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Wutai (ウータイ ūtai) is an optional location in Final Fantasy VII.

The name refers to the nation occupying the western-most continent on the planet, although the name is also primarily used to refer to the nations' only known major settlement, Wutai Village. The countries' people are also referred to as Wutai.

Once a proud, powerful and independent nation state known for its peoples' honour and mystique, after the Wutai War against the Shinra Electric Power Company it fell to serving as a simple tourist attraction and resort, no longer serving as a global power. However some individual pockets of rebellion still seek to regain the countries' old glory and numerous rebel factions sometimes use Wutai as a base of operations.

The nations' guardian diety is Leviathan and as such the god's likeness appears throughout the nations' architecture through banners, flags and statue representations. Yuffie Kisaragi can obtain a summon materia for Leviathan by defeating her father in a character-oriented sidequest.



Yuffie overlooking Wutai from Da Chao Mountain

As mentioned previously the nation of Wutai occupies the western-most continent on the planet. While comparible in size to the other continents the majority of Wutai's landmass is occupied by mountainous terrain and forests. The only way to access the continent via the ocean is via a beach head along the southern tip, the rest of the landmass is skirted by cliffs. The town of Wutai is located to the north of the continent at a forest and river junction at the foot of the Da Chao Mountain.

The People of Wutai

Wutai Soldier
Wutai Civilian

The Wutai people, much like the culture and settlement, are based primarily off of Japan and China. They have the characteristics, appearance and somewhat stereotypical personality traits of real-world East Asia.

Wutai soldiers wear Samurai-like uniforms of green and orange, the colour of which dictate rank, and wield varities of halberds with gun attachments. Another notable Wutai weapon is the oversized Shuriken. When Vincent Valentine first meets Yuffie, he comments on her large shuriken looking familiar, possibly referring to fellow Turk Cissnei, who also possessed such a weapon (also possibly referring to a Before Crisis mission in Nibelheim).

The nation is traditionally ruled by a monarchy, whose leader resides in a large pagoda overlooking the village. During the events of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII Wutai is ruled by Godo Kisaragi, his daughter, Yuffie Kisaragi, is next in line for the throne.

It is notable that some of Wutai people have neither Japanese nor Chinese names but Russian: it applies to characters Gorky (who is named after Maxim Gorky), Chekov (Anton Chekhov), Staniv (probably short for Constantin Stanislavski) and Yuri (a common Russian name).


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Wutai War

Several years before the events of Final Fantasy VII, around 1992, the Shinra Electric Power Company sought to control the Wutai area as an ideal area for a Mako Reactor. At the time Wutai was the last area on the Planet which remained free of Shin-Ra's control, and fiercely defended its independence. Although initially putting up a good fight, they could not stand against the might of SOLDIER and were forced into submission with the war, and Wutai's independence, officially ending with the successful capture of Fort Tamblin by Shin-Ra forces.

The nation's leader, Godo Kisaragi, was forced to sign an edict; banning the use of Materia so as to ensure that the nation never obtained the power to confront Shin-Ra again, and the nation soon became a mere tourist location.
However, despite the war being over many Wutai forces continued to rebel; joining other rebellion groups in making repeated attempts against Shin-Ra however time and again they were thwarted by SOLDIER and Turk operatives until their eventual suppression around 0001.


Some time after the events of Fort Tamblin the first AVALANCHE resistance group set up their headquarters in a pagoda in Wutai. The Turks eventually discover the AVALANCHE base and attack. However, AVALANCHE is warned by their financier and protector in Shin-Ra, Rufus Shinra, and the group's lieutenants escape. Shin-Ra defeats the AVALANCHE forces at the base, and destroys the pagoda, thinking that they have defeated AVALANCHE. But, the surviving leaders of the organization regroup on the Da Chao Mountain, and prepare for more attacks on the corporation.

Final Fantasy VII

During Final Fantasy VII Cloud's party can visit Wutai anytime after getting the Tiny Bronco on any disc. As soon as the party lands on the continent, a group of weak enemies attack. While they fight them off, Yuffie steals all of their Materia (she must have previously joined for this to occur), forcing Cloud and his team to make their way to the town of Wutai to try to get the Materia back. They must hunt Yuffie down in various hiding spots across the settlement, constantly being tricked and out-thought again and again by the ninja. The then current group of Turks can be found inside a building in the town, however they have little interest in fighting with the party as they were off-duty.
Don Corneo captures Yuffie and Elena

When they finally catch up with Yuffie, Don Corneo emerges. The Don, having been exiled from his old home in Midgar's Wall Market after working against Shinra, had ran to Wutai to avoid capture. Being a disgusting pervert, he kidnaps both Yuffie and the female Turk, Elena and he takes them up to the Da Chao mountain to have his way with them. Cloud's party works with the Turks to defeat Don Corneo and his monster Rapps.

Afterwards, Yuffie can challenge her father, and his four guards in the tower. She must fight all five of these battles alone, but not in a row. When Godo is defeated, she is recognized as the true heir to the Wutai throne.

Advent Children

After the near collision course of Meteor, it is shown in the novella On the Way to a Smile that the Lifestream had ravaged Wutai during Meteorfall, and because of that, Geostigma had also managed to reach there. Likewise, at the end of Advent Children, the epidemic also was cured.

It is not known of what happened to Wutai during or after the events of Dirge of Cerberus.


Some of the locations found in Wutai include:

Wutai Forces


Crisis Core
Final Fantasy VII


Crisis Core

Monster Formations


Chocobo tracks




During early plans for Final Fantasy VII, Wutai was to be a town built around the Temple for the "Wutaia faith", a religion dominated by female hierarchs that worshiped a female diety. The current hierach was to be the young Sasame-no-Himemiko, the 89th in line. Due to Sesame being only 15-years-old, the real leader would be the high priestess, Izayoi. Godo would not have been the leader but rather the head of the Kisaragi family, the servants to the Wutaia leader.

Shinra's goal in the town would have been to build a Reactor there to harvest the rich Mako below "Ten Faced Mountain" as Da Chao was originally called. Presumably the Wutai War would not have occured. Sera, a spy for Shinra, would have tried to corrupt Sesame against Yuffie, who was trying to help out the town by stealing the party's money. However, with Izayoi's assistance, Sera is found out and defeated. She then runs off to Ten Faced Mountain to try to blow it up, thus freeing room for the Mako Reactor. The party would then rush off and presumably stop her.

Other Appearances

Second Life

The graphic metaverses of Second Life feature a number of Final Fantasy VII related role playing sims, including Midgar and Wutai, each with diverse communities. Though all of them are unofficial, some communities strive to maintain the stories and visions created by SquareEnix while others are only very loosely based on the game and its brands.

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