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The X-Project was the project in which the Multi-Vector-class USS Phoenix-X was conceived and built. It was also the focus of the ultra-transwarp engine that was installed on the Phoenix-X. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X)


Whale probe

In 2286, Earth was taken hostage by a ravenous alien whale probe. When the probe was given what it needed to let the Earth go, Section 31 secretly downloaded and stole several components from its propulsion systems.
whale probe

Starfleet Intelligence was mysteriously given a copy in order to convert the information to faster-than-warp drive schematics. Starfleet Intelligence was quick to keep the schematics a secret, even as the decoding of the information led them to understand that it was alien-modified transwarp drive technology.

Knowing that the USS Excelsior was currently testing transwarp drive, Starfleet Intelligence attempted to have the schematical changes applied to the Excelsior, but they were re-intercepted by Section 31.

Section 31 sabotaged transwarp tests aboard the Excelsior, making it the second time the Excelsior failed at transwarp. This eventually led to the end of testing transwarp on the Excelsior.

80+ years

Section 31 wiped all information on the schematics from Starfleet computers and kept it for themselves, now that the information was converted into schematic form. They hired a small team of engineers from the Starfleet Corps of Engineers, and had them resign and start a new research group within Starfleet Science and Technology.

Keeping a close eye and covering any leaks, Section 31 and the group spent the next 80+ years developing the alien-modified transwarp drive engine. The engine would function as a dual core, harboring a warp drive as well as transwarp.


During development, a third mode within the drive was established as "ultra-transwarp". Under this setting, the drive would be able to take the ship into a subspace domain faster than conventional transwarp. In fact, the distance covered would be so great that it could conceivably cross the galaxy in a ridiculously short amount of time.

The dangers of running this mode were so great to bring about the destruction of the ship, that it was restricted from accessibility. As it was an alien-incorporated technology, developing it was unavoidable.

Multi-Vector class

As the end of the developing stages were closing, it was obvious that construction stages were nearing. Sometime during the 80+ years, the small group within Starfleet Science and Technology labeled their project the X-Project.


At this point in time it became public that its purpose was to continue the development of transwarp drive. Their expected probability of success was low thanks to the tests with the Excelsior many years earlier, and they received no press with their work.

This suited Section 31 perfectly, as they were bound to the task of securing a starship for the X-Project. By 2368, they had taken notice of the tactical ability of the Prometheus-class schematics and decided that a ship of great tactical prowess would be beneficial for the transwarp drive should the ship meet with enemy forces.

The construction of the transwarp drive on the Prometheus class immediately made it a new class-type; thus it was enabled as the Multi-Vector class.

Teketekon Station

The construction of transwarp drive in the Multi-Vector class needed great lengths in order for its alien origins to be kept secret, so Section 31 used this as an opportunity to gain an ally with the Obsidian Order.

With the Obsidian Order's help, the drive was installed onto the Multi-Vector class on a distant Cardassian station. It was later brought to the Beta Antares Shipyards where its construction logs were altered.

USS Phoenix-X

Before long, the ship was launched as the Phoenix-X, a special experimental starship for the transwarp engine. Even then, knowledge of the engine was kept quiet.

USS Phoenix-X

After a month of testing, the drive was deemed yet another failure by the small group. Section 31 had pressured them into lying about its success, so that the ship would be launched as a normal warp-capable starship.

A week later, the Phoenix-X was brought to Deep Space 9 where a surviving crew from a recently near-totaled starship was transferred to it. With increased pressure, Section 31 was able to maintain secret control over the Phoenix-X and its crew to suit their own devious purposes.


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