclops and Professor X visit Magneto in his plastic prison to see if he had any part in the attack on the President. While reading Magneto's thoughts, Professor X discovers that a covert government operative, William Stryker, has been extracting information from Magneto. During their conversation, a trap is sprung and Cyclops and Professor X are captured.

Wolverine awakens to nightmares of his first memories and heads to the kitchen. While conversing with Iceman, a military invasion of the school begins. The soldiers attempt to sedate every mutant they find, but Siryn wakes everybody up with one of her sonic screams. Colossus and Wolverine round up a number of the students. Wolverine stays behind to confront the attackers, but is shocked to discover that they are being led by William Stryker. Stryker, himself surprised to see Wolverine in the mansion, reveals that he knows much about Wolverine and wishes for him to come with the military to discuss it. Before Wolverine answers, Iceman is able to create an impenetrable wall of ice between them. The kids persuade Wolverine to come with them, to protect them.

In the meantime, Mystique has been posing as Senator Robert Kelly and also Stryker's assistant Yuriko Oyama in order to obtain information about Magneto's prison. She eventually manages to trick one of his security guards and drugs him, and injects something into him. When the guard later arrives at the prison, Magneto extracts the contents of Mystique's injection; Mystique had injected him with liquid iron and Magneto is able to create small balls of metal, which he uses to destroy his prison and escape.

Wolverine and the kids (Pyro, Iceman, and Rogue) head to Iceman's home in Boston. After an awkward meeting between his parents and Wolverine, Iceman decides to tell his parents (who believe he has been going to a boarding school) that he is a mutant. His parents are shocked to learn the truth, especially when their son demonstrates his power by freezing a cup of tea. During the discussion, Iceman's disgruntled brother runs upstairs and calls the police, telling them that mutants are holding his family hostage. Wolverine meanwhile receives a call from Storm who decides to come and pick them up.

Just as the group leaves, the police arrive and draw their weapons on Wolverine and his younger companions. A police officer mistakes Wolverine's claws for knives and orders him to drop them. When Wolverine tries to explain and sheathes his claws, the officer shoots Wolverine in the head. Pyro becomes enraged and begins using his flame-controlling powers to attack the officers and destroy their cars. Just before his attack turns deadly, Rogue grabs hold of him with her bare hand. Pyro falls to the ground, drained of his powers, which Rogue then uses to put the fires out. The X-Jet arrives to pick them all up, and Wolverine, now fully recovered thanks to his adamantium skull, stands up and the bullet falls out.

During the flight, the X-Jet is targeted by two Air Force F-16s who attempt to force a landing. After the X-Jet refuses to land, the pilots fire missiles. Storm creates a number of tornadoes in order to lose the aircraft. One plane is unable to maintain control and ejects. The other is able to fire two missiles before ejecting. Storm attempts evasive maneuvers, but quickly loses distance. Jean uses her powers at an unnaturally high level (partial manifestation of the Phoenix?) and is able to destroy one of the missiles. Unfortunately the other detonates directly behind the jet, rupturing the fuselage. In the ensuing depressurization, Rogue is pulled out of her seat and out into a free fall. Nightcrawler teleports outside the jet to grab Rogue, then teleports back in, saving her life. The jet, still en route to a crash landing, is stopped at the last moment by Magneto, who is standing on the ground.

Magneto has learned that Stryker orchestrated the attack on the President in order to gain approval to attack the school and has been experimenting on mutants (including Nightcrawler) at a secret base. Jean Grey reads Nightcrawler's mind and determines that Stryker's base is located at Alkali Lake. When Wolverine claims that there is nothing at Alkali Lake, Jean insists that the base is inside the dam. Stryker is able to control mutants with a powerful drug that he has used on Nightcrawler, Magneto, and a number of other mutants, including Lady Deathstrike. He has also stolen enough equipment from Xavier's own Cerebro unit to build a second Cerebro and plans to use Professor X to kill all of the mutants in the world. The X-Men and Magneto join together to stop Stryker.

Stryker gains control over Professor Xavier through his son, Jason Stryker (a former student of the professor), who is able to project powerful visions in the mind, blinding a person to reality. Jason (in the form of a young girl) instructs Professor X to use Cerebro to find all existing mutants and kill them. Magneto, Mystique, and the remaining X-Men stage their assault on the facility, by having Mystique infiltrate disguised as Wolverine. Stryker orders his guards to let "Wolverine" in, as he believes his experiment has finally decided to come home. Somehow Mystique's disguise doesn't fool Colonel Stryker. Mystique quickly incapacitates the soldiers and manages to take control of the control room, opening up the main gates so that the X-Men can enter the Alkali Lake Facility. Storm and Nightcrawler pair off, searching for the kidnapped students. Jean Grey joins Magneto and Mystique in order to keep an eye on them as they attempt to bring Professor Xavier back to his senses and rescue him. On their way, they are attacked by a brainwashed Cyclops. Jean stands her ground against Cyclops in order to buy Magneto enough time to get to Dark Cerebro and stop the coming mutant annihilation. Jean withstands Cyclops' optic blast, reflecting it again at an extremely high level (another partial manifestation of the Phoenix) and both are propelled backwards, causing damage to the generators that keep the dam from collapsing. The destruction of the base is unstoppable.

Wolverine runs off on his own to look for Stryker. He finds Stryker in an adamantium smelting room along with Lady Deathstrike. After Stryker leaves, Wolverine attempts to follow him but is attacked by Deathstrike. A battle of blades ensues, which results in Wolverine pumping Deathstrike full of molten adamantium metal, killing her. Wolverine finds Stryker on a landing pad and stabs him in the stomach. Stryker attempts to bargain with Wolverine, telling him that if he comes with him he can tell him about his past. Wolverine refuses and straps the wounded Stryker to the helicopter wheel, saying that if the X-Men die, Stryker will too.

Magneto breaks into the new Cerebro and uses Mystique, disguised as Stryker, to convince Jason of a "change of plans" - to kill all humans. Magneto escapes on the helicopter, taking Pyro along with him. The X-Men realized that the Professor is attacking "everyone else". Storm persuades Nightcrawler to try to get inside Cerebro, to extend his powers. Inside, they see a little girl and not the Professor. But Storm isn't fooled and intensifies the cold in the chamber, freezing Jason to save Professor X and stop the killing process, but the dam is falling apart. As the team prepare to leave, Wolverine revisits Stryker and gets rid of his mutant tag. A malfunction aboard the X-Jet prevents it from taking off and the dam finally bursts. The flood gets stronger, drowning Stryker. Jean Grey leaves the jet, uses her heightened powers to stop the onrushing flood, and raises the jet at the same time, all the while surrounded by a flaming energy field (the Phoenix fully manifesting itself). Nightcrawler attempts to grab her but she chooses to stay. She raises the jet just high enough for it to take off as the water floods over her. Cyclops and Wolverine both mourn Jean's death.

