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Jake Mooers a.k.a."The SicKness" X-Factor was born on May 17, 1984, in Des Moines, Iowa. He is currently a member of the Extreme Hardcore Wrestling Federation or EHWF. He is a a 3 time World Champion and a Grandslam Champion of the company.



As soon as X was born, he loved to watch wrestling. Early in his life, his parents discouraged (mainly his mother) wrestling, but his aunt and other family members, kept the blood pumping. His aunt would let him watch Pay Per Views of the WWF, his cousin's and him would play video games. He would fake like he was sleeping in his room on mondays and saturdays so he could watch wrestling on his t.v. Finally, when he started maturing, his parents let him finally start to watch it more, and the more he watched, the more he learned, and loved.


X was big into backyard wrestling. Going as far as making belts with his friends, and actually setting up matches. X took on all competitors, big or small, and always managed to win. When he entered highschool though, his love faded. He soon got into skateboarding, and other sports. Wrestling was dying off his mind. He got into all sorts of trouble, and even managed to get kicked off the football team for a year because of his grades and record at school. None of the officals at school liked him, he had a cocky attitude, and never followed the rules.

One day, X got introuble for beating a fellow student up. And everyother week, it was the same story. X's behavior became so out-of-controll his parents thought the only way to keep him in line was to get his anger out some other way. They tried everything, theorpy, scare tatics, even bootcamp, but the only passion X really loved was wrestling... But he didn't know it yet.

At age 16, they sent him to train with his older cousin Fortune, thinking that getting hit a couple times by a professional wrestler would set him straight. They were wrong, he loved it. He loved the excitement wrestling brought him, and he loved the pain of slamming on the mat. X trained and trained and trained, and he soon got his big break after highschool.



EHWF was X's first home. His cousin Fortune brought him in to earn some money so he could make it on his own. X made his debut by interfering in a match with HardKore and Showstopper. X made it his duty to become the Hardcore champion after that. A week later, he was. X reigned the EHWF Hardcore champion for a record setting 6 months and 15 days. There after, he lost it in a Hardcore open to EHWF Announcer Ben Ellis. During that run, he captured the EHWF Tag Titles with ShowStopper which led to the formation of GX.

After a short stint on the Tag division, he went to get the vacated EC Title, after defeating Phenoix in a quick match.

Soon after winning that, he went to win the most prized possesion in the wrestling world today, he won the EHWF World Title. Taking on three guys in one night. Punisher, Hurley, and BTB.

BTB and X had there fair share of matches that would become some of the greatest.

From then on, he went to have a great career. Soon after he lost his World Title, the EHWF started to fall apart. The EHWF was meeting its demise.


The opening of the GWA ment a new era. A new X-Factor emerged and took the federation by storm. Capturing more titles then he could imagine. GX was on top of the world, untill X turned on BTB in his match with Fortune, and soon turned on Hurley, stirring up the greatest fued the EHWF or GWA has ever seen. X and BTB would battle for various titles, the EC and the World at some points. The GWA did not bring X much success. Only capturing the World Title once in his two year stint with the company.

Frusterated with the way the company was making him, he decided to leave the company. He became the main enemy of the GWA, by jumping ship to a new company called Chaotic Wrestling Federation.


Coming to the CWF was a major move by X-Factor. Going undefeated in the company. In the first weeks, he captured the Eliminator Elite title which crowned him Number One Contender. He used that to defeat Christian Cage and become the CWF HeavyWeight Champion. During that same show, he captured the CWF Hardcore title. The company soon fell apart. X decided to leave with both titles and come back to the EHWF, which has settled down.


Comming back to the company, he had the same success he had when he left. Only this time, capturing the IN Title, becoming the latest Grandslam Champion. Soon after, he was recruted by the Insurgency to bring back the EHWF. There mission was successfully completed after X scored the winning pinfall in that match.


X then went to win the EC Title again, and then to win the World Title again. He has since lost those titles and is now working to get some gold around his waiste. Don't be scared fans, he will soon get some gold.

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