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Place of origin: Unknown (somewhere in the Mutter's Spiral)
Appearances: NSA: The Art of Destruction

Wurms were a race of vicious conquerors.


Wurms looked like giant earthworms the size of baby elephants. They had no distinct features other than stubby arms. Wurms could spit out an acidic, dark liquid out of the heads for defence. They leaked a fluid like wallpaper paste when injured. They are able to hunt by smell and by vibrations in the ground. Wurms are able to reproduce by the hundreds independently. (NSA: The Art of Destruction)


Wurm spaceships were biological in origin and were adapted from living organisms. They were large, segmented ships. It could shoot out mud, which was used to cushion the landing and for something for the Wurms to move through. The ships were also filled with mud to allow the Wurms to move around. The controls looked like tree-roots and the screens were made of sacks of webbing.

Wurms used guns which were surgically attached to their arms, which shot out clods of dirt. Inside this dirt was colonies of genetically modified insects that could eat the guardians created by Valnaxi treasure troves. Wurms wore white, plated armour and helmets. Wurms had cybernetic implants to improve their bodies and senses. (NSA: The Art of Destruction)

Presumably, the Wurms used different weaponry when they were fighting different species.


The Wurms came into conflict with the Valnaxi, since they controlled a planet which could either be added to the empire or used as a bridgehead for an invasion into Wurm space. They fought with them over 17 star systems, though by the year 118, the Valnaxi had lost the war.

The Wurms didn't leave their victory at that, and also set out to destroy all of the Valnaxi's artwork. It took them 2000 years to find all of the hidden treasure troves of the Valnaxi. In 2118, a group of Wurms led by King Ottak and Knight-Major Korr went in search of what they believed to be the last of the Valnaxi treasure troves. (NSA: The Art of Destruction)

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Guild Wars

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This article is about the creature simply labeled "Wurm" in game. For the wurm species, see Wurm (Species).

Species: Wurm
Profession: Warrior Image:Warrior-icon.png
Level(s): 28 (30)


These are the giant wurms of the Ring of Fire Islands. These are burrowing wurms (see Wurm (Species) for details). They also knock down the party for 3 seconds when emerging, and have powerful melee attacks and very thick skin.


Skills used

  • None

Items dropped


  • They seem to give up quickly if their prey runs away, unlike Sand Wurms, which almost always chase for what seems like miles.
  • While standing next to a raised magma crack (in the shape of a plus sign), it is possible to allow the Wurm to emerge, run onto the elevated edge of the crack, and use ranged attacks on the Wurm, which will sometimes not retaliate or submerge.
  • They consistently hit for over 120 on a 60 AL character. Protective Spirit or a similar spell is highly recommended.
  • They cause Knockdown on every critical hit.
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This article uses material from the "Wurm" article on the Guild Wars wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

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