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Ord Cestus



Skin color

gold, blue, red


Gender-shifting, three stomachs

Famous members

Trillot, G'Mai Duris, Jesson Di Blinth,Resta Shug Hai

The X'Ting were an insectoid species, native to the planet Cestus. The X'Ting were also called Cestians, although the term also came to embody anyone of any species native to the world. They were goverened by the Hive Council. The X'Ting were all part of a single colony, but had many hives around the world.


Biology and appearance

The X'Ting were six limbed insectoids. They walked on two lower feet and had four arms. Each digit had a nail at the tip. Although they had hard chitinous exoskeletons, their faces were malleable and wrinkled with age. Their flesh ranged from gold to blue to red. Lower castes had red fur on the upper chest. The tufts of hair would turn grey with age. The lower castes also tended to speak Basic less eloquently. X'Ting also had three stomachs, and quarter-meter-long stingers concealed in their abdomens. The stingers were typically used in honor duels.

Around every three years they changed gender, which often led to imbalances in their chemical makeup, making them difficult to read. They were only fertile in the months at the beginning and end of their three year cycle. Viptiel, an expensive extraterrestrial plant, could help accelerate the uncomfortable transition. Male X'Ting secreted pheromones that were unpleasant to many off-worlders. Fertile females' thoraxes turned red and expanded as eggs developed. Females would produce multiple offspring in one brood.

Society and culture

Brood siblings usually maintained somewhat close relationships. Individuals from different broods, but the same broodmother would only have loose relationships at best. At least some had continuous emotional relationships with their mates. Hives usually had no problems working with each other since they were actually all part of the same colony. The Colony was ruled by a Hive Council. Some positions were hereditary. Some appointments were for life. Members of the council could be challenged to an honor duel. The duels would be to the death, however, one could concede defeat as well. Most of their habitats were underground in large natural and constructed tunnels. Their main diet consisted fungus, which they could make taste like many different things. They also used a types of fungus for other purposes such as healing. The fungus was given to the X'Ting by the mature Dashta eels.

X'Ting had expressive faces and used non-verbal hand gestures to accentuate their verbal communication, much the same as humans and other non-insectoid races. They were fond of an art style called "chewed duracrete."


Among other sentient species, such as [[dasTheir species once dominated Ord Cestus. The Galactic Republic bought land from them to build a prison colony. The prison colony, using skills of the inmates, created a successful droid development company, Cestus Cybernetics. Eventually, Cestus Cybernetics became the main economic factor on the planet. Its power over both the immigrants and the X'ting increased overtime, especially after the X'Ting were decimated by a plague. By 21 BBY, 300 years after joining the Galactic Republic, their population had decline by 90%, with only around 50,000 of them remaining. Their Hive Council eventually started unofficially taking orders from the Cestus Cybernetics five ruling families. However, one of the "families" was represented by a X'Ting.

After a deal with the Republic went sour, they started doing buisness with Asajj Ventress and Count Dooku for their powerful JK-13 security droids. Asajj demanded their loyalty. As a demonstration she vaporized a X'Ting with the Force. After Jangotat - an ARC clone "brother" of Jango - sacrificed himself to kill the Five Families, the regent G'Mai Duris (female) declared her planet to the Republic.



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