Back at the White House, the President prepares to address the country on the perceived mutant threat. Just as he begins his speech, the lights flicker and everyone in the room freezes except for himself. The X-Men appear before him and Rogue gives him the files from Stryker's private offices while Professor X tells him about the events of the last few days, saying that in the files some humans and mutants tried to start a war and there have been causalities on both sides. Then Professor X gives him an ultimatum: either humans and mutants work together to build peace, or they will destroy each other through war. The mutants leave in the same manner they entered. As everyone else in the room returns to motion, the shocked President looks at the files and is uncertain whether to continue his speech.

The film ends with a voiceover by Jean Grey, identical to the voiceover at the start of the initial film, on the process of evolution. The camera floats over Alkali Lake, showing a vague but ominous shape in the water surface, the shape of a burning bird, the Phoenix.


Actor Role
Patrick Stewart Professor Charles Xavier
Hugh Jackman Wolverine (Logan)
Ian McKellen Magneto (Eric Lensherr)
Halle Berry Storm (Ororo Munroe)
Famke Janssen Jean Grey
James Marsden Cyclops (Scott Summers)
Anna Paquin Rogue (Marie)
Rebecca Romijn-Stamos Mystique (Raven Darkholme)
Brian Cox Colonel William Stryker
Alan Cumming Nightcrawler (Kurt Wagner)
Bruce Davison Senator Robert Kelly
Shawn Ashmore Iceman (Bobby Drake)
Aaron Stanford Pyro (John Allerdyce)
Kelly Hu Lady Deathstrike (Yuriko Oyama)
Katie Stuart Shadowcat (Kitty Pryde)
Kea Wong Jubilee (Jubilation Lee)
Daniel Cudmore Colossus (Piotr Rasputin)
Shauna Kain Siryn (Theresa Rourke Cassidy)


X2 is an action movie, first released in the United Kingdom on April 24, 2003, and in the United States on May 2, 2003. It is also called variously in promotional materials X2: X-Men United, X-Men 2: X-Men United and X-Men 2. The film is the second part of the trilogy; following X-Men (2000), and preceding X-Men: The Last Stand (2006). It was directed by Bryan Singer, and starred an ensemble cast including Patrick Stewart, Hugh Jackman, Ian McKellen, Halle Berry, Famke Janssen, James Marsden, Anna Paquin, Brian Cox, Kea Wong and Alan Cumming.

X2 Trailer

The film is loosely based on the 1982 X-Men graphic novel God Loves, Man Kills. In the film, William Stryker is a high-ranking army colonel who leads an assault into Professor Xavier's school to build his own version of Xavier's mutant-tracking computer Cerebro in order to destroy every mutant on Earth. The X-Men are forced to ally with Magneto and Mystique to defeat Stryker. X2, which introduced Nightcrawler to filmgoers, surpassed the initial film at the box office, earning approx. $215 million in North America compared to $157.3 million for X-Men, making the sequel one of the top ten movies of 2003.


The basic story elements, involving Stryker's plot to use Xavier's powers against all mutants, and the X-Men's resulting alliance with Magneto, are loosely adapted from the graphic novel God Loves, Man Kills by Chris Claremont. In that story, Stryker has a military background, but is currently a religious leader whose wife gave birth to an obviously mutant infant. In a fit of rage, he killed them both and decided that he had been chosen by God to destroy mutants. In the film, his military background is moved to the foreground, and the religious aspect of the character is eliminated. Instead of killing his wife and son in childbirth, the Stryker of the film sends his son (loosely based on the character Mastermind from the comics) to Xavier to be cured of his mutation. Unable to change his mutation, and resentful of his parents, he began tormenting his mother by projecting nightmarish images into her mind, causing her to commit suicide by drilling a hole into her head. Stryker responded by giving his son a lobotomy, and extracting his brain fluid, which he now uses to control other mutants.

Reference to the Marvel Universe

In the scene where Mystique accesses Stryker's computer for the location of Magneto's cell, a list of mutants can be seen, many of which are from the comic books, including Remy LeBeau (Gambit), the Guthrie children Sam (Cannonball) and Paige (Husk), Kevin MacTaggert (Proteus, Jamie Madrox (Multiple Man), the Maximoff children Wanda (Scarlet Witch) and Pietro (Quicksilver) (Magneto's offspring in the comics), Xi'an Coy Mahn (Karma), and Danielle Moonstar. Of these, only Multiple Man appears in any of the films, playing a small role in X-Men: The Last Stand, and Gambit, appearing in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Also on the list was Arthur Maddicks, a Morlock in the comics; it is generally assumed that the child with the forked tongue, called 'Artie' by Storm is Arthur Maddicks in the film's universe.

Also in that scene, Mystique sees a computer file on Omega Red; a folder on Project Wideawake, an operation that called for the construction of giant, mutant-hunting robots known as Sentinels; a folder on Muir Island Moira MacTaggert later plays a minor role in the third film) and a folder on Gamma Flight, assumingly a play on Alpha Flight or its junior level training squad bearing that name. In the scene where Mystique confronts the guard to Magneto's plastic cell in a bar, a news broadcast is on the TV by the bar. It shows an interview with a Dr. Hank McCoy, who in the comics is the X-Men member Beast, debating Dr. Sebastian Shaw, the Black King of the Hellfire Club.

In the scene where William Stryker's troops raid Charles Xaiver's school for mutants, the panicked students include Kitty Pryde (Shadowcat) and Theresa Rourke Cassidy (Siryn). Theresa is the girl whose blood-curdling scream wakes everyone up, and Kitty the girl who becomes intangible, falls through the bed, and jumps through several guards.

In the lab where Wolverine's adamantium skeleton was implanted, there are X-rays on the wall; one appears to depict a person's back with a wing. This may have been intended as a reference to a comics storyline in which the X-Man Angel lost his wings and was implanted with metal ones; however, the appearance of Angel with his feathered wings in X-Men: The Last Stand contradicts this minor detail. There are also X-rays of one of Deathstrike's forearms and hands, with her talons retracted and extended.

A bit more obvious amount of foreshadowing of the third movie is used. Whenever Jean's powers became stronger than usual, she was often depicted as glowing with fire, a sign of the Phoenix. The ending shot over the Alkali Lake shows the image of a burning object in the shape of a bird under the water.

Differences from the comic book

Longtime fans of the X-Men title will recognize that some liberties have been taken with the X-Men characters. While the movie need not follow all the conventions of the comic, they are interesting to note and may be considered to be parallels with the Ultimate X-Men series.

