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Artwork by Yoshitaka Amano

Wyverns (ワイバーン Waibān) are recurring creatures in the Final Fantasy series. Wyverns, in general, are considered winged dragon-like creatures without forearms or with forearms that are not independent of their wings.




Final Fantasy

Main article: Wyvern (Final Fantasy)

Wyverns can be found on the overworld in most areas of the northern continents.

Final Fantasy III

Main article: Wyvern (Final Fantasy III)

Wyverns can be found in the Temple of Time.

Final Fantasy IV

Main article: Dark Bahamut (Final Fantasy IV)

Wyvern is the SNES and PlayStation title for Dark Bahamut. It uses Bahamut's Megaflare, but also uses the normal Flare spell and does not need to charge to use Megaflare. It leaves behind the Ragnarok, Cecil's ultimate weapon in the SNES and PlayStation versions.

Final Fantasy V

Main article: Wyvern (Final Fantasy V)

Wyverns can be found in the Walse Tower

Final Fantasy VI

Main article: Wyvern (Final Fantasy VI)

Wyverns can be found in the World of Balance, in the Southern Continent.

Final Fantasy XI

Main article: Wyvern (Final Fantasy XI)
Main article: Wyvern (Dragoon)

In Final Fantasy XI, there are actually two very distinct creatures called Wyverns. There is a creature family known as a Wyvern which meet the traditional description of a Wyvern, and then there are Dragoons' summonable pets.

The traditional Wyverns are enemy creatures that detect players by the use of their sight. They are generally found in out of the way places, like Kuftal Tunnel (where the Notorious Monster Guivre is well-known to wreak havoc), and are most numerous in Ifrit's Cauldron. They have a number of abilities, including the ability dispel up to 3 positive status effects from everyone in the party or alliance facing them. Wyverns also appear in the Mamool Ja-controlled areas in Aht Urghan, and make regular appearances in Besieged, where their area-effective abilities are not restricted to an alliance or party.

A Dragoon's wyvern is actually not a wyvern at all, but instead it is a dragon hatchling. The dragoon has been given this creature in trust to take care of it and raise it after completing a quest called "The Holy Crest". The wyvern fights along side the dragoon thanks to the ability Call Wyvern. It does physical damage against the same target the player engages. It also will perform elemental breath weapon attacks when the dragoon uses a weapon skill. The type of breath weapon used is dependent upon the subjob of the player. For the most part, the Wyvern will do a random elemental breath weapon attack (this can be enhanced to give the Wyvern somewhat of an AI when the Dragoon equips its Artifact Helm, called the Drachen Armet, which is part of a set that makes the player look like a traditional Final Fantasy Dragoon), but with a job like White Mage subbed, the Wyvern will use healing breath abilities that can target the entire party within range. In such cases, the Wyvern will cure certain status effects for a party member or its Dragoon when a weapon skill is used.

The Wyvern pet is not only a valuable partner for a Dragoon; it is also vital for a Dragoon to use its Two-hour, Spirit Surge. When used, the Wyvern is dismissed, but the Dragoon's strength stat increases by a good amount, HP from the Wyvern is used to heal the Dragoon, the Wyvern's TP is added to the Dragoon's, and jump abilities are recharged and gain special effects. Spirit Surge's strength increase and jump enhancing effects are labeled with a status icon, and the status lasts for around thirty seconds, during which the Wyvern pet cannot be re-summoned. If the Wyvern is not summoned to begin with, Spirit Surge cannot be used, thus emphasizing the Wyvern's value to a Dragoon.

Final Fantasy XII

Wyvern from Final Fantasy XII

Wyverns appear as aerial enemies in Final Fantasy XII, and being flying enemies, can only be fought with magic or ranged weapons.

Vagrant Story

Wyvern in Vagrant Story

Non-Final Fantasy Appearances

Kingdom Hearts

A similar monster appears Kingdom Hearts as a Heartless enemy in various worlds, shown as a purple, bird-like monster. They again appeared in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories in Hollow Bastion. Another version of the Wyvern known as the Blue Wyvern appeared in the international version of Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix.

In early Kingdom Hearts II trailers, Blue Wyverns can be seen flying in the sky in a cutscene before the battle of 1000 Heartless; however, the Blue Wyverns were removed from the cutscene in the finalized version and were never seen in the game.


The Wyverns were dragon type monsters in medieval Mythology. They appear in a lot of crests of Europe's ancient families, symbolizing Strength. The word Wyvern comes from Wivere, which means Serpent. They are based on Pterosaurs, flying reptiles which lived in the same time as the dinosaurs.

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