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The last Wyvern of Deist

The Wyvern, also known as Wind Drakes, were the steeds of Deist's Dragoons, who tamed them with the help of their Pendants. In order to procreate, Wyverns drop their eggs at the spring inside Deist Cavern, where they incubate until their birth, and then wait for the call of the Dragoons.


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When the Empire attacked Deist Castle, the Wyvern population also took a heavy blow, leaving only one alive by the time Firion reached the castle. After Firion and his friends find the pendant of a past Dragoon, he explained them the tragedy that occured, leaving with them the last Wyvern Egg. Firion then laid the egg in Deist's underground spring, where it would be incubated until the time of its birth.

When Fynn came under attack by the Emperor's Cyclone, Firion looked in the ensorceled mirror in Fynn Castle, it revealed that the young wyvern had hatched and had taken flight for Fynn. Firion and his party rode on the back of the wyvern in a quest to destroy the Emperor within the Cyclone, and suceeded. They flew back to Fynn, unaware that the Emperor had been reborn by the dark powers of Pandaemonium. When the monarch reappeared at Palamecia Castle, Ricard summoned the wyvern to take the other party members out of the castle while he fought the Emperor. As the wyvern took flight from the Emperor's doomed fortress, the Emperor slew Ricard, and the ancient line of wyvern riders died with him, its last steed soaring off into Palamecia's sky.



  • The Wyvern that the player acquires casts Blaze 7 when in battle, making it the only Key Item in the entire series to have a function in battle and the first thing even remotely resembling a summon in the Final Fantasy series.

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