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Prior to 22 BBY


During the New Republic Era, Mustafar

Physical description

Human (clone)



Hair color

Brown; Bald (Sith Lord)

Eye color


Chronological and political information
"As his brother, it was my sworn duty to stop him."
X2 prior to the Duel on Mustafar

X1 was a Force-sensitive clone trooper created by the Galactic Republic towards the end of the Clone Wars. A clone created with the DNA of a Jedi Master, X1 was assigned to help the Republic in various missions against the CIS. His younger clone brother was X2, created for the same purpose. However, after the battle on Cato Neimoidia and the enacting of Order 66, X2 decided to leave his dark past behind and fight the Galactic Empire, while X1 chose to stay with the Empire.

X1 and his brother met later on Dantooine. X2 helped Falon Grey, the brothers' genetic father, fight Imperial stormtroopers, but X1 arrived, killed Grey, and left X2 to die. X1 helped the Empire in many ways, including at the Battle of Hoth. The brothers were reunited on a Star Destroyer, and after a short battle, the two escaped the exploding ship.

After the Battle of Endor and the death of the Emperor, X1 became a Sith Lord and operated from Darth Vader's fortress on Vjun. X2, now a Jedi Knight, and the forces of the young New Republic infiltrated the fortress only to find that X1 had escaped to Mustafar. However, using a Sith holocron, X2 tracked his evil brother to Mustafar and attacked the planet in a short battle. X1 attacked his brother above the planet and then in his laboratory of insane clones on the fiery surface. X1 confronted his brother one last time, and the Jedi defeated him, sending him burning into the lava.




Clone Trooper

X1 as a clone trooper.

X1, along with his brother, X2, was a Force-sensitive clone trooper created by the Galactic Republic towards the end of the Clone wars. Created using the DNA of a Jedi Master, X2 was assigned to Jedi Master Ferroda. It was X1 that gave X2 the orders. Chancellor Palpatine officially recognized X1 and X2's achievements after a battle on and above Tatooine, but the ceremony was cut short due to the Invasion of Coruscant. He was on a mission on Cato Neimoidia when Order 66 was issued. Reluctantly, and with the urging of his brother, he struck down Master Ferroda. Appalled by what he had done, he turned his back on the newly formed Galactic Empire and fled to Dantooine.

Service to the Empire

"The rise of the Galactic Empire offered X1 power beyond his wildest dreams. But Order 66 and the Jedi Purge sooned turned brother against brother."
―Clone trooper X2.

While at Dantooine, X2 discovered his biological "father", a Jedi Master named Falon Grey, however, their reunion was brief as X1 fought Falon Grey, and killed him after "surrendering". X1 also wounded X2, intending to leave X2 to die on Dantooine, but X2 survived.

X1 rose in the ranks of the Imperial Army, unaware that his brother had joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic created by Galen Marek. He played a small role in the operation of the Death Star. X1 was also involved in the Battle of Hoth. He commanded the Star Destroyer Avarice. X2 had boarded the Avarice in an attempt to destroy the Star Destroyer to aid in the Rebel evacuation of Hoth, but X1 ambushed and attacked him, who brandished Falon Grey's lightsaber, and seemed to have gained some measure of proficiency with the dark side. X2 defeated X1, and X1 fled.

Sith Lord

X1's hideout on Mustafar
"With the Emperor gone, X1 had been reborn as a Sith Lord. But he still needed to learn the darkest secrets of the Force. That quest took X1 to the acid trenched mountains of Vjun... resting place of Darth Vader's castle. I had to stop him, before he learnt too much."
X2 at the Battle of Vjun.

After the destruction of the second Death Star and the establishment of the New Republic, X1 became a Sith Lord and tatooed his head after shaving it. X2 vowed to track down X1 and bring him to justice. X1 operated from Darth Vader's fortress on the acid planet of Vjun, Bast Castle, and created a Sith holocron for himself. X2 and Grey Squadron visited the planet to capture X1, but as X2 discovered on the holocron, the Sith Lord had already fled to Mustafar.

X1 had built an army of insane clones on Mustafar and planned to use Luke Skywalker as a genetic template. X2 and New Republic soldiers tracked X1 to the fiery world and fought the stormtroopers found X1 waiting for him. X1 had become infused with the power of the dark side , and was physically distorted in a similar manner to Palpatine's disfigurement. X2 managed to overpower X1, but in a final act, X1 tried to use his dropped lightsaber to impale X2. X2 jumped over the lightsaber, causing X1 to be impaled by his own blade. X1 fell into the lava rivers and died painfully.

Behind the scenes

X1 is the main antagonist in the campaign and appears as a Republic hero on Hoth and as an Imperial hero on Coruscant, Kashyyyk, Dantooine, and Hoth


  • Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron

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