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Final Fantasy VI Enemy
Japanese アレクソウル
Romaji Arekusouru
SNES Name Wrexsoul
PS Name Wrexsoul
GBA Name Wrexsoul

Wrexsoul is a boss in the game Final Fantasy VI. It is a demon that is possessing Cyan, and is causing his anger. Elaine and Owain Garamonde ask the party to defeat Wrexsoul for Cyan. It is flanked by two Soul Savers.


Wrexsoul starts off each battle by using an attack called Fury (Zinger in the SNES release), which makes it disappear and possess a character's body. In order to get it to reappear, the character whom it possessed must be defeated (petrified or KOed). The Soul Savers can be defeated easily, however, they revive every time they are defeated. As such, the party members must defeat and revive each other until Wrexsoul reappears. Once this happens, Wrexsoul must be defeated quickly before it uses Fury again. Another, easier way to defeat it is to simply use Banish on the Soul Savers, which defeats them and delays their final attack. However, defeating them this way means the player does not win Wrexsoul's Guard Bracelet.

Oddly enough, it has been observed that it is possible for Wrexsoul to permanently inhabit one of your characters - that is, Wrexsoul may use Fury when both Soul Savers have been defeated by Banish, and the player will win.


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