  • Iceman appears as a teenager and is much younger than many of the other X-Men. In the comics, Iceman was one of the original X-Men, and the youngest of the team (16 years old in 1964). He appeared and left many years before the 1980s X-Men like Rogue, Storm, and Wolverine. If he were around at all, he would appear closer to Jean Grey's age and maturity. Iceman, Jean Grey and Cyclops are part of the original X-Men line-up.
  • Colossus is in this movie but has only a very small part and is not part of the X-Men team, only an older student of the academy. While young in age when he began with the X-Men, he was a full-fledged member for many years in the comics. In addition, he does not speak with the expected Russian accent.
  • William Stryker is a zealot preacher in the comics, while the film's version is the head commander of the covert black ops program Weapon X. His son, Jason, is a very loose incarnation of Jason "Mastermind" Wyngarde, who was a full-grown, mentally and physically able illusionist (with no relation to Stryker) from the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and Hellfire Club in the comics. In the film, Jason is mute, lobotomized, and wheelchair-bound; his brain secretes a powerful chemical which is extracted through a tap in his spine and used by his father as a mind control agent on Nightcrawler, Deathstrike, Magneto, and Cyclops. In his illusions, Jason projects himself as a young girl; both he and his illusory form have heterochromatic irises (one blue, one brown).
  • Lady Deathstrike, who in the movie appeared as a mutant under Stryker's control, was the daughter of the inventor of the adamantium bonding process in the comic books. Also, in the comics she was a cyborg, not a mutant.
  • Rogue, according to the comic books has the ability of flight and superhuman strength, whereas in the movie she lacks these abilities. However Rogue only possesses these abilities in the comic books because she accidentally absorbed Ms. Marvel's powers by touching her for too long. By changing her backstory, skipping her original villainous phase, she is closer to her original basic ability.
  • The role Rogue plays in the films - that of a young mutant who became a sort of surrogate daughter/little-sister to Wolverine - was originally established in the comic books by Kitty Pryde, and later Jubilee.
  • Magneto and Professor X are US citizens (Magneto being a Polish immigrant), but both are shown in the movie as having British accents. (Probably due to the actors who portray them)
  • There is no indication in the movie that Mystique is Nightcrawler's mother. Neither is there any indication in the movie that Mystique is Rogue's foster mother. However, as in the comic book, Mystique and Nightcrawler bear a strong physical resemblance. Also, in the X-Men 2 DVD, it was admitted that one scene between the two where Nightcrawler asks Mystique advice (asking why she doesn't just hide among humans) was a subtle reference to their relationships in the comics. It should be noted, however, that the story involving Mystique and Nightcrawler's kinship was not mentioned or elaborated upon in the comic book universe until long after both characters had been firmly (and separately) established.
  • In the movie, Pyro is an American teenage student at the Xavier academy who defects to Magneto's Brotherhood at the movie's climax. In the comics, he is a tall, blond, blue-eyed, Australian novelist in his 40s who always worked with the Brotherhood, though never under Magneto.
  • Jean Grey can levitate in the comics, but in the movies, she is never depicted as having that talent. This especially plays into the ending, as Jean could have lifted herself up in the air while holding back the torrents of water.

In summary, characters from many different times, titles, and lineups are cherry-picked and placed into a new lineup never before seen in any X-Men comic or graphic novel.

  • Edits to the above: It's never been stated in the comics that Magneto is an American citizen. It can be presumed as such, due to the fact that he was liberated from Auschwitz and has worked in the United States for extended periods of time in his past. However, he's also more likely a citizen of Israel, due to his time spent living there.

Critical reaction and box office

As with the original film, X2 garnered praise from critics and won over most of the comic book community, and it earned more money at the box office, totaling $214.9 for North America(228.1 when adjusted for inflation) and $407.5 worldwide[1]. The comic-book hobbyist magazine Wizard called it the best comic book movie of the year (2003). Empire declared it the best comic book film ever made in 2003.


A novelization of the movie, called X-Men 2, was written by Chris Claremont.


  • Colonel William Stryker (Brian Cox) is referred to in dialogue as being up to 20 years older than Senator Robert Kelly (Bruce Davison). However, in real life, Cox and Davison were born only 27 days apart.
  • In the first movie Mystique's yellow eyes were due to contact lenses but in the second, they used CGI.
  • Despite popular belief, the car that the X-Men drive in this film is actually just a modified Mazda RX-8, and is not a Concept car.
  • The film continues the running gag of the rivalry between Wolverine and Cyclops, Wolverine having hijacked Cyclops' motorbike at the end of the first film. He returns it to him at the start of this film, and later steals his car when he, Rogue, Iceman and Pyro are escaping Stryker's forces.
  • Many X's are hidden in the X-Men movies. One is on top of the President's door at the beginning of the movie. These X's are actually part of the architecture of the Oval Office, but they fit well in the film.
  • When Nightcrawler attacks the Secret Service at the beginning of the movie, the "Dies Irae" from Mozart's Requiem plays.
  • Just before the assassination attempt, Nightcrawler is shown in the White House with head cast downwards, mimicking a pose of a painting of John F Kennedy, which hangs in the background (Oil Portrait of John F. Kennedy by Aaron Shikler).
  • When Nightcrawler tries to scare away Storm and Jean Grey, he speaks German phrases: Ich bin der Bote des Teufels. Ich bin die Ausgeburt des Bösen! The translation is: I am the messenger of the Devil. I am the spawn of evil!
  • The movie implies that Logan got his claws in the Weapon X program. In the comics, the claws are part of his mutation – only the adamantium was added.
  • In the scene where the channels change on the television, an episode of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" from 1987 is seen, starring Patrick Stewart, the actor who plays Professor Charles Xavier in this movie.
  • Bryan Singer credited The Empire Strikes Back and The Wrath of Khan as his influences on this film. The latter film also features a voiceover at the end from a dead character, hinting at their resurrection in the next film.
  • In the scene where Storm and Nightcrawler rescue the children, when the children stand up in the cell you can clearly see Nightcrawler standing in the background.
  • In the scene where Stryker uses the serum to interrogate Magneto, we see Magneto reading The Once and Future King by T. H. White. At the end of the movie, the camera pans out as Professor Xavier begins to teach his English class. If you listen closely, he asks his students if any of them have ever read "The Once and Future King" by a famous English novelist named T.H. White. According to the commentary, Bryan Singer chose the novel because the title is similar to Magneto while he was imprisoned: previously a leader, and a leader-to-be again later.


  • Get ready for the return of the Evolution.
  • Evolution Continues.
  • The ones we fear most, will be all that can save us... again.
  • In this world wide conspiracy the only thing you can count on... is the X-Factor.
  • First, they were fighting for acceptance. Now, they're battling for survival.
  • X-Men United.

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Prior to 22 BBY[1]

Physical description

Human (clone)[1]



Hair color


Eye color


Skin color


Chronological and political information
Known masters
"My designation is X2. I have no other name."

X2 was a Force-sensitive clone trooper created by the Galactic Republic during the late Clone Wars. A clone created with the DNA of Jedi Master Falon Grey, X2 was assigned to fight the CIS. His twin clone brother was X1, created for the same purpose.

Later on, after being betrayed by his twin, X2 was discovered and recruited by Master Rahm Kota to join the Alliance to Restore the Republic. He was then trained by Grand Master Luke Skywalker of the New Jedi Order, which led to a final confrontation between him and X1.



Early life

"The second of two clones created from the DNA of a Jedi, I looked up to my elder brother X1 from an early age. Raised in secret by the Kaminoans, X1 and I trained the Grand Army of the Republic before the start of the Clone Wars."

