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X-Potion in Final Fantasy VII

The X-Potion (エクスポーション, Ekusupōshon), also known as Cure3, is a recurring item in the Final Fantasy series. It usually restores one character's HP to full. Usually unable to purchase from shops, they have to be stolen, morphed or dropped from enemies, or found in chests. Like Elixirs, Megalixirs and other full recovery items, they have a resale value of only a gil, to discourage players from selling them. The exception to this is in Final Fantasy XII.




Final Fantasy

X-Potions appear in the Dawn of Souls and 20th Anniversary versions of the original Final Fantasy in the bonus dungeons.

Effect Fully restores HP
Found in Dragon Caves, Hellfire Chasm, Lifespring Grotto (x6), Whisperwind Cave (x13)
Won from Lesser Tiger, Echidna

Final Fantasy IV

X-Potions first appeared and are only sold in the Lunar Ruins in the Advance release.

Effect Restores a much larger amount of HP (1000 HP in the DS remake)
Find in Water Cave, Mount Hobs, Fabul, Sealed Cavern, Lunar Subterrane
Steal from N/A
Won from Armadillo, Carapace, Evil Mask, Ironback, Stoneman, Tortoise
Cost N/A

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

X-Potions restore 2000 HP to one target. They can be stolen from several enemies and bought in certain towns

Final Fantasy V

Although not usable, X-Potion appears as a result for the Mix ability. It can be achieved by mixing either a Potion with an Ether or by mixing an Ether with a Turtle Shell.

Final Fantasy VI

Its first appearance in the series.

Effect Fully restores HP
Find in [WoB] South Figaro (Underground Passage) - Chest,[WoB] Serpent Trench - Chest, [WoB] Zozo - Chest, [WoB] Figaro Cave - Chest (after you get CELES and only if Chest was not already opened), [WoB] Magitek Factory in Vector - Chest, [WoB] Cave to Sealed Gate - Chest, [WoB] Vector (during Banquet) - Chest, [WoB] Imperial Base - Chest, [WoB] Gathering Place of Espers - Chest, [WoR] Figaro Cave - Chest (if you did not get them items in the WoB), [WoR] Figaro Castle Basement - Chest, [WoR] Doma Castle - Chest, [WoR] CYAN's Soul - Chest, [WoR] Cave to Ancient Castle - Chest, [WoR] South Figaro - Chest (if you did not get the items in the WoB)
Steal from White Drgn, Telstar, Mad Oscar, Land Worm, Enuo, Gigantos, Spek Tor, Pm Stalker, Dullahan, Dirt Drgn
Won from Behemoth, Aspik

Final Fantasy VII

Fully Restores HP of a single party member.

Effect Fully restores HP
Find in Gi Cave, Icicle Inn, Northern Crater, Gold Saucer - Wonder Square, Fort Condor (Win 10th, 11th, and 12th battle [After Temple of the Ancients, after waking Sleeping Forest, and after taking a nap at the City of Ancients/x5 per battle)
Steal from Bullmotor, Spiral, Bandit, Gargoyle
Won from Death Dealer, Bizarre Bug, Diver Nest, Eagle Gun, Gargoyle, Jayjujayme, King Behemoth, Magnade, Manhole, Pollensalta, Rilfsak, Roulette Cannon, Scissors, Soldier:2nd, Zolkater, Rude (Gongaga/Disc 1 only), Reno (Midgar/Disc 2), Gorki
Morph from Midgar Zolom, Custom Sweeper, Gremlin, Ironite, Malldancer, Marine

Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-

X-Potions will fully restore Vincent's HP

Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-

X-Potions will fully restore the player's HP. They can not be purchased.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-

X-Potions restore a large amount of HP, the most of any consumable item next to the Elixir.

Final Fantasy VIII

Effect Fully restores HP
Location Esthar Shop!!! (only with Familiar)
Find Dollet (Complete dog sidequest on Disc 3)
Steal from N/A
Won from N/A
Refine From 3 Hi-Potion into 1 X-Potion (Med LV Up)
1 Wedge, Biggs into 1 X-Potion (Card Mod)
1 Fujin, Raijin into 1 X-Potion (Card Mod)
Cost 5000

They can be made using the Med Up ability from 5 Mega Potions.

Final Fantasy X

Effect Restores 9,999 HP to one character
Find in Submerged Ruins: Hall, Mushroom Rock: Precipice, Moonflow: South Bank Road, Thunder Plains: North, Macalania: Hall(x2), Sanubia Desert: Central (x2), Sanubia Desert: West (x2),

Cavern of the Stolen Fayth (x2)

Steal from Wendigo, Guado Guardian, Random Chest - Bikanel Island, Guado Guardian - Home, Right Fin, Dark Valefor
Won from Worker
Bribe Guado Guardian, Valaha
Other Blitzball - League Prize - 2nd Place, Blitzball - League Prize - Most Goals, Blitzball - Tournament Prize - First Place, Thunder Plains - Dodge 5 bolts in a row (x2), Calm Lands - Woobly Chocobo: Tie or beat your time, Remiem - Defeat Belgemine's Ifrit (1-timer) (x30)

The fact that it only restores that much HP makes it less effective once characters are able to take advantage of the Break HP Limit ability.

Final Fantasy X-2

Restores one character's hit points to max, with a cap of 9,999. The potion is available for free once the Alchemist has mastered the ability for her Stash skillset.

Effect Restores 9999 HP.
Buy in N/A
Find in Macalania Shop (Chapter 3), Besaid (Chapter 3 - Beach, Chapter 5 - Beach x2), Thunder Plains (Chapter 4 - South & Fiend Haunt, Chapter 5 - South x2), Celsius (Chapter 5 - Steam Room x5), Mi'ihen Highroad (Chapter 5 - Agency x2), Djose (Chapter 5 - Road x2), Calm Lands (Chapter 5 - Bridge)
Steal from Chocobo Eater, Ormi (Djose Highroad), Ormi (Mt. Gagazet), Ormi (Guadosalam), Ormi (Final battle), Azi Dahaka, Vegnagun - Tail, Adamantoise, Adamantortoise (Common)
Won from Chocobo Eater (Oversoul), Left & Right Redoubt, Adamantoise (rare), Adamantortoise
Bribe From Adamantoise, Aquila (Oversoul), Lupus, Sahagin Prince (Normal and Oversoul), Yevon Defender, Yevon's Finest
Other Alchemist ability
Cost N/A

Final Fantasy XI

Main article: [X-Potion (FFXIclopedia)]

X-Potions exist in Final Fantasy XI. They can be purchased from vendors or made by players with the appropriate skill and items in alchemy. High Quality versions are also available called X-Potion +1, X-Potion +2, and X-Potion +3. Each restore slightly more hitpoints than a standard X-potion. X-potions (+3) restore the most HP of any craftable potion type. Dusty Potions will restore more, but can only be obtained as temporary items, as will Megalixirs, which restore all HP and MP.

Final Fantasy XII

Effect Restores 1600 HP, its potency can be increased by learning Potion Lores in the License Board.
Location Archades, Balfonheim
Cost 630 gil

Final Fantasy Tactics

Effect Restores 150 HP
Location All shops in the game
Won from Black Chocobo
Cost 700 gil

The ability required to use it can be learned from the Chemist job for 30 JP.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Effect Restores 120 HP
Location All shops in the game
Won from N/A
Cost 700 gil

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Effect Restores 200 HP
Location All shops in the game
Won from N/A
Cost 300 gil

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