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Final Fantasy VIII Boss
HP (Level 1) HP (Level 11)
5,072 5,872
Elemental affinities
- Weak - -
- - Immune -
Japanese X-ATM092
Romaji X-ATM092
Location Dollet
Scan Galbadia's mobile attack weapon, AKA "Black Widow". Doesn't stop until it kills all enemies in its path.
HP Formula 2.5(Lv)2 + 50(Lv) + 5020
Mug Elixir x2
Common Drop Orihalcon/Power Wrist/Hypno Crown/Force Armlet
Rare Drop Orihalcon/Power Wrist/Hypno Crown/Force Armlet
Draw Fire, Blizzard, Cure, Protect
Card None
Taste None
Abilities Arm Crush, Clash, Ray Bomb
Status Immunity N/A
Other Information If its HP is reduced to zero, it is automatically replenished, but the player still receives items and AP. X-ATM092 can only do this a certain amount of times per fight.

X-ATM092 is a boss in Final Fantasy VIII. It's activated by Biggs to pursue Squall's squad. It is later destroyed by Quistis at the beach, unless the player has already destroyed it at some point during the chase.

If the player tries to return to the Dollet Comm Tower, a Galbadian Soldier will call two X-ATM092s. The first one (RoboVite 001) falls from the mountain, and the second (RoboSharp 002) falls backwards, blocking the path to the Communications Tower.


After the initial fight with X-ATM092, evading it is possible. Defeating it is hard at this point in the game, the player just has to attack it until it enters repair mode, and Zell prompts the player to flee the battle. It is then delayed slightly before it resumes its pursuit of the party. There is a time limit in place while running away from it.

Although the X-ATM092 can repeatedly repair itself, it can only do so a finite number of times. The player can recognize this by the robot collapsing as it takes damage: eventually, it will not collapse, a sign it will no longer repair itself and can be destroyed. However, due to its high HP and the time limit, destroying the X-ATM092 is very difficult.

To defeat X-ATM092, it is highly recommended to have Quezacotl know the Boost ability, as a Boosted summon can do over 1,000 damage. If possible, Junction Thunder to Squall's Elemental Attack to boost damage considerably. A good cource of action is for Zell or Selphie to summon Quezacotl, while Squall attacks with Thunder-elemental damage and the third party member cast Thunder spells. If the player drew any Double spells from Elvoret, dualcasting Thunder works well. As well, if the player has managed to acquire any Thundara spells, they naturally work far better than the normal Thunder. X-ATM092's attacks do mediocre damage, but the player should not concern themselves with healing. If the party members get weak, Limit Breaks are extremely useful here. If the player is lucky, Selphie's slots will turn up Thundara or Thundaga, either of which can do massive damage. She can also use Full-Cure to heal the party.

If the player manages to beat X-ATM092, they will receive 50 AP, a random GF ability item, and 100 bonus points towards the exam score. The X-ATM092 will also no longer chase the player through town. Although the battle will take a long time, the 100 point bonus will off-set the deductions for low time.

Triple Triad

Image:TTX-ATM092.png Level 6 (Boss Card) Element None
Refine 2 refines into 1 Turtle Shell
Drop N/A
Card SAM08G, Red Bat
Win N/A



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