X2 was a Force-sensitive clone trooper created by the Kaminoans from the genetic template of the Jedi Knight Falon Grey. At some point prior to the Clone Wars, Grey was badly injured while traveling with his master, Rahm Kota, and Kota made an emergency landing on the planet of Kamino. The native Kaminoans healed Grey, but in exchange they took Grey's genetic sample[2] without his notice and permission.[3] From the sample, they produced two clones, X1 and X2; the latter was conceived one hour after X1 and thus became known as the younger "brother." The two clones grew up unaware of their origins, raised in secret by the Kaminoans alongside other clones[1] produced on Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas' request from the bounty hunter Jango Fett's genes.[4] During this time, X1 and X2 were responsible for training their clone brethren.[3]

Clone Wars

"It was under the twin suns of Tatooine that this story truly began…"
X2 as a clone trooper

When the Clone Wars began in 22 BBY, X1 and X2 became clone troopers in the Grand Army of the Republic. The two served together throughout the conflict, displaying exceptional skills. Taking their skills into account, the Galactic Republic assigned X1 and X2 to train new batches of clone troopers in the art of warfare.[3] Toward the end of the war in 19 BBY, X1 and X2 were assigned to Jedi Master Ferroda on the planet of Tatooine, where they were to oversee the training of new clone troopers.[3] On the planet, X2's first training course was cut short when a Confederate recon droid was spotted inside the Republic outpost. X2 chased it down and destroyed the droid. When it was revealed that the droid was only a part of an entire recon patrol, X2 took control of an AT-RT and destroyed the other droids. Flying a V-Wing into space, he followed a transport ship from which the droids had been deployed and destroyed it as well.[3]

Although the incursion had been fended off, X1 realized that Tatooine was soon going to be invaded, and the two brothers started rallying defenses. The attack soon followed; X2 and his brother first assisted clone pilots who had been pinned down inside the base by the droids. The Separatists, however, deployed OG-9 homing spider droids onto the battlefield. Since they had no heavy weaponry to destroy the spider droids, the two brothers had to go through a battle droid-invaded cantina in order to bypass them. Once the cantina had been cleared of the droid forces, X2 was provided with a rocket launcher from a clone and destroyed the spider droids with it. After the spider droids were dealt with, X1 sent in reinforcements, and X2 manned an AA turret to shoot droid starfighters out from the sky. He then took control of the outpost's ion cannon, taking down the shields of a Separatist Providence-class carrier/destroyer above the planet.[3]

Having cleared the base's hangar, X2 and X1 boarded V-Wings and took the fight into space. After taking down some of the Vulture droid starfighters, X2 and some of the clone troopers boarded the unshielded cruiser. X2 then destroyed the ship's reactor core and escaped on his V-Wing right before the cruiser exploded. The Battle of Tatooine was won by the Republic.[3] For their bravery, X1 and X2 were invited to the galactic capital of Coruscant to receive medals from Supreme Chancellor Palpatine himself. In the midst of the award ceremony, however, Separatist forces attacked the planet. After telling some clone troopers to get the Chancellor to safety, X2 and X1 took separate ways through the streets of Coruscant. On his way, X2 encountered and defeated an IG-100 MagnaGuard—a type of droid serving as a personal bodyguard of the Separatist General Grievous—and he realized that Grievous himself was behind the attack. He soon spotted Grievous, followed him to a skylane transportation hub and engaged the cyborg in battle. X2 used explosives against Grievous that threw him into the planet's traffic and injured him.[2]

Having faced with a challenging enemy, Grievous decided to retreat and continue with his main objective, the search for Palpatine, whom he eventually kidnapped and transferred to his flagship, the Invisible Hand. X2 and X1 took nearby Aggressive ReConnaissance-170 starfighters and joined the space battle, engaging Separatist Vulture droids. Soon enough, Jedi Knights Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi arrived at Coruscant in order to rescue the Chancellor. X2 flew as their escort, picking off droid starfighters. As the Jedi closed in on the Invisible Hand, however, they noticed that another destroyer was moving in to assist the flagship. Kenobi dispatched X2 to hijack that destroyer and, when X2 had infiltrated the ship, Kenobi sent two more troopers to assist him. The clones successfully reached the starship's bridge and took control of the vessel, and X2 used its weaponry to destroy the Invisible Hand's turbolaser defenses, as well as some Vulture droids that were attacking the approaching Jedi and stationary Vultures inside the hangar, allowing the Jedi to land inside the ship and rescue the Chancellor.[2]

In the waning days of the Clone Wars, X2 and X1 were assigned to the planet of Cato Neimoidia alongside Ferroda. When the Republic fleet of Venator-class Star Destroyers had arrived at the planet, the ship carrying X2 was boarded by battle droids. X2 managed to fight off the invading forces and later used the ship's orbital strike cannon to bombard Separatist defenses on the surface of the planet. He then piloted an ARC-170 to the surface, joining the ground battle. As Ferroda and the clone troopers advanced on the Trade Federation Viceroy Nute Gunray's palace, X2 provided covering fire with a sniper rifle from the landing platform; he then destroyed the controls of an enemy ion cannon. During this time, Ferroda sensed X2's Force potential and promised to take him to the Jedi High Council when they returned to Coruscant after the battle. Meanwhile, X2 infiltrated the Viceroy's palace as well and reached the droid control terminal there, shutting down all Confederate droids on the planet.[3]

At that moment, a transmission came from Coruscant. Palpatine, claiming that the Jedi had betrayed the Republic, ordered the clone troopers on Cato Neimoidia to execute Order 66 and kill Ferroda. The troopers complied and attacked the Jedi Master, but he killed most of the clone platoon and wounded X1; only X2 remained to confront him. Ferroda tried to reason the clone, telling that he was not his real enemy and urging him to search his heart. X2, angered at what the Jedi had done to his brother, killed him, though this action would haunt him for the rest of his life.[2]

A family reunion

"I've…turned my back on Palpatine's Empire. I have no army, now."

Soon after Order 66 was issued, the Republic was reformed into the Galactic Empire with Palpatine as its Emperor. X1 and X2 became stormtroopers and began their service in the Empire, eventually earning the reputation as two of the Empire's most trusted agents. However, ever since Order 66, X2 felt that he was not doing the right thing and[2] began to show signs of concern enough for X1 to notice.[2] At some point between 17 BBY and 15 BBY,[5] the brothers were assigned to hunt down a fugitive Jedi, who was hiding on the planet of Dantooine, under the supervision of the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Vader, formerly Anakin Skywalker. Vader believed that the clones would help him to exterminate the remains of the Jedi Order. When X2 hesitated to embark on the mission, X1 told him to follow orders. X2 complied, and the brothers, along with other troopers, took ARC-170's and headed for the planet surface. X1 issued an order to enter the atmosphere and destroy the village where the Jedi was hiding. X2, not wanting to kill innocent people, protested, saying that they were there for the Jedi only. X1 debunked this claim, stating that the villagers deserved to die for harboring a Jedi.[2]

Falon Grey reveals his face to X2.

X2 continued to argue, and X1 ordered Zeta Squadron to escort him back to the carrier ship. X2, angered by X1's commands, decided that he could not follow him anymore. He said goodbye to his brother, intending to defect. X1 immediately branded him a traitor and ordered X2's squadmates to kill him. X2 killed his attackers and landed on the planet, where he met with the hooded Jedi fugitive and warned him about the incoming attack. The Jedi revealed that the local militia had already prepared for the attack, but X2 offered his help in fighting the Imperials, and the Jedi agreed. Together with the village militia, X2 and the Jedi repelled the attack. The Jedi then revealed his face, which was an elder version of X2's, and told him that his name was Falon Grey and that as soon as he had seen X2's face, he had realized that X2 was his genetic "son," and had understood the circumstances of his creation. Grey strongly believed that he had failed the Jedi Order for not sensing Palpatine's treachery, and when X2 told him that he had done terrible things in his life, Grey offered his son to seek redemption together.[2]

Falon Grey and X2 then set off to another village, hoping to evacuate its citizens. On their way there, they cleared a barn that had been converted into a communications center by the stormtroopers. When they had reached the village, they found it invaded by more Imperial soldiers.[2] X2, Grey and the militia members fought off the attack. X2 then manned the village's AA turret and destroyed incoming LAAT/i gunships. In order to evacuate the militiamen, X2 and Grey escorted them to the ruins of the old Jedi Enclave. Through a series of cavern leading from it, they reached a secret hangar with an LAAT/i standing by. However, the hangar's doors had been jammed from the outside by large boulders. X2 made his way back through the caves and to the other side of the door and destroyed the debris with explosives. He then returned to the village and took the controls of an ion cannon, disabling a Star Destroyer in space before it could blockade the planet. Making his way back to the hangar, X2 collapsed the rocks behind him, sealing the way into the caves for the Empire's troops.[3]

Once X2 opened the hangar's door, however, X1 and his stormtroopers landed in LAAT's. They killed all of the remaining members of the militia and wounded X2 with a blaster bolt, but Grey used the Force to blast off the stormtroopers and attacked X1, who was armed with a force pike[3] The two dueled and Grey emerged victorious. Sensing that there was still some good in X1 and wishing to draw him from the path of darkness he had taken, Falon Grey spared him and even returned his force pike to him. X1, however, attacked the Jedi again and took hold of his lightsaber. He then shot Grey with his blaster and cut X2 with Grey's lightsaber, leaving his brother to die as he and the stormtroopers departed the planet.[3] Before dying, Grey was able to reach out with the Force and heal X2's wounds. X2 survived[2] and spent the following fifteen years[5] working as a simple farmer on Dantooine. At some point between 2 BBY and 0 BBY,[5] the Alliance to Restore the Republic sent Jedi Master Rahm Kota to recruit Falon Grey to their cause, whom they still thought to be alive. Kota,[2] who held no respect for clones[6] was disappointed to find only a "pale imitation" of his former Padawan. Still, he sensed the Force resonating in X2 and offered him to join the Rebellion, to which X2 agreed.[2]

Rebel Agent

Formation of Grey Squadron

"Looks like you have a new squadron, X2, whenever you like it or not."
―Rahm Kota

During this time, the Rebel Alliance was conducting a campaign against the new Imperial superweapon, the Death Star. X2's first mission on behalf of the Alliance was to go to an asteroid-based Desolation Station, where components of the Death Star's superlaser were being assembled and later transported to the Death Star itself. X2 was to infiltrate a transport carrying the last of those components, the tributary beam, and ensure that it would not reach its destination. The transport, however, was protected by a defensive shield corridor that did not allow X2 to sneak on board the ship. To this end, Kota dispatched him to Desolation Station in order to find controls for the shield and deactivate it. When X2 had reached the station, he received intelligence from Kota regarding some Wookiee slaves who were being held inside.[2]

X2 liberated the slaves and reached the shield control center, where he deactivated the transport's defensive corridor. X2's actions put the entire facility on alert, but—with the help of the liberated Wookiees and some Rebel fighters who had been dispatched as his backup—he managed to reach a TIE fighter hangar and stole one of the starfighters. Once off the station, X2 was pursued by enemy TIEs, but he managed to hold them off until some Rebel X-Wings arrived, dispatched by Kota to cover his tail. While the X-Wings engaged the TIEs in a dogfight, X2 flew to the transport and destroyed its turbolaser defenses. He then landed inside, fought his way to the weapons control room and destroyed Desolation Station with the tributory beam, effectively halting the construction of the Death Star. Following the completion of that mission, X2 was formally initiated into the Rebel Alliance.[2]

Grey Squadron is formed out of the Geonosis escapees.

Some time later, X2 received a communication from Kota, who told him that a Rebel strike team sent to infiltrate an Imperial base on the planet of Geonosis had been discovered and captured. Kota planned to rescue them with X2's help and set off to Geonosis headfirst. He told X2 that he would leave a speeder bike for him at the landing zone and rendezvous with him at the base. When X2 had arrived at Geonosis in his X-Wing, however, he was attacked by the bounty hunter Boba Fett, who mistook him for Kota; Fett wanted to claim the bounty put on Kota's head by the Empire. After realizing that the X-Wing's pilot was not Kota, Fett planned to capture X2 and use him as a bait for the Jedi. X2 engaged Fett's ship, Slave I in the asteroid ring around Geonosis and ultimately defeated him, forcing the bounty hunter to retreat. X2 then landed at the planet and took the speeder bike left by Kota to the base. After meeting with the Jedi inside the base, X2 liberated the imprisoned Rebels and helped them to a landing pad.[2]

Grateful to X2 for their rescue, the Rebels pledged their allegiance to him and asked him to lead them as a military unit. X2 was initially reluctant to become a leader, but eventually agreed. On Kota's suggestion, X2 named his new unit Grey Squadron in the memory of his late father, Falon Grey. X2, now Grey Leader, led his squadron across the galaxy, and it soon became known as a unit of fierce and loyal fighters. X2 himself acquired the reputation of a reliable figure in the Rebel Alliance.[2] Rahm Kota continued to look after him in the memory of Falon Grey.[3]

Death Star threat

"The Death Star is a fearsome invention indeed. We must find a way to destroy it!"
―Rahm Kota

Armed with the exact location of the construction site of the Death Star,[3] the prison planet of Despayre,[7] the Rebel Alliance planned a daring reconnaissance mission to infiltrate the station in order to learn more about its capabilities and rescue prisoners held there. When X2 received word of it, he volunteered for the mission. Flying his X-Wing, X2, along with some other Rebels reached the Death Star, which was guarded by a Star Destroyer and a number of TIE fighters. After clearing his way through the TIEs, X2 infiltrated the Star Destroyer and, guided by Kota over the comlink, used the ship's orbital strike cannon to destroy the Death Star's defensive turrets. The battlestation's hangar shield went off, and X2 returned back to his X-Wing and left the Star Destroyer for the Death Star.[3]

Upon landing there along with some Rebel troops, X2 headed for the prison cells. On his way there, however, he stumbled upon a conference room and saw a holographic transmission from X1, who said that he was soon going to deliver the tributary laser to the Death Star. This way, X2 discovered that his brother was still alive, though he had no time to reflect on this at the moment. Hoping to create a diversion, Kota told X2 to head for the superlaser control room and use the superweapon to destroy the Star Destroyer. X2 reached the controls and fired the still unfinished laser, obliterating the Imperial ship. Kota was amazed with the laser's firepower and told X2 that it was urgent to deliver this information to the Alliance High Command. Before that, however, X2 still needed to rescue the prisoners. He liberated them from the detention block and deactivated the station's tractor beam. X2 and the Rebels then escaped aboard two Lambda-class T-4a shuttles.[3]

X2 and Shara witness the beginning of the Imperial attack on Yavin IV

X2 and Grey Squadron were later stationed at the Rebel base on the moon of Yavin IV. During this time, Kota recommended a female bounty hunter Shara into Grey Squadron, and X2 accepted her commission, trusting Kota's judgment. As soon as she arrived at the base, however, the Empire initiated an attack on the planet, landing a force of stormtroopers that attempted to capture the Yavin Temple and employing TIE bombers for bombing runs. X2 and Shara made their way to the temple, evading TIE bomber attacks. The two cleared the temple's surrounds, only to find the base's anti-aircraft turret deactivated. X2 repaired the turret's power stations, activating the turret. Afterward, the two entered the base, and Shara received transmission from the Rebel General Jan Dodonna, who revealed that the invading Imperials had placed jamming beacons throughout the base, preventing the Incom-designed X-Wings' engines from functioning properly.[2]

X2 and Shara destroyed all of the jamming beacons and, after clearing the base of the invading enemy forces, took X-Wings to join the battle in space against the Death Star, which had arrived at Yavin IV and—with its superlaser now fully functional—was preparing for a devastating shot to destroy Yavin IV. The Rebel Alliance planned to hit the Death Star's two-meter wide thermal exhaust port with proton torpedoes, thus hoping to start a chain reaction that would have destroyed the massive station. Toward the end of the battle, Rebel pilots Luke Skywalker, Wedge Antilles and Biggs Darklighter attempted to make a run through the trench leading to the exhaust port, but were followed by Darth Vader in his TIE Advanced x1 and two wingmen. X2 steered his X-Wing into the trench just behind Vader's ship, hoping to provide backup for Skywalker. Vader, however, ordered all of the nearby turbolaser batteries to fire at X2; TIE fighters also strafed him with fire.[2]

X2 was not able to help Skywalker, but the latter was saved by two smugglers, Han Solo and Chewbacca in their ship, the Millennium Falcon. Solo destroyed one of Vader's wingmen; the other one panicked and collided with Vader's fighter, sending him spinning into the vastness of space. Seconds later, Skywalker was able to place the necessary shot by using the Force and destroyed the Death Star. X2 and Shara were among the handful of pilots who had survived the battle. Short time later, the Empire established a blockade of Yavin in hopes of preventing the Rebels from escaping. The codes to bypass it, however, had been located in a transponder device in the Death Star. X2 and Shara were dispatched to the station's wreckage in the orbit of Yavin to find them. The retrieval mission soon turned into a battle, as Imperial TIE fighters arrived to reclaim the codes. X2 distracted the TIE fighters until Shara located the device in the wreckage. X2 retrieved it, and the two returned to base.[2]

The continuing war

"An Imperial probe droid had discovered our secret base on Hoth. The Empire launched a full-scale invasion, planning to crush the Alliance once and for all. The evacuation of Echo Base was our first priority. But soon enough, I would have to attend to family matters."

Soon, the Empire launched an assault on Yavin IV in an effort to destroy the Alliance. As a battle ensued, X2 and Shara reached the Yavin Temple and attempted to issue an evacuation signal before the Empire arrived in full force. However, TIE bombers took out the communications tower, preventing the Rebels from sending out the signal. X2 destroyed the Imperial starfighters with the base's anti-aircraft defenses and, along with some Rebel troops, took a T4-B heavy tank to the communications tower. The tower was located on an unreachable platform, however, and X2 was forced to Force Jump there, thus beginning to explore his Force-sensitivity. After X2 repaired the tower, Shara began the evacuation procedure and left the planet in a starfighter. After destroying some more TIEs, X2 also headed for the hangar in order to evacuate. On his way there, he received a communication from Col Serra, the commander of the newly formed Renegade Squadron, who told X2 that he needed his help in space. Taking controls of an X-Wing, X2 joined the space battle, where Serra told him to assist Renegade Squadron in taking down a communications array of a Star Destroyer, in order to prevent it from calling reinforcements. Serra and X2 later infiltrated the ship itself, destroyed its reactor core and evacuated from the doomed vessel before it exploded.[3] That day, the Alliance was ultimately able to escape from the planet.[8]

Three years later, X2 and Grey Squadron were stationed at the Alliance's Echo Base on the planet of Hoth when an Imperial probe droid discovered it. Soon, the Imperial fleet approached the planet and ground troops were deployed onto the surface, beginning the Battle of Hoth. X2 first participated in the space battle in his X-Wing, destroying TIE interceptors and preventing the Imperial landing craft from reaching the surface. He then headed for the ground and made his way to Echo Base's hangar.[3] There, X2 was tasked with holding off the invading Imperials until Princess Leia Organa could escape. X2 called in Grey Squadron and they defended the hangar against waves of snowtroopers. X2 was then contacted by Shara, who told him that Echo Station 5-7, where the Rebel v-150 anti-orbital ion cannon was located, needed help against Imperial walkers. Taking a snowspeeder, X2 reached the station and used its defensive network of DF.9 anti-infantry batteries to fend off AT-ST attacks. He was then told by Shara to take control of the ion cannon and used it to disable the tractor beam of a Star Destroyer in orbit, allowing some of the Rebel evacuation transports to escape safely.[2]

X2 faces off against X1 on the Avarice.

X2 was then contacted by a member of Grey Squadron, who requested his assistance in the space battle. Taking off from the planet in his X-Wing, X2 reached the space above Hoth and was once again contacted by Shara, who told him to infiltrate the Star Destroyer Avarice and destroy it. Before doing so, X2 distracted the Avarice by engaging in a dogfight with its TIE fighter complement. Once he had landed inside the ship, Shara informed him that thanks to his distraction, most of the transport ships had escaped from Hoth, and Luke Skywalker had sent Grey Squadron to help him. X2 told Shara and Grey Squadron to rendezvous with him in the engine control room. On his way there, however, X2 was stopped by none other than his brother X1, who was armed with Falon Grey's lightsaber and was using Force powers. Engaging in battle with X1, X2 ordered Grey Squadron to set the explosive charges and clear the ship.[2]

During their fight, X1 offered X2 a chance to join him, but X2 did not agree and continued to fight his brother, ultimately defeating him. X2 tried to reason him, made him realize the Empire's true nature, but X1 did not listen. Instead, when an explosion of Grey Squadron's charges distracted X2, he Force-pushed him out of the way and ran away, evacuating from the ship. X2 escaped from the Avarice as well, following Grey Squadron, which had escaped earlier. Having witnessed X1's usage of the Force, X2 began to think of his own Force-sensitivity and whether he should use it to aid the Rebellion.[2]

A year later, the Rebel Alliance discovered that the Empire was building a new Death Star in the orbit of the forest moon of Endor. When it was revealed that Palpatine himself would visit the station, a daring attack plan was formulated to destroy the Death Star and the Emperor. The plan involved destroying a deflector shield generator on the surface of Endor that projected a shield protecting the Death Star. To this end, a strike team led by Han Solo was dispatched to infiltrate the planet and destroy the shield generator bunker; Renegade Squadron also landed on the planet to assist Solo. Soon enough, the Rebel fleet made a hyperspace jump to Endor for a final assault on the Death Star II. Grey Squadron arrived there as part of the Rebel force. It was soon discovered, however, that Solo's team had not yet deactivated the shield. Moreover, the whole affair was revealed to be a trap masterminded by Palpatine; the Death Star's superlaser turned out to be operational and the Imperial fleet was brought in to battle the Rebels.[3]

Seeing this, the Rebel Admiral Ackbar, ordered X2 and Grey Squadron to regroup at his flagship, Home One, and defend it against Imperial starfighter attacks. The fighters, however, were revealed to be only a diversion, as Imperial forces boarded Home One and assaulted its primary reactor. X2 landed inside the flagship and assisted Ackbar in securing it. Immediately afterward, X2 was contacted by Col Serra, who requested that X2 assisted Renegade Squadron on the surface. X2 used one of Home One's escape pods to reach the ground. Serra informed X2 that several of the native Ewoks, who had been helping the Rebels, had been taken prisoner by the Empire. X2 liberated the Ewoks and was told by Serra to meet him at the shield generator bunker. Serra approached the bunker in his X-Wing, but was shot down by a turbolaser battery and crashed into a tree.[3]

The Death Star II is destroyed

X2 rendezvoused with him at the downed starfighter, and they made their way inside the bunker, where Serra sabotaged the Imperial communications network. Leaving Solo to destroy the bunker, X2 and Serra set off to an Imperial ion cannon in order to use it against enemy Star Destroyers.[3] Soon thereafter, Solo's strike team, assisted by Renegade Squadron,[9] managed to destroy the shield generator bunker, lowering the Death Star's shield. This allowed General Lando Calrissian to fly the Millennium Falcon into the station's inner structure and destroy the power generator, starting a chain reaction that destroyed the Death Star; prior to that, aboard the station itself, Darth Vader had been turned to the light by Luke Skywalker and had killed the Emperor, but sacrificed his life in the process.[10]

Although the Death Star was destroyed, the massive Imperial fleet was still battling the Rebels. In order to help their comrades, X2 and Serra reached the controls of the Imperial ion cannon, and X2 used it to lower the shields of two Star Destroyers, allowing Rebel frigates to destroy them. The battle was not over yet, as two AT-AT assaulted the Ewok village, but X2 destroyed them with a rocket launcher.[3] Ultimately, the Battle of Endor was a victory for the Alliance.[10]


Trials of a Jedi Knight

"Vader and Palpatine were slain…and the Death Star obliterated. For a brief moment we celebrated. But X1 was already drawing up plans for a new Galactic Empire, with himself at the throne."
X2 as a Jedi Knight

After the destruction of the second Death Star, X2 realized his Force potential under Luke Skywalker's tutelage.[3] Eventually, Skywalker bestowed upon him the rank of Jedi Knight and gave him a lightsaber. Although X2 still believed that he was just a soldier and not a Jedi, Skywalker convinced him that at such unconventional times, they were all forced to become someone they had never expected to be.[2] Although he accepted the title, X2 still retained his commission as Grey Leader.[1] He also realized that X1 was still alive, and he vowed to find him and bring him to justice. Prior to that, however, X2 was called in to assist Lando Calrissian in the liberation of Cloud City, a tibanna gas mining colony of the gas giant Bespin.[3]

Calrissian, who had been the colony's Baron Administrator prior to the Empire's occupation, guided X2 via a comlink while the latter piloted an X-Wing, engaging Imperial starfighters and a Star Destroyer above Cloud City. On Calrissian's advice, X2 shot down a mining platform, making it fall on the Star Destroyer, destroying it. After eliminating some pursuing TIE fighters, X2 set his X-Wing down at the landing platform and met Calrissian there, who relayed to him his plan of the city's liberation. Calrissian hoped to rescue his aide, the cyborg Lobot, who had been imprisoned by the Empire, and regain control over the Cloud City with his help. X2 escorted Calrissian to a computer terminal, where the former administrator located Lobot being held inside one of the prison cells. X2 liberated Lobot, escorted him to the Cloud City's central computer and protected him until he transferred all command functions over the city to Calrissian. The Empire attempted a counter-attack, but X2, Calrissian and Lobot intercepted all Imperial forces—including some dark troopers—at the landing platforms and eliminated them.[3]

With Cloud City liberated, X2 began searching for his brother. He soon tracked X1's forces to the planet of Dathomir, where X1 possessed a base and arrived there with Grey Squadron, landing in a swamp in order to avoid detection by the heavy security of X1's base. On the surface of the planet, X2 sensed that X1 had been working on something important there. He and Grey Squadron took speeder bikes to X1's base, where X2's Force sense told him that the place resonated with the dark side, although it not felt like X1. At this moment, he was attacked by a lightsaber-wielding woman, whom X2 recognized as a member of the Nightsisters clan. He defeated her, but more Nightsisters appeared, attacking Grey Squadron. X2 rescued his unit, and was informed that the Nightsisters had been trying to break inside the base. Near the entrance inside his brother's base, X2 told his men to wait for him outside, because he sensed something very powerful and dark inside.[2]

X2 went into the base alone and was confronted there by the Nightsister Matriarch, who was riding a rancor. He killed the rancor, and later, the Matriarch herself. Regrouping with several members of Grey Squadron, X2 proceeded further into X1's base and found a cloning laboratory there, where X1 had attempted experiments with cloning. X2 realized that his brother had left the base and broke into his office in order to retrieve any important data. Locating the main computer, he called Shara to help him recover the data from there. After the mission was completed, the two returned to the landing pad to meet with Grey Squadron, only to find the place completely devastated; an Imperial had infiltrated it and planted detonation packs on Grey Squadron's X-Wings. Many members of the unit died, including Tavoy, Watkins and Ryder, but the saboteur was captured. X2 tried to interrogate him on X1's plans using Jedi mind trick, but the man had been trained to resist such methods. Angered, X2 slipped into the dark side and Force-choked the Imperial, but was then calmed down by Shara and regretted his actions.[2]

Realizing that the Empire was aware of their presence on Dathomir, the remainder of Grey Squadron took the intact ships and tried to escape from the planet. However, a Star Destroyer had already arrived there, and a fighting ensued. X2 destroyed the ship's turret, and Shara told him that they would now be able to escape. X2 decided not to run from the Empire anymore and was determined to destroy the Star Destroyer. He wiped out the vessel's TIE fighter escort and made an attack run on the bridge, placing a shot that started a chain reaction and destroyed the ship. X2 and the remaining pilots of Grey Squadron escaped from the planet and informed the New Republic command of what had transpired on Dathomir.[2]

Later, X2 discovered that X1 had proclaimed himself as a Sith Lord and sought to learn the secrets of the dark side. To this end, he had traveled to the planet Vjun and had occupied Bast Castle, the former residence of the late Darth Vader. X2 was determined to prevent X1 from learning too much from Vader's castle and set off there, guided by Luke Skywalker via a comlink. Arriving at the planet, he took out a network of security satellites in space in order to avoid detection. Hoping to learn more about X1's operation on the planet, X2 boarded a Star Destroyer in orbit and sliced its mainframe. The ship's log indicated that X1 had already left the planet, but he had left a Sith Holocron inside the castle. Skywalker hoped to determine X1's location by analyzing the holocron. After reaching the planet surface and dealing with a starfighter garrison, X2 infiltrated Bast Castle.[3]

Inside, he was forced to fight against Vader's droid bodyguards. While inside the temple, he received intelligence from Skywalker, who told him that X1 had been keeping Falon Grey's lightsaber in Vader's trophy room. X2 reached it and retrieved the weapon. He then proceeded to Vader's meditation chamber, obtained the holocron, and escaped on a TIE bomber with it before more droids could arrive. The data on the holocron helped track X1 to Mustafar. Skywalker went ahead to stop him, but X1 managed to capture him.[3]

After regaining consciousness, X2 then set out to Mustafar to confront X1. After breaking into the facility, X2 discovered that X1 had reactivated some of the droids that had since been deactivated after the Clone Wars (or re-activated by Gizor Dellso during the Battle of Mustafar). After destroying the droids and freeing a captive Luke, X2 found X1 waiting for him. X1 had become distorted by the Dark Side, and was physically distorted in a similar manner to Palpatine's disfigurement. X2 managed to overpower X1, but in a final act, X1 tried to use his dropped lightsaber to impale X2. X2 jumped over the lightsaber, causing X1 to be impaled by his own blade. X1 fell into the lava rivers and down a lava "waterfall."

X2 was later promoted to the rank of Jedi Master by Skywalker.

Behind the scenes

X2 is a new character created as the protagonist of the game Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron for the PlayStation Portable and the Nintendo DS.

Console differences

The two versions of Elite Squadron are very different in their portrayal of certain events. This article tries to incorporate elements from both console versions, noting elements exclusive to one or another edition. However, there are some plot points that contradict each other. For instance, the Battle of Tatooine's depiction in the Nintendo DS version is entirely different from the PSP version which is currently described in the article. In it, X1 and X2 are assigned to oversee the construction of an outpost instead of training new troopers. The two are busy working on the outpost when the Separatist attack begins, and they are completely surprised by it. They make their way to an invaded Republic garrison and clear it from droids. The two then take BARC speeders to an outpost across the desert where they rendezvous with Ferroda. Alongside the Jedi, X1 and X2 make their way to the hangar and take ARC-170's into space. There, X2 infiltrates a Lucrehulk-class battleship instead of a Providence-class destroyer. Additionally, while the PSP version claims that Tatooine was an "early" victory for the Republic, the Nintendo DS version explicitly states that the battle takes place in 19 BBY.

This article currently describes the Battle of Coruscant as depicted in the Nintendo DS version. In the PSP edition, X1 and X2 immediately engage Separatist forces in orbit around Coruscant. First, they fight enemy droid fighters, and eventually X2 and some clone troopers board a Providence-class carrier/destroyer. Inside the ship, X2 commandeers its orbital strike cannon and uses it against Separatist ground forces that have been deployed onto Coruscant's surface. This provides the Republic a great deal of support by hampering the Confederacy's ground invasion. Once complete, X2 and his clone brothers depart the ship in escape pods and reach the planet's surface in order to support the Republic's ground troops. X2 reaches Jedi General Mace Windu's location, and Windu tasks him with repairing a defense turret in order to blast Separatist barricades surrounding the Senate building. After X2 have completed the task, he and Windu reach the building and face off against Grievous and his MagnaGuards. After a short battle, the droid General retreats.

The battle of Cato Neimodia is described in the article as presented in the PSP version. The NDS version claims that X2 was assigned to Cato Neimodia "months" after the Battle of Coruscant, while in fact, far less time elapsed between Coruscant's invasion and the ending of the Clone Wars. In this version, Cato Neimodia is protected by an energy shield powered by three satellites in orbit; X2 and X1 manage to deactivate them. In the PSP version's depiction of the Battle of Hoth, the ion cannon is erroneously located right next to the Rebel hangar instead of Echo Station 5-7, and during the battle it registers a fault. After defending the hangar, X2 is tasked with escorting an astromech droid to the ion cannon's controls in order to fix it. He then uses the cannon to take down the shields of a Star Destroyer in orbit. When Vader's stormtroopers storm the cannon's control room, X2 retreats to his X-Wing and sets off into space, where a boarding party has been assembled to infiltrate the Star Destroyer and destroy its orbital strike cannon.

X2 protects the boarding party's LAAT/i gunships and proceeds inside the Star Destroyer. After he has destroyed the ship's orbital strike cannon's controls, X2 is attacked by X1, who unlike the NDS version is armed with a blaster instead of Grey's lightsaber. When explosions start to tear the ship apart, the two brothers break off their duel and escape on an X-Wing and a TIE fighter.

In the Nintendo DS portrayal of the Battle of Endor, Grey Squadron arrives at the Ewok village during the battle, and X2 is contacted by Ackbar, who informs him that he has lost contact with Solo. X2 establishes contact with Leia Organa, who informs him that their team has run into heavy resistance at the bunker, but they would be able to handle the situation themselves. While X2 and Grey Squadron defend the village, the strike team defends the Imperials and starts planting explosives in the bunker. Having been informed of that, X2 and Grey Squadron take speeder bikes to the Rebel landing platform and rendezvous with Shara there, who informs X2 that the platform has been overrun with Imperials. After fighting their way through them, Grey Squadron takes X-Wings and joins the space battle.

There, they are contacted by Calrissian, who requests X2's men to provide cover for him. While X2 battles with TIE fighters, Solo takes down the Death Star's shield. Seeing an opportunity to download the encrypted data from the Death Star mainframe, Ackbar dispatches Grey Squadron inside the station. X2 leads his R2 unit to the mainframe, downloads the data and escapes from the station before it explodes.


  • Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron (First appearance